Biscuit dough recipes

Biscuit from the flour of durum wheat
0.8k - 50м 8
Because I care about their figure and health, they prefer not to use flour. Flour from durum wheat, a good replacement! Try it and you! You will not regret.
Chocolate cake without eggs
478 - - -
...and a cake from him))
Gluten-free mint cake
408 - - -
The recipe was born spontaneously. Imagine: December 31, 5 p.m., and the husband asks for something sweet tea for new year's table. I have it on a gluten-free diet, I had to quickly rectify the situation to please.
Rice chiffon cake without gluten
365 - 45м -
Recipe found on the Internet. Corrected. Observed and made conclusions. Very important: protein fluff is correct; the yolk should increase in volume by 2.5-3 times; - cakes bake not thick, it is better to bake two; centre slightly to release from the dough, more dough to move to the edges. The middle is baked longer and does not have time to rise, though baked through. I got a very lush, vkusnyuschy cake. Tenderness is incredible. Loose. Height 5 cm. I think that even healthy people gluten, like very much. And for people not carrying it-a godsend. Recommend!
Biscuit "La Gioconda"
339 - 45м -
This cake contains quite a few sugar, almonds, a teeny bit of flour and oil. So it turns out very tender and soft. In most cases it is used for rolls, as prepared it is very soft and elastic. Also, this cake is a perfect base for desserts! Biscuit "La Gioconda" is different from all other types of biscuits because it is not whipped eggs with sugar, and with almond-sugar powder 1 :1. "Mona Lisa" traditionally baked in a very thin sheet and a very short time. The result is a flexible porous sponge. This cake has two remarkable properties: it is easily rolled into a roll without cracks and breaks (especially if you added butter), and it absorbs much of the syrup, taking it taste, it does not crumble, do not soak, not crushed under the weight of the cream. This cake stays fresh a long time.
Biscuit easily
319 - 60м -
This is an easy and delicious cake that always helps me. The recipe is good because the eggs should not be divided into whites and yolks. Try to bake, and you will succeed!
Biscuit "Mustard"
290 3 - -
Biscuits on the website a great many, but this is not found, if not, sorry... Very easy to make, and the color - the sun, immediately uplifting.
Cake "Proletarians of all countries, unite!"
287 - 70м 6
A very quick cake to may 1. A little, lean.
High and fluffy sponge cake without baking soda
286 - - -
Simple but lush cake, not difficult to prepare. It works fine, especially if you have a mixer.
Dough biscuit
279 4 50м 12
From among my favorites.
Cake of boiled condensed milk
268 - 30м 4
Offer a recipe of biscuit of boiled condensed milk. The recipe is very simple. Suitable as a base for the cake. It turns out it is soft and lush. Last year I worked in a pastry shop and I liked this recipe, so I of course took it in his piggy Bank. Try it, maybe you'll like it!
Delicious cake
267 4 40м -
When he was very young (10 -12 years), decided to make mom a gift for her arrival from work. To bake a cake. With the cakes. I did not succeed (as it turned out later, much little flour added). Mom came home from work and saved the cake. I gently slipped the recipe, which I use to this day.
Biscuit lazy
256 - 25м -
Sponge cake, you can bake just the dough, you can add different toppings such as berries, nuts, poppy seeds, cocoa. Cooked very quickly.
Japanese sponge cake "Honey Castella"
252 - 120м 6
Castella is a popular Japanese sponge cake, which dates back to the XVI century, when it was brought to Japan by Portuguese merchants. It was perfectly kept and does not spoil during the long journey. The word "Castella" comes from the Portuguese Pão de Castela, "bread from Castile". This kind of biscuit sweeter than the European varieties of biscuit. Part of the Castella includes sugar, white and brown, honey and mizuame - syrup obtained by the conversion of starch into sugar. Thanks honey, and syrup the consistency of the cake turns out dense and moist. Over time, the recipe for Castella was greatly changed under the influence of Japanese preferences, often make the cake with ingredients - sweet rice wine Mirin, matcha green tea, etc. There are many recipes of this dessert, is markedly different as the technology of preparation and composition. Option Castella, cooked, contains exotic ingredients, but due to the large amount of honey, gives a very fragrant and sweet. Recipe taken from the magazine "Home".
244 - 50м 8
Light and airy sponge cake, it is the basis of cakes "Summer day".
Oil cake
244 - 50м 8
Oil cake Flo Braker pound cake. Based on the sponge cake, invented by pastry chef Flo Braker, author of the books the creation of American and European baking, named in honor of the hostess. Was recognized as one of the most delicious cupcakes oil in America. Really, the cake is worthy of the highest praise: not too oily, air-soft, beautifully porous, fragrant, it is ideal for simple cakes and biscuit cookies, and a complex multi-layered cakes. For hedging in this recipe was taken from the baking powder (always do), but you can try without it. In the photo he missed cream, soaked in a syrup (about cream from two sides is particularly noticeable, the humidity) and slightly decorated. Who cream a little, and can be cut into 3 parts.
Caramel chiffon cake
242 - - -
This airy, moist, with a pleasant caramel notes of the biscuit will serve as a great basis for a cake or a tasty morsel for tea! Help yourself! For the recipe thank you malachite.
Chocolate cake
240 - 50м 12
Thin chocolate sponge cake, layered cake
Biscuit treacle
239 3 30м -
New year-time gifts, costumes, parties, celebrations and time for cooking is almost gone, but I want something... sort of. Here is a "sort of" and offer to cook for dessert. This cake is, well, very fast and very simple. The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in the 2009 user MaskaD called "Biscuit..... jelly" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Marble cake
236 - - -
Soft, airy, porous, does not require impregnation and flavorful cake, just melts in your mouth. A favorite treat of our family. And the guests did not remain indifferent. A wonderful gentle and mild after the Banquet. Prepare the sponge cake very often as without, and with marble pattern, which use cocoa or, as in this embodiment, powder of matcha. Done simply and quickly. Importantly, to observe all the nuances of cooking and wait for the "ripening " in the fridge.
Angel food cake with raspberries
233 - - 10
Biscuit on some egg whites