Dumplings, manti, khinkali recipes for birthday

EBI gedza
435 - - -
Pelmeni gedza incredibly popular in Japan, where you can find many gedza-restaurants and gedza-stalls. In Osaka opened even have gyoza stadium, which is a theme Park in the Japanese city of the last century. There are many varieties of pelmeni gedza and their preparation: yaki-gedza - fried gedza, of age-have gyoza - deep fried, stick-gedza - boiled gedza, Musi-gedza - have gyoza, steamed and also have gyoza in the form of kebabs and many other species. The most common in Japan yaki-have gyoza, fried in a small amount of oil. EBI gedza - another kind of Japanese dumplings, which feature in that the meat for them, cooked shrimp, chopped into small pieces (EBI – shrimp, have gyoza – dumplings).
308 4 60м -
Avar khinkal
292 - 30м -
Avars - a nomadic people of Asian origin who migrated in the sixth century in Central Europe, created a powerful Avar khanate (VI—IX centuries ) Now in the territory of the Caucasus Avars survived no more than 50 thousand people Present their dish ; -)
278 3 90м 6
Boraki - Armenian dumplings. The main difference between the dumplings of other Nations is that the stuffing for them pre-fried, by the dumplings give a cylindrical shape and leave it open at the top and, finally, does not boil, and sprinted and then fried. Cooking takes time, but the result is something incredibly delicious!!!
Manti with squash
245 5 100м 5
Very tender, juicy dish! And the blame for all of this zucchini! Yes, Yes, zucchini! And preparing this dish is quick and always turns out!
244 3.5 60м 5
Boozy. Sagaan araar, Sagaalgan! Mongolian peoples celebrate the holiday of White month of the New year according to the lunar calendar. We will cook and we are one of the most delicious and favorite dishes of the Buryat "Poses".
Just dough
153 - 60м -
Continue to work with the dough, experimenting with texture, taste and forms. Today I offer you a recipe for dumpling dough, which is prepared from wheat flour with the addition of lentil flour, a new form of bird will make your dumplings are special, and more interesting. I think these dumplings you'll be able to surprise your friends and relatives. The dough turns out very tasty, the filling can be any, even sweet. The recipe used minced meat with buckwheat, just minced meat and fried with the buckwheat and onions.
Japanese dumplings "gedza Yaki"
143 - 120м 6
Incredibly tasty and unusual dumplings; if they are relatives of ours, very distant, but no less delicious. Long searched for the original recipe and found one on a Japanese website. And since there's plenty of fans of Japanese cuisine, I decided to share what is already tested on themselves. If You have tried gaze in the restaurant, I will tell You one thing: homemade is much tastier!
130 4.3 - -
I want to share the recipe of the mantle. These dumplings I learned to make in Tajikistan. It is festive, hearty and tasty dish!!! For the holidays and after I cook it. Of course all are happy, fed and happy.
Chinese dumplings "Jiaozuo"
121 - 40м 2
Dumplings is part of the culture of China. Traditional Chinese New year must serve Jiaozuo. Dear friends! If You want to celebrate Chinese New year in true tradition, we recommend you to try to cook stuffed with vegetables and meat. Stuffing there are many, so experiment!
Ravioli "Hello from Italy"
120 - - -
Today I have Saturday's Italian mood=))) http: ravioli stuffed with crab sticks, cheese and greens.
How to sculpt Manty-5 ways
119 - 120м 15
Manta rays – the most delicious dish, steamed. But dumplings can be not only with different fillings and different shapes. Let's try to sculpt Manty five different ways.
Dumplings with radish
109 - 60м 10
For the contest "Journey to ancient recipes". In the old days in our region was doing in a large number of dumplings, especially in the winter. Grandfather Egor evenings all seated at the table - made fresh dough. Minced radish grandfather Egor was prepared by myself, all done by hand - took it trough, chaff and crushed. The beef, which was cooked in such a manner is considered the most tasty. I got the memory trough from his grandfather. Grandpa sure taught - how to sculpt dumplings, what size was supposed to be them. According to the method of the dumpling was supposed to be the size of his ear, to eat several dumplings that people had to eat their fill. They cooked a lot of dumplings, frozen in winter, and placed in bags for storage. Also we have family cook dumplings with radish and, of course, remember the grandfather Egor.
Manty with meat and potatoes
106 3 80м 7
This is a dish I often make for a festive table.
Vegetable dumplings with fish
98 - - -
For many, the preparation of dumplings on New year a kind of tradition. Hot, vinegar, black pepper, thin dough with juicy filling inside... Traditionally the dumplings prepared with meat, dumplings with fish - tasty dish. Fish dumplings is good for those who are on a diet and these dumplings can be eaten during religious fasting. They turn out tender and juicy, and the variety of fish allows you to create every time a new taste. My version is lean, but at the same time tasty, perfectly suitable for a festive Christmas feast. Spending not much time to cook homemade ravioli for the future, you will make a stock, which is then easily transformed into a quick, hot and delicious.
Khanum and manta rays
97 - - -
How to make Martyshkino and steamer with their hands out various kitchen utensils? Than Mrs and manta rays are different from each other? What toppings you can use how to make diet, vegetarian dumplings? What else can be cooked in a couple? Want to find the answers to these questions? Then go, tell and show )))
Dumplings "Spring road"
95 3 - -
I'm sure you will love the taste of these dumplings! The basis for which is taken the color is not felt, and the filling will be enjoyed by anyone!!!
"Manti" out of the oven
95 5 50м 3
"Manti" out of the oven - this is a very rare and tasty dish. Cook it the Armenian immigrants. When I first read the recipe I must confess I was pleasantly surprised. I hope, dear Cooks you recipe like.
Manty on the pan
90 - 90м -
Very fast way to cook manta rays. I love the steam dumplings, but they are already very long to cook. And dumplings, cooked in a pan, cook quickly and are tasty and juicy..
Manty "Original"
87 - 80м -
Delicious, juicy, "open" dumplings of tender chicken meat, mushrooms and cheese. In the original version.
Unusual manti
86 4 - -
Saw this work on "Classmates," the author of the Armor Mesecina-master cooking and carving. So stayed with me these roses, I decided to repeat.