Dumplings, manti, khinkali recipes

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Since childhood, I remember this dish. My mother - Crimean Tatar, it's incomparable cooking. And my grandmother, dad's mother, said - your mom is frugal, and that preparing these little dumplings! Although, actually, it is very hard work!
Manty "juicy" dough with milk
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In the filling of these Mantes includes tomatoes, which give great richness to the meat. A dough prepared for this recipe, it does not tear and is very tasty. Try it, sure won't regret it!
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Anyone who prefers a delicious and hearty meal, be sure to try manti. Manti is one of the most popular, economical and quite simple in cooking. Unique meal was in our family. Their difference from other similar dishes is that the cooking process goes on for a couple in a special dish – mantoverde (Kantishna, Mantova, manti-cascade). This container, consisting of 2 pots: the bottom, where the water is boiled, and top, no bottom, in which three tiers of grids with holes in them and placed themselves manti. In addition, the meat is chopped with a knife, and does not scroll in a meat grinder. This dish will not leave anyone indifferent!
EBI gedza
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Pelmeni gedza incredibly popular in Japan, where you can find many gedza-restaurants and gedza-stalls. In Osaka opened even have gyoza stadium, which is a theme Park in the Japanese city of the last century. There are many varieties of pelmeni gedza and their preparation: yaki-gedza - fried gedza, of age-have gyoza - deep fried, stick-gedza - boiled gedza, Musi-gedza - have gyoza, steamed and also have gyoza in the form of kebabs and many other species. The most common in Japan yaki-have gyoza, fried in a small amount of oil. EBI gedza - another kind of Japanese dumplings, which feature in that the meat for them, cooked shrimp, chopped into small pieces (EBI – shrimp, have gyoza – dumplings).
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Many people love and know how to cook this delicious dish made of flour, steamed. But in this post I want to reveal dough recipe, with which cooking mant turns into a long and tedious process. The dough is very easy rides, even to sooooo thin.
Resetto cheese
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Amazing recipe, which turns out tasty and tender dish for the whole family!
Dumplings "camping"
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I want to tell is not about how to sculpt dumplings and how to cook them so that you can take with you camping. Because to maintain a decent view of the hot dumplings in a thermos for a long time - not an easy task. However, a couple of manipulations and dumplings in perfect condition. Sleight of hand and no moshenstva
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Azerbaijan's national dish. The kind of dumplings that looks like fingers, a hearty dish served with yogurt (yogurt)and herbs will not hurt the garlic.
Manty with lamb
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Here on the website a lot of recipes Mantes. They are all different. I want to offer a recipe if it is not needed, the moderators can remove it with ease. Delicate thin pastry with juicy stuffing. We manta rays eat with their hands, they are so delicious. It is only with your hands and deliver all the best of what nature has given and invested in a manta hands of the chef!
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Right dish I think is called "Hunan", but in the European manner, many call him "Mrs". Recipe for those who love dishes such as manti, khinkali, or. To prepare is very simple. Especially when the family loves dumplings. Sometimes you just don't want to mess with them, every sculpt, and here unrolled layer, put the stuffing, roll wrapped, and voila, in an hour all full and happy. Can be served with different sauces to make different toppings, and most importantly no need to mess with the test. Try it, I think you will like it.
Avar khinkal
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Avars - a nomadic people of Asian origin who migrated in the sixth century in Central Europe, created a powerful Avar khanate (VI—IX centuries ) Now in the territory of the Caucasus Avars survived no more than 50 thousand people Present their dish ; -)
Japanese dumplings "Gedza" with fish stuffing
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Many dishes of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine has long taken root on our table, many have become beloved. Gedza one of them. Many are familiar with the classic recipe have gyoza with minced meat and Chinese cabbage. In addition, there are many recipes with different fillings, there's even a sweet. Offer a recipe with minced chum salmon.
Tatar manti
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This recipe many years ago, taught my mother her friend is a Tatar, and my mother - me.
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ASAC. Along with plov, manti and kebab is one of the most respected In Afghanistan dishes. Usually cook with the whole family, like the dumplings we have in the old days in the villages of Siberia. And to me, the Russian mistress, enough 2 hours to feed and please your family. Oddly enough, even the kids love it. Oh, and I forgot to say, preparing it, almost like dumplings, but the filling I would suggest wild garlic, and if not the season, and the leeks are perfect. Can you imagine how many vitamins! So, go ahead to the kitchen!..
Manti with pumpkin and potatoes
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Of course the meat dumplings taste so much better if you used lamb, but the pumpkin and they turn out delicious and flavorful.
Manta home
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Manty steamed - tender, juicy with an unbeatable aroma. My shape is traditional, the simplest of unleavened dough cooked with egg on hot water. Try it, let family dinner will be cozy and manta rays.
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Boraki - Armenian dumplings. The main difference between the dumplings of other Nations is that the stuffing for them pre-fried, by the dumplings give a cylindrical shape and leave it open at the top and, finally, does not boil, and sprinted and then fried. Cooking takes time, but the result is something incredibly delicious!!!
Ural dumplings
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Preparing a very long and laborious, but it is indescribably delicious. To store-bought ravioli is irrelevant.
Potato dumplings
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Available and cheap products are surprisingly tasty and satisfying dish!
Dumplings with chickpeas
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Delicious dumplings for vegetarians and simply for lovers of variety - easily and quickly.