Choux pastry recipes

Profiteroles with blue cheese
467 - 60м 20
The recipe is spied in Glamour magazine, tested and firmly attached to your cookbook. Do often fly very quickly under wine and not only. Quickly prepared, in short, suggest!
Choux dough for eclairs and profiteroles
247 - 30м 4
Dear cooks! I want to share with you is unique in its simplicity and delicious taste of the choux pastry recipe for eclairs or profiteroles (called Choux pastry). Is the signature recipe of one of the world's most famous pastry chef Pierre Herme (Pierre Herme), which is called the "Picasso of pastry". There is absolutely nothing complicated, and even the most inexperienced will easily be able to make it. The whole process of making the dough from beginning to end (do not take the baking time) is 30 minutes so we need: 750 g of the finished product (I got 22 eclairs and 20 cream puffs):
Choux pastry for the profiteroles
157 - 35м 4
Who doesn't love profiteroles and éclairs)) They are incredible for both sweet dishes and snacks)
Profiteroles in sexnice
146 - 25м 8
The recipe is known, but the feature that I cooked profiteroles in sexnice)
Choux dough for dumplings
132 - - -
I want to offer you a wonderful dough for ravioli, it will be good for dumplings, and dumplings, are pleasant to work with. But at the same time and will tell you my trick to cooking meat.
Custard cake
123 - 60м 24
I don't know to do that or not, but the original recipe I got on this site, a little modernized and described in more detail, did many times get a lush with voids at the store.
Choux dough for eclairs
119 - 50м 12
Profiteroles, pockets for salads. Easy, quick, just... Choux pastry is the basis for later art kitchen. From which you can feed friends eclairs, cheese curls, and maybe, fill the tart shells with the salad? To put, it's your choice!
Rice dough
114 - 20м 6
Diet the batter and the base for the culinary art 😁
Cakes on pastry yeast dough
106 - - -
I can not share with you, my dear cooks, recipe quick cooking choux dough. This recipe I found on one cooking site and are very grateful to the author. Of course now is not the time to roast at the plate, but who dares, will not remain indifferent. The dough just melts in your mouth delicious. You can not only cook, but bake in the oven. The filling can be different: sweet, meat, vegetable. Here the choice is yours! The collection of recipes not found the dough and the search gave nothing. So don't scold if this option is already there. Just want to give you the tried and treated their loved ones.
Appetizer "Swans vodka"
104 - 40м 15
This dish looks great on the holiday table, and all the guests want to try it.
Eclairs semolina
14 - 50м 6
Semolina. because the cream soiled.