Dumplings recipes

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Try to offer simple, hearty dish Carpathian cuisine polysci or potato dumplings with cheese! Thank you for the idea of the recipe cook sergej_pozhar!
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After a long break I present to You, dear cooks, the Afghan national dish =)
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Kwari is a Georgian dumplings with cheese Suluguni. They are very tasty, juicy and stymie. Cooking is not difficult, but it's delicious either hot or cold. Help yourself!
Mixed vegetable dumplings from the dough
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Husband ordered the dinner fried dumplings. And I really want something bright. And since homemade ravioli quietly waiting in the wings in the freezer, the bright I decided to make dumplings. Dough recipe belongs to Evgeny Gusev. As part of the test only vegetables, greens, flour and water. And since the dough is suitable for dumplings, and the filling You can choose any. So, let's add color!
Query - dumplings with cheese
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Traditional Russian dumpling filled with young cheese. My favorite dumplings. If not pork, you can replace the Adyghe cheese or Slavic.
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Cheese tender easy dish, suitable for Breakfast or dinner, for adults and children.
Dumplings with secret with buckwheat and mushroom filling
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The secret to dumplings is not in the coin by chance found in the dumpling, and the dough recipe. This secret was suggested to me by my grandmother. For many years she worked as a chef the dining room, and these dumplings were in great demand. Dumplings are very lush, even if not cooking for a couple. Try.
Kurz cheese and "wild onion"
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Delicious Kurz (dumplings) with cottage cheese and fresh "wild onion". Just do not confuse this plant with wild garlic (the garlic taste of garlic and herbs, this delicate onion flavor). Hope you like it!!!
Dumplings "Royal"
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Festive version of the dumplings to suit all tastes at once. We always make dumplings on New year, old style, but not simple, and chudinkoy and surprises. Even during the week the children (adults) on the phone to find out whether this year's dumplings and. Decided this year to do a double surprise...
Dumplings with meat "Gylany"
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Offer to cook a very delicious and hearty dish of Ukrainian cuisine! Gilani Transcarpathian dumplings are triangular in shape with prepared meat filling. The dough custard without using eggs.
Dumplings with cottage cheese
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As not eating meat, I love dumplings with cottage cheese... Share them with all of you :)))
Lazy pumpkin-cottage cheese dumplings
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Dumplings - a favorite dish from childhood for many of us! Almost every house has its own family recipe, but I dare to offer You my autumn lazy ofopmleniya! Go! Help yourself!
Lenivkina cabbage
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Saw the recipe Eugene V. and remembered another very easy recipe that once prepared and we loved it. For everyone who loves dumplings but don't like messing with them try!
Dumplings with potatoes
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Dumplings with potatoes.
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Idea saw online, when was menus for the day of the birth of a daughter. Now frequently make a "billet", because it is, in fact, dumplings:))
Dumplings with meat "Poltava"
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These dumplings because the dumplings! Fluffy, thick, melt in your mouth! Oh, sorry, that is now in Vogue dumplings raviolone - they are easier to manufacture, But... ! Contribute! This recipe is from my grandmother, and she makes them so, like many, many years ago, when the good mistress in the Poltava region recognize it is for the dumplings! Sort of a culinary story. So...
Dumplings with potatoes
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For a side dish, or as a separate dish.
Dumplings with meat
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Prepared the dough for some egg yolks and ice water - has turned out incredibly delicious. Highly recommend.
Dumplings in the oven
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Took the batter recipe "mint dumplings" Golden nugget. Everything else is my imagination.
Potato-cheese dumplings on the yolk test
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I was opening the dough, I liked that tightly holds the filling, when cooking is not falling apart, even if accidentally torn. Stuffed potatoes with cottage cheese was tested me for the first time, well, and the butter when frying the onions gives a unique flavor to the dish!
Lean dough for dumplings and noodles
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Each hostess their dough for dumplings. Someone makes a custard, someone ice who on the yolks, who on the serum... a million Options. Want to fill your cookbook meatless version of the test for dumplings. Also, it is great for making meatless homemade noodles.