Brew recipes

Greek ginger brew "Zizinia"
0.7k - 30м 8
Who visited Corfu (Kerkyra), he certainly tried there traditional local soft drink Zizabona (or zinziber. It is believed that the recipe for ginger lemonade was brought to the island by the British during their rule of Corfu. Greek zizabona literally translated as ginger beer or ginger ale. But, in fact, zinziber is ginger lemonade (and in fact — brew), refreshing soft drink. The Greek beverage of ginger quenches thirst, stunning the taste buds sharp ginger spice and lemon freshness
Beet kvass
0.6k 5 20м 10
Here is another recipe for this drink. Both delicious, we loved both drinks.
Bread kvass with honey and raisins
0.6k - - -
And starter for this brew. Doing this brew for more than 15 years. First starter I had a mother-in-law she told me as making the brew itself. But I empirically deduced slightly different proportions and technology. And brew began to be tastier than hers. And the mother-in-law I have learned to do it. And then I starter to do adapted. The brew comes out moderately sweet and similar to the brew barrel, which was sold at the Union. Now purchase the brew I drink at all can't. Some of it is too sweet and unreal. By the way, for those who follow the figure. Calorie content of this brew approximately 25 Kcal per 100 grams. So 2-3 cups a day, it is possible to afford! Well, take a bottle on a picnic - he told God!
Banana brew
0.6k - - -
Dear cooks, I want to share with you the recipe for a great summer drink. Cooked very quickly. And plus, this brew is that it without sugar. Almost a diet drink.
Fruit (berry) brew
0.5k - 3000м 10
Delicious, refreshing, cold, naturally - carbonated drink, perfectly quenches thirst, will occupy a worthy place on the holiday feast.
0.5k 4 - -
Kvass is very similar to cask. Simple to prepare. A delicious fizzy drink.
Brew coffee
0.5k - 60м 6
For the third year in a row doing this brew, very pleasant drink, moderately sweet, carbonated with a nice hint of coffee. It is very simple, available ingredients. I'm sure you will enjoy this refreshing drink.
Brew "Birch"
0.5k 4 3м -
Refreshes, tones, expels from the body all byaku. Helpful for kidney, pancreas, and generally for the whole body continuous use. I have stock of this brew 300 litres.
499 - 15м 16
Recipes the Rowan appears in a network at first glance quite a lot. Upon closer examination turns out to be: replicated essentially the same recipe, and does not kvass, and ash mash. I any brew – classic grain, beet, berry, Apple, etc. – are made on the basis of the leaven. However, even in this case, the first product can get a little "brajkovac", i.e. favoring the yeast and hop. Then its better just to merge. Well, if you do so, as described below, you definitely will mash, though vigorous, very drunken: "the Berries to be cleaned from twigs, rinse, then put in a glass bottle or a keg, pour boiled warm water, add yeast, a good seal and put on 5-6 hours in a warm place. In a well-fermented brew, add sugar to taste or honey. Now the kvass is ready for use". Ready-to-eat mash, but it does not brew. This stuff filled the space of the Internet. Kvass can also contain some number of degrees, it can be slightly intoxicating, and I also usually warn, but still he's not a mash.
Home brew
493 - - -
It is warm days, and what better way to quench your thirst than home brew? Again, acrocheck want to... On the website a lot of recipes. But I have the option, natural, even grandma did who make. And I've tried it, was enthusiastic. All sakusaku gave.
Brew chicory
490 - 60м -
On the street periodically continues to walk the hot summer, and therefore, WE continue to experiment with soft drinks. Coffee and oatmeal kvass already prepared. Now make the drink more budget, get rid of taste of coffee and add a bit of acidity.
485 3.5 - -
My mother always makes this recipe kvass, and I help her
Brew rice
472 5 - 4
This unusual brew I tried 4 years ago. Saw the recipe in the "Deli " and interested. Taste and colour is unusual. If interested, try it!
How to cook KVASS
466 - - -
Sometimes we want to remember, you know, just the a little forgotten, a little Wake-up, we have nostalgia - a TASTE of... the Taste of grandma's dishes is incomparable mother's kitchen and those delicious, hard transmitted in words today, dishes from childhood; let us remember the brew barrel 3 pennies per glass ... + bonus from me
Kvass and eternal leaven leaven
446 - - -
I use this recipe I do not remember how many years! In my opinion, it was the only thing I knew how to cook, married... Brew turns out excellent, I tell you. Refreshing, vigorous, sharp. And quench the thirst, and become the basis for a delicious hash. Preparing the brew on the yeast, which can be stored forever. From year to year I'm doing a starter in March and November (and sometimes longer!) the house smells of delicious home brew. If interested, come in.
Brew cranberry-lingonberry
444 - 20м 15
I'm constantly experimenting, writing brew. Not that I was no longer happy with the classic Russian bread kvass – no, I love him very much, doing all summer. But interested in other options. There are Apple, pear, was a very good beet kvass and to quench your thirst, and for use in other dishes. Prepared from the berries of currant kvass – beautiful and delicious! And here's the brew from the cowberry and the cranberry. He was particularly vigorous. There is a caveat: I would not advise after mug of this drink to get behind the wheel of a car. Otherwise, everything is fine!
Kvass from Oats !!!
441 - - -
Oats regulates fat metabolism, eliminates toxins, lowers blood sugar and of course, my kvass from oats thirst quencher :) especially after training :)
434 4 - -
Decided to add another recipe, this time we will do the Brew. It is summer, so I think this will be true; the recipe is my own, developed through trial and error :)the Brew turns out to be very vigorous.
Ordinary kvass on kvass wort
432 - 10м 20
The usual recipe of malt kvass on kvass wort concentrate for beginners and those who have not. Malt home brew to cook easy, quick and fresh. Ten minutes of preparation, two days of patience and the result is usually pleasing to thereby "barrel, street" a taste of childhood. But the first time it turns out not at all. Some even give up. The recipe below with explanations and justifications. In each step the first sentence - what we're doing. Further details that you may miss.
Berry brew Smorodinka
425 - - -
A nice drink from the berries of currant and mint quenches thirst. For the contest "Burnt by the sun".
Kvass is made from rye flour and malt.
420 - - -
Okroshka is kvass, similar in taste to the brew "sour soup". The brew is light, quite sour, a real Russian kvass. Technology of production of kvass - a modern, close to the technology of brewing beer.