Shortcrust pastry recipes

299 4.5 60м 10
A quick and easy recipe for delicious biscuits flavored with citrus notes. For a basis took the recipe OKSANы a Cookie "Children's garden"
Dough "Guests at the door"
296 - 15м -
Shortbread dough is a hit! It is possible to cook everything: the Foundation for sweet and savoury pies, crunchy cookies, fruit basket and savoury snacks. If your refrigerator is made by a small strategic reserve of dough in case of unexpected guests, then you don't need a familiar saying "Uninvited guest is worse than..."
Crunchy shortcrust pastry with cinnamon for cakes
196 - 40м 8
Dear cooks! I promised to slowly spread recipes from my favorite cookbooks. Here is the dough recipe that is used for the preparation of chocolate cake "Mozart" (by Pierre Herme). The caption States that this is a shortbread dough. The book sounds like: “Cinnamon Pate the pastry tartlets sablée”. The translator gave it is a shortcrust pastry, but the texture is much softer than our usual dough. I just want to say in advance that I'm not saying that this is a shortbread dough, so nobody said I post some incorrect recipes. PS the cooking Time of the test: 40 minutes + 2 hours cooling in the fridge + about 40-50 minutes to bake 3 cakes (plus or minus 10 min)
These sand tarts
189 4 60м 22
Very long searched for the recipe for this dough, but anything similar did not find. "Pesochnoe", which I would like, not in a single recipe was not. And so that is all very simple. If you adhere to the proportion of 3 -2 -1 (flour, butter, sugar) makes a great dough. The more crumbly the dough, if it is 10% of the flour to put the starch and add just the yolk, without protein. From this dough you can bake delicious biscuits, tarts with jam etc. Very conveniently, in the baskets you can put the rare (liquid) jam that bread will not smear, and the cakes will not put. Try to cook – you will not regret!!!
The dough breeze and biscuits
171 3 100м -
The dough is a breeze in French cuisine is very popular in cooking, most often it is used to cover both savoury and sweet pies and cakes, among them tarte Tatin. The dough breeze like a puff pastry, but not the same. It is even easier than puff and it is universal. The dough Breeze - unsweetened version of shortcrust pastry. Despite the lack of sugar, has a pleasant taste. Is not only sweet toppings, but just for those occasions when it makes no sense to focus on the sweetness of the dough, paying maximum attention to other components. I'm from this wonderful test made two biscuits. For acquaintance with this miracle, extremely grateful to the Mary mariha_kitchen with LJ.
Versatile shortbread dough "1-2-3"
170 5 7м -
Dear Powerade! Perhaps many people know how to make SHORTCRUST PASTRY. Then this recipe is for those who are unfamiliar with its secrets. It's simple: 1 - one part sugar 2 - two pieces 3 fat to three parts flour and a pinch of salt. And so, what you add to the dough (peel, cocoa, nuts, vanilla... ) and what figures will depend on your taste and imagination.
Biscuits "Paste"
161 - 35м 5
It turns out cookies with beautiful cracks. Crisp, tender, sweet. Minimum ingredients, maximum pleasure. Once this recipe found on the Internet.
The dough for the tarts "Sand Truffle"
138 - - -
Smooth chocolate dough is the basis for delicious desserts. Delicious cakes and tarts to the crunchy chocolate bread will become your business card!
Shortcrust pastry vegetable oil
134 - 15м -
I love and often cook biscuits and pie dough. Traditionally used for their preparation, margarine or butter. Last I have a great respect and indeed, love. But if you frequently cook on it - a little fatty will (in all senses of the word). About margarine and spreads have already said a lot, but I think it is useful to recall that the TRANS fats they contain, leading to increased levels of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, violate the normal functioning of cell membranes, and contribute to the development of vascular diseases, etc. So I'm out of my kitchen completely eliminated these "products". And dough I do in vegetable oil. Totally safe, tasty and healthy. And that is important even cheaper and faster than margarine! And a couple of words about the margarine. Fans of margarine are more likely to develop angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia and heart failure. It was invented in France to feed the army and the poor - a cheap product for sandwiches and frying. All this happened in the late nineteenth century, people had different ideas about food and life. I want to warn that the products of this test a BIT tougher than margarine or butter, but whether for the sake of minor differences to destroy their vessels???
Biscuits "Snail"
132 3 80м 10
Recipe taken from "Goodies", the author of the recipe Grenadina, photos and baked goods are my. Sweet, delicate and crispy biscuits, quick to prepare and, most importantly, inexpensive.
Gingerbread dough
131 - - -
Offer a fragrant recipe of gingerbread dough, from which you can prepare not only delicious, but also beautiful cakes. With a little patience and imagination, you will be able to paint their products with glaze, the recipe of which you can find on our channel. With all this, you will gain some positive emotions, good mood. Giving the carrot, you will see the admiration and exclamation. Good luck in making it!
The dough for pies and cheesecakes
122 3 90м 25
In 1861, the Kursk was first published book became quickly famous, "a Gift to young Housewives, or a Means to reduce costs in the household". The Author - Elena Molohovets. The recipe test I took from this book: it is simple and economical.
Shortbread dough
122 5 - -
Shortbread dough.
, Kitchen with cherry
119 - 30м 7
Oh, I love cherries! And today I saw one journal German this recipe, of course, could not resist.. even though it was a pity the cherries, but very tasty! It turned out like cake Zebra. Try it for yourself! Bon appetit!
Shortcrust pastry for tarts
115 - - -
Once I was lucky enough attended a master-class in making pastry for tarts. In my opinion it was very interesting, opened a lot of small secrets. Decided to share with the cooks - can someone come in handy and this a time consuming recipe. Once a reservation – the process is not for the faint of heart)) But if to take on anything the result will exceed all Your expectations! The delicious taste of cookie dough -the feeling of "crumbling sand" in your mouth! When I have enough time I bake in advance some basics about the stock. And then on occasion, especially when guests at the door, put the stuffing already 20 minutes to delight their delicious homemade cakes!
Shortcrust pastry for tarts and tartlets
113 - - -
Very good recipe, bake more than one year. Very crisp and tasty dough, of course it all depends on the quality of butter.
Different types of baking from the same cloth
110 3 - -
Cookies, cheesecake, pie and cake from the same cloth. Recipe for yet another universal test. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Cake for all occasions
103 5 30м -
Cake for all occasions. Is made from vegetable (plant) oil. You can make an open pie or pot pie (in this case, increase the recipe twice). Filling any. You can cool and fill ice cream or thick cream. Pot pie I usually make with berries. Add the berries in a little flour and 1 Cup sugar. This recipe was posted on another website by the author LenaM. I decided to try and did not regret it....
Chopped the dough
103 - - -
Chopped the dough is mainly used for the preparation of open/closed pies (e.g. quiche Lorraine), baskets or just for bases (cakes, crusts) for future sweet and savory pies. Chopped the dough is different from sand in their structure because you are using ice cold butter, and when baked it forms a light layering of the dough.
Biscuits " Witches Fingers "
89 - 180м 40
Such a terrible, but delicious cookies. My children have really enjoyed the process, it was very fun and the cookies we ate too happy. Please do not worry, I wish you a merry Halloween!
Simple Apple pie
85 - - -
Prepare delicious simple Apple pie. When I want something tasty for tea, and don't want to mess around and no time, then this pie is a great option. For its preparation you need no more than 10 minutes of active work, the rest will do the oven.