Fish soup recipes

0.7k - 30м 8
Anyone who has tried healton, will nourish his tender feelings always! This soup with vegetables and seafood native Korean dish. And considering the contents thereof are also very useful. Of course, not the budget, but believe me, it's worth it!!! Interested? Go!
Tige from the heads of halibut
421 - 30м 6
For lovers of Korean cuisine. In Korean cooking there is a variety of dishes that are called Tige. Something like a thick soup or stew. This is usually meat or fish with vegetables. Tige can be the main dish on the table. It is possible to prepare any of the fish pieces or fillets. But I like most of the heads of halibut. Halibut fish delicacy, the bad fat. And in the head of halibut a lot of bones and hryaschikov, so that the broth turns out great! Soup I cook for a long time. It is light but filling. Especially good after the holidays. This time I added in the recipe of a cabbage.
Soup canned
406 - 30м 6
Light fish soup from canned saury.
Fish soup with capelin
398 - 60м 3
The soup in the Post, when allowed to fish. I invite you to try delicious and nutritious soup is soup made from fish broth from capelin with vegetables and quinoa. Capelin - fish is very useful. Unfortunately many people ignore it. The use of capelin cover a broad spectrum of effects on the body, from preventing heart attacks to improving your mood. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet and for everyday use, and in the composition of the diet.
Ear Royal
397 5 40м 4
It does not describe
Fish soup "Aquarium"
394 - - -
A very useful soup with seaweed. Specially for the kids.
Ear of herring
380 - - -
Try this nice light fish soup with fresh herring with tomatoes and vegetables. Ear of the herring is very tasty, easy to prepare and healthy. The scent of smoke will make this dish unique. Cook and enjoy!
Ushytsia with oregano
371 3 30м 2
Delicious diet soup
Tomato soup with cod and barley
357 5 60м -
It is a budget dish of fish for lunch and dinner.
Ear Cossack from Alexander Belkovich
352 - 60м 10
Don't really like river fish, we can say don't like... But after watching the food network " Simply the kitchen " somehow, I immediately wanted to cook this dish. Turned ear nourishing, tasty and filling with a light, unobtrusive scent.
Traditional Greek fish soup
337 - - 4
Greek soup... Yeah, not the Greeks we soups to learn, because we have them, and they are all different in different ways delicious!! The Greeks also ( I'm talking about classic, traditional soup) soup 1. The same set of products, the only difference in the basis of: fish - psarosoupa, chicken - kotosoupa, veal - mosharova! It's simple! They eat and bean soups, but the soups are not considered and called fasolada! So, the Greek soup! Simple and very tasty!!!
Fish soup with potatoes
335 3 - 5
Spicy soup with vegetables and greens. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Ear "Royal"
331 - 60м 6
I was taught to cook this dish my best friend. And when he says I came to Wuhu to refuse I can not)) I will Not say that it is cheap (in the sense of the ear, and therefore Royal), but ooochenj delicious. And if there is zapotevshie a couple of drinks (I'm another), and on the soul, and natrah so warm and nice. And you can still plate?)))
Pacific soup with seafood and tuna
324 - - -
Dear cooks, today I want to invite you to a tasting of an absolutely amazing soup. Of course, you can say that, if you believe my words, all my soups - "extraordinary". This is not so. But with this soup it's an interesting story. I love shrimp, relate well to the squid, once even ventured to try the oyster and survived. What I could never bring myself to swallow is the mussels. Well, no way! Until that day, when she cooked this soup. This is something completely unimaginable, I just couldn't put it down. I didn't even notice as it ate all the mussels that were in my plate. And the husband demanded a repeat two days later, after the soup is over! Going to cook on the weekend "Bis"!
Fish soup with vegetables
309 - 150м 12
Fish soup with vegetables can be cooked on the basis of fish, vegetable or chicken broth, just water. Vegetables can be fresh or canned – so I made tomato soup with a pike perch. Fish – although freshwater, though marine, but most importantly, dense texture. It is desirable fillet. This time I got the soup, cod and haddock – the first more, second less. You can take the whole fish and remove the fillets, but I was ready to eat.
Soup "coral"
307 3 - -
Quickly prepared, tasty obtained.
Ear and Lek
305 4.5 30м 8
Aromatic ushytsia from calves with spicy sauce. You can cook adult and children at the same time.
Ear opicana
298 - 40м 4
Opicana ear - old Russian recipe. "Opicana" from the word "apaci" - bake. Meant baking in the Russian oven or the oven. We're going to cook this soup in a Zepter cookware, which has to all its other merits, the effect of the Russian stove. Zepter cookware at slow cooling, smooth enveloping warmth inside the pot allows you to cook food in the mode of longing. Dishes cooked in Zepter cookware, useful and dietary, contain no carcinogens, they still have the maximum vitamins after heat treatment.
Tomato soup with canned fish and beans
288 - 30м 6
Due to certain circumstances do not eat potatoes. For yourself (Yes even family) found a replacement, it is the beans. Today I prepared a very light, pleasant to the taste, very quick in execution and a budget soup. Its ingredients consist of various canned goods. It's a jar of tomatoes in own juice, one jar of canned fish (I have salmon in its own juice) and 2 cans (for 400g.) canned white beans. The beans I have, the cheapest was for a jar of 35 rubles. Surprising, but very tasty. This soup can be called marching, and country. Well, you wish, you can expand and other ingredients, for example, the same potatoes well, etc. Try it! maybe you will have to court this option is not fancy, but tasty soup. Bread for feeding to the soups, I bake myself in a slow cooker, using different bread mixes.
Ear Lek
285 - 100м 10
Flew to winter in Egypt. Then surprise all your recipes.
Ear "hairy" fresh fish
273 3 - 4
Flavorful, nourishing soup of fresh fish. Important for Housewives whose husbands are addicted to fishing.