Casserole with cottage cheese recipes

Cottage cheese casserole with millet and pumpkin
436 - 90м 4
Delicious, healthy, Sunny, tender casserole. Lift your spirits at Breakfast and at afternoon tea, and with tea and coffee.
Cheese smarenka
371 - 50м 6
I offer simple in execution and hearty recipe Belarusian cuisine - cheese stajenki. Preparing of the simplest products on the table looks spectacular! Can be eaten with tea as a cake, as a side dish with a hot dish, or on their own)
Marble cheesecake-chocolate pudding
320 4 50м 8
Delicate chocolate and cheese taste.. the Top part is like vanilla cheese.
Pumpkin cheesecake "Monkey"
284 - - -
It's the year of the monkey, and we each house has a small "monkey"))) They are very clever and try to feed her something useful. All that good - looks are not always nice. And all that is beautiful is not always useful. His "monkey" six years, I cheated here))):
Super-cheese casserole
284 3 50м -
Super cheese because super easy and super delicious!!!
Cheesecake "Tenderness"
253 5 - -
Easy.. tender.. flavorful cheese zapekanka WITHOUT FLOUR!.. with banana slices and Cucuteni... with apricot puree.. vanilla.. cinnamon.. nutmeg.. at the tender cap of meringue ... and decorate with grated chocolate, powdered sugar, cinnamon and edible flowers, candy from marshmallows... healthy treat for small and large sweet tooth :)
Cheesecake with cranberries and apples
193 - 70м 6
Always relevant and never gets boring cheesecake for children and adults.
Cottage cheese casserole
189 4 50м 6
Casserole turns out tender and airy, like a souffle.
Cottage cheese casserole with young cabbage
178 - - -
I've already put a few recipes without flour... without the pastry and with a minimum expenditure of time! This recipe has broken all records! Without flour, quickly and dieting! Go! Treat!
Cheese Babka with spaghetti
175 5 - -
Tasty dish! Many are preparing for Easter!
Cottage cheese-Apple pie with dried cranberries
169 - 60м -
Tender, very tasty pie with a nice Apple-cranberry tartness. Delicious hot or cold! Recommend!
Cheesecake "Eleven"
166 - 50м 4
Very juicy, delicious and healthy casserole. There is no flour, there is practically no sugar, but... delicious!
Coconut-banana casserole
166 - 80м 8
Yes, 353 cheese pie recipe. Just a couple of nuances - there's no monkey, that is why it is put in almost all cheese pie is coconut milk. Everyone knows that cheese is good, this dish is still tasty, though not dieting. Great Breakfast or light dinner. Prepared not quickly, due to the long residing in the oven and cooling. But you can prepare in the evening and in the morning you have a delicious and even somewhat healthy Breakfast.
Cheese casserole in Parma
164 - - -
An unusual casserole that is expressed in a combination of two flavors: coffee and lemon. The result is an explosion of flavor with a delicate texture.
161 3 - -
Contracted Anyutyne snacks made from buckwheat, remembered a long-forgotten recipe. Looked at all the recipes, there are like no photos, but have not found. Was taken at the time of Gastronom magazine in April 2007 with my changes under my taste. Buckwheat blends perfectly with cream cheese and honey, this is a sin not to use it, and that really does make the perfect Breakfast, lunch or dinner, hearty, nutritious and very useful to complement this plum that adds a pleasant acidity and dried apricots, which gives an aromatic sweetness. Simple, fast, delicious, and helpful especially for diet, when the curd is take 0 -1 % fat.
Cottage cheese casserole with cranberry jam
161 - 45м 6
I love casseroles, especially, not very sweet and tender and delicious... mmm...
158 4 60м 2
It turns out very charming, sweet cottage cheese. Very similar to the mass with raisins, which added ice cream or cream... Try it! I got 2 EASTER, SO the NUMBER of SERVINGS IS "2".
Cottage cheese casserole with oat cap
157 - 60м 4
Delicate, vanilla, lush cheesecake with a creamy vanilla oatmeal with cap and dried fruits. The festive mood in the morning! I love casseroles to drink cocoa! Try it, and suddenly you such did not try?!
Cottage cheese casserole
154 4 - -
A delicious casserole of cheese.
Cheese Express casserole
154 - 7м 2
Very tasty and quick casserole
"Royal" casserole
153 - 30м 6
This cheesecake will love all.