Brew recipes for 8th of March

Greek ginger brew "Zizinia"
0.8k - 30м 8
Who visited Corfu (Kerkyra), he certainly tried there traditional local soft drink Zizabona (or zinziber. It is believed that the recipe for ginger lemonade was brought to the island by the British during their rule of Corfu. Greek zizabona literally translated as ginger beer or ginger ale. But, in fact, zinziber is ginger lemonade (and in fact — brew), refreshing soft drink. The Greek beverage of ginger quenches thirst, stunning the taste buds sharp ginger spice and lemon freshness
Fruit (berry) brew
0.5k - 3000м 10
Delicious, refreshing, cold, naturally - carbonated drink, perfectly quenches thirst, will occupy a worthy place on the holiday feast.
Brew coffee
0.5k - 60м 6
For the third year in a row doing this brew, very pleasant drink, moderately sweet, carbonated with a nice hint of coffee. It is very simple, available ingredients. I'm sure you will enjoy this refreshing drink.
Orange brew
251 - - -
This is my first experience of making kvass and I'm happy with the result. Brew with a strong orange flavor. That brew was so bright in yellow, can not do without a juicer.
Brew "Russian Mojito"
216 - 30м 20
Want to share a recipe for a refreshing and delicious alcoholic drink with a long pleasant bitter, minty aftertaste. I foresee a question – why to reinvent the wheel if there is already a recipe for a divine cocktail. The point is that they are ideologically close, but quite different in taste and cooking principle. Cook this brew, you get a wonderful fizzy soft drink of natural fermentation without the use of soda and rum. Bon appetit to all!!! p. s. The brew is quite acidic. Sugar, if desired, can be added to the finished drink.