Dumplings recipes for Lent

Mixed vegetable dumplings from the dough
391 - 120м 8
Husband ordered the dinner fried dumplings. And I really want something bright. And since homemade ravioli quietly waiting in the wings in the freezer, the bright I decided to make dumplings. Dough recipe belongs to Evgeny Gusev. As part of the test only vegetables, greens, flour and water. And since the dough is suitable for dumplings, and the filling You can choose any. So, let's add color!
Dumplings with secret with buckwheat and mushroom filling
303 - 60м -
The secret to dumplings is not in the coin by chance found in the dumpling, and the dough recipe. This secret was suggested to me by my grandmother. For many years she worked as a chef the dining room, and these dumplings were in great demand. Dumplings are very lush, even if not cooking for a couple. Try.
Lean dough for dumplings and noodles
159 - - -
Each hostess their dough for dumplings. Someone makes a custard, someone ice who on the yolks, who on the serum... a million Options. Want to fill your cookbook meatless version of the test for dumplings. Also, it is great for making meatless homemade noodles.
Dumplings from Flaxseed meal with mushrooms
152 - 60м 4
Unusual dumplings with increased protein content and less calories. If you believe the advertising, linseed flour - the cure for all diseases, as in practice I do not know. Importantly, it turned out lean, tasty and high in protein, which is lacking fasting. The dish is like a child, due to their singularity and her husband, who wraps them in slices of bacon, fry in butter and crunches them with beer.
Pancakes with blackberries
140 3 30м -
Continue marathon recipe contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Poltava dumplings with cherries and sauce
136 - - -
Let's start with the fact that I come from Ukraine and lived all my life here. Because without classic Poltava cherry dumplings with we anywhere! All remember Gogol Solokha? ;) So I want to share a very simple and very Ukrainian recipe of these wonderful dumplings... welcome, come on in?
Dumplings with lentils and pickled cucumber
136 - 90м 8
Hearty and delicious dumplings with interesting fillings. Very easy to prepare.
Lean Zillertal krapfen
130 - 120м 10
Zillertaler Krapfen - famous dish of the Austrian cuisine. This rustic dumplings made of rye flour, cooked with various fillings. Most often, fillings are used famous Alpine cheeses, mixed with potatoes, but here I will offer you a totally meatless option. Such crappery love to all our family, especially the daughter.
Dumplings with turn
116 - 30м 4
TRY WHO LOVE DUMPLINGS WITH CHERRIES, THAT will LOVE AND DUMPLINGS WITH pepper (taste somewhat similar, but differs from the cherries). Winter and early spring we use frozen fruits, but some are unsightly and get soggy. With turn it's not happening, it is very convenient when making dumplings. Has its own unique flavor and taste.
Lean corn-spinach dumplings with liver
109 - 60м 6
Thanks to the corn flour and spinach, the taste of these dumplings is a new and unusual. Spinach has two titles "King of vegetables" and "Broom of the stomach" - for revitalization of pancreas and intestines. And products made of corn flour is well absorbed by the body, stimulates metabolism and digestion, cleanse the body and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Did you know that the effectiveness of antioxidants, soy sauce superior to almost 150 times all citrus fruits? The use of natural soy sauce improves blood circulation by 50%, slows the development of heart disease and a preventive effect on the entire body. That's why this recipe is simply irreplaceable during spring post!
Vegetarian ravioli with onions and nuts
108 - 120м 4
On the eve of the Dormition fast offer a meatless, vegetarian dish. This is ravioli stuffed with the original stuffing. Very tasty, with a walnut-onion taste and a hint of mushrooms. If you don't really want to make ravioli, it is possible to stick with the stuffing dumplings.
Buckwheat dumplings with potato and mushroom stuffing
102 - 60м 5
Potato-mushroom stuffing for dumplings is a classic, but in this recipe I wanted the emphasis on the dough, which is made from two kinds of flour, wheat and buckwheat. The dough takes on a nice brown color and a characteristic odor of buckwheat flour, and the combination of dough, stuffed with new and interesting.
Dumplings "emerald ridge" with sauerkraut
100 - 45м 6
If you want to surprise your home, cook for them, dumplings "emerald ridge". This is a very bright and beautiful, and most importantly, unexpected! These dumplings can be cooked with any stuffing of potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, meat or millet porridge and cheese, even tuna and vegetables. Always delicious and flavorful!
Dumplings with potatoes and pickled mushrooms
99 - - -
Dear cooks and guests! Offer you a recipe of dumplings with potatoes and marinated mushrooms. Hope you enjoy this combination of ingredients. In the dough does not contain eggs and dumplings can be considered a Lenten food. Young hasaacas I'll show you how to make dumplings delicate and strong edge. Prehistory. I started to get involved in cooking while still in elementary school. One went to the neighbors and saw aunt Tasia makes dumplings, ran home and started to prepare... I got something between sole and rubber. Two years later, in a friend's house (Ukrainian), I was offered dumplings. I politely agreed knowing that it's not good. Biting off the first piece - was delighted! But aunt Lida seeing the look on my face said: " Bachish, yaki mene waraniecki?! " Indeed, VARENICHNA the dough was amazingly tender and tasty. Of course he has to teach how to make such tasty treats. And aunt Lida patiently showed me everything and told. More varenika I'm not spoiled. Since then, do not hesitate to ask the recipe and learn! Today I will share my experience.
Dumplings with rice and apricots
98 - 50м -
Of course it is very hard to surprise someone with dumplings. Only lazy, perhaps they don't know how to do. And options of toppings!!! But I will suggest that rice with apricots few have tried. This recipe I long ago read in a magazine (Soviet) and since then occasionally cook. Literally melt in your mouth, taste of honey!!! Good both hot and cold!!!
Dumplings dumplings with berry couscous
97 - - -
Tender, hearty, with a unique aroma and taste. Will appeal to both children and adults.
Dumplings with berries in choux pastry
97 - 30м 2
Delicate dumplings with cherries and strawberries in sweet syrup, perfect dessert for every day!
Dumplings with pear
96 - - -
Tasty dumplings with pear. As for the filling, you can use the BlackBerry: on the circles of dough to shell out 2-3 berries, sprinkle with sugar and form the dumplings and boil until tender. For sauce, in this case, you can use raspberry or BlackBerry jam (jam) and frozen berries (instead of pears)
Vegetable dumplings with sauerkraut
95 - - -
This is our family recipe for dumplings. We are talking about filling and filing. All the recipes dumplings with sauerkraut that I have met, mean pre-roasting/braising cabbage. Our family never do. Chopped sauerkraut, onions and sunflower oil - that's the best part! Cabbage is slightly crunchy and so delicious! Another feature of the submission of these dumplings - they are served with crunchy fried crumbs of bread Borodino. Admit it, these dumplings have you eaten yet?!
Potato dumplings with vegetables vegetable
95 - 120м -
Knödel (dumpling) is a funny name. But as a dish, very tasty. Offer a recipe for vegetable dumplings with vegetables. very hearty and delicious. I think if you will try it, this dish will be kept in your home forever. Let's start...
Dumplings with black currant
93 - 40м 6
Dumplings stuffed with frozen black currants (of course, you can use fresh, in season). Just a very tasty dish, but because the test is not used eggs, it is also a perfect dish for those who fast, even in severe days. As one of the toppings - potato dumplings.