Dumplings, manti, khinkali recipes for Lent

Japanese dumplings "Gedza" with fish stuffing
288 - 60м 4
Many dishes of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine has long taken root on our table, many have become beloved. Gedza one of them. Many are familiar with the classic recipe have gyoza with minced meat and Chinese cabbage. In addition, there are many recipes with different fillings, there's even a sweet. Offer a recipe with minced chum salmon.
Dumplings with chickpeas
264 - 50м 3
Delicious dumplings for vegetarians and simply for lovers of variety - easily and quickly.
Potato dumplings
150 4 - -
Usually the filling is boiled potatoes... But you can boil it.
144 4 - -
Condomi or vegetable dumplings - old Russian dish. Their peculiarity is that immediately after molding, they are roasted or baked, and then simmered in a mushroom broth. Girls, this is delicious!!!
Khanum "Tashkent"
116 - 50м 4
In different regions of Central Asia, the dishes sometimes have the same name, but very different taste, because the recipes all the same in every country and sometimes every city, their. Absolutely a single option prescription Hanuma probably not find, because, as every cook is entitled to a share of improvisation. I suggest you try the traditional Tashkent Khanum.
Condom with buckwheat and mushrooms
114 - 60м 5
Condomi (kunduchi) — old Russian dish of the XVI century, representing a kind of dumplings with mushroom stuffing. The dough is a combination of custard and exhaust test. These vegetable dumplings are definitely baked and then simmered in a mushroom broth. I suggest you touch a forgotten past. A dish worthy of attention.
Dumplings with radish
103 4 60м 4
Love the dumplings, but the reflection in the mirror says every time: "Well, that, again, going to the dumplings to eat, even with butter and sour cream, perhaps??? " Here's a dialogue it turns out every time!!! Knocked me the idea to cook these dumplings for a long time, 20 years ago, probably... it is done!!! Brought her husband to work in the afternoon to try.. Sits, eats, though silently and very happy!! The dumplings you ask?? And he blankly looks up at me and continues to pop on!! He did not understand until I said dumplings, it appears, I with radishes... Here's their story!! I advise you to try!
Vegetable dumplings
101 - - 4
Each nation has its own "dumplings". The General principle of these dishes — stuffing, wrapped in a simple dough. However, variations of this dish are a great many. In Siberia, for example, ravioli is prepared with a filling of bear or moose, adding the cranberries, the Central Asian Manty put camel meat and horse meat, and khinkali important juicy broth inside. We have the same - dumplings vegetable, two different but delicious toppings...
Vegetable dumplings with fish
100 - - -
For many, the preparation of dumplings on New year a kind of tradition. Hot, vinegar, black pepper, thin dough with juicy filling inside... Traditionally the dumplings prepared with meat, dumplings with fish - tasty dish. Fish dumplings is good for those who are on a diet and these dumplings can be eaten during religious fasting. They turn out tender and juicy, and the variety of fish allows you to create every time a new taste. My version is lean, but at the same time tasty, perfectly suitable for a festive Christmas feast. Spending not much time to cook homemade ravioli for the future, you will make a stock, which is then easily transformed into a quick, hot and delicious.
Khanum and manta rays
98 - - -
How to make Martyshkino and steamer with their hands out various kitchen utensils? Than Mrs and manta rays are different from each other? What toppings you can use how to make diet, vegetarian dumplings? What else can be cooked in a couple? Want to find the answers to these questions? Then go, tell and show )))
Shrimp dumplings
93 - 30м 4
Came out very tasty, juicy dumplings, of course, only for seafood lovers. Also suitable for Fasting, in those days, when permitted seafood, dough without eggs.
Kurz potatoes
91 - 60м -
Kurz is the Dagestan national dish, similar to our dumplings. From the usual dumplings Kurz have a particular way of sculpting and a little more spicy filling. There are many recipes kurze stuffed with various fillings, I suggest potatoes.
Dumplings with radish "Family recipe"
90 - - -
One of the few dishes that I can cook from a very young age. Dumplings with black radish and carrots. I remember from my childhood, as we sat with the whole family in the kitchen together preparing the dumplings. Dad Ter radish, mom rolled out the dough, and my grandma sculpted. And then with pleasure eat them. Well, it was good... I Suggest to you to try dumplings with radish in our family recipe.
Fantasy roses
86 - - -
Very tasty, unusual dish! And lean!
Dumplings "Hello from another galaxy"
84 4 - 30
Dumplings shaped like a UFO, besides, green. And inside the filling of fish. Here's an experiment :-)
Vegetable dumplings with pumpkin
80 - 120м 5
This is one of the variants of my recipe dated January 7, 2014 "Manti with pumpkin" only for cooking in the post. I will not in this case to use neither egg, nor butter, nor, especially, fat. And the taste still remains pleasantly surprising.
Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
79 3 60м -
Delicious dumplings, although meatless!! They can be trained not only in the post, as they are very tasty! This recipe is suitable for competition "Fast from Moulinex"
Dumplings with raw potatoes
77 4 45м 10
Dumplings from raw potatoes. A great recipe for those who do not eat meat, dumplings taste like...
Kondomy with mushrooms and millet
76 - 180м -
Condomi, or conduci, — old Russian dish (XVI century), a kind of ravioli with mushroom filling. From the usual dumplings condomi are not only particularly filling. The batter is mixed on Kurdumov rastitelnoe oil and hot water. The filling can be prepared both from fresh and dried mushrooms combined with barley. Finally, in contrast to the dumplings condomi does not boil, and at first baked, then simmered in the oven.
Manti NOT with meat
73 - 90м 6
Delicious and nutritious. All vegetarians/vegans and fasting dedicated.
Vegetable dumplings with sauce
72 5 60м 5
The husband is holding the post is not the first year, sometimes you want something to please, that's what happened, sorry pictures will not be, as there was no camera at hand:(