Brew recipes for Lent

Greek ginger brew "Zizinia"
0.8k - 30м 8
Who visited Corfu (Kerkyra), he certainly tried there traditional local soft drink Zizabona (or zinziber. It is believed that the recipe for ginger lemonade was brought to the island by the British during their rule of Corfu. Greek zizabona literally translated as ginger beer or ginger ale. But, in fact, zinziber is ginger lemonade (and in fact — brew), refreshing soft drink. The Greek beverage of ginger quenches thirst, stunning the taste buds sharp ginger spice and lemon freshness
Beet kvass
0.6k 5 20м 10
Here is another recipe for this drink. Both delicious, we loved both drinks.
Bread kvass with honey and raisins
0.6k - - -
And starter for this brew. Doing this brew for more than 15 years. First starter I had a mother-in-law she told me as making the brew itself. But I empirically deduced slightly different proportions and technology. And brew began to be tastier than hers. And the mother-in-law I have learned to do it. And then I starter to do adapted. The brew comes out moderately sweet and similar to the brew barrel, which was sold at the Union. Now purchase the brew I drink at all can't. Some of it is too sweet and unreal. By the way, for those who follow the figure. Calorie content of this brew approximately 25 Kcal per 100 grams. So 2-3 cups a day, it is possible to afford! Well, take a bottle on a picnic - he told God!
Banana brew
0.6k - - -
Dear cooks, I want to share with you the recipe for a great summer drink. Cooked very quickly. And plus, this brew is that it without sugar. Almost a diet drink.
Fruit (berry) brew
0.5k - 3000м 10
Delicious, refreshing, cold, naturally - carbonated drink, perfectly quenches thirst, will occupy a worthy place on the holiday feast.
Brew "Birch"
0.5k 4 3м -
Refreshes, tones, expels from the body all byaku. Helpful for kidney, pancreas, and generally for the whole body continuous use. I have stock of this brew 300 litres.
Kvass and eternal leaven leaven
467 - - -
I use this recipe I do not remember how many years! In my opinion, it was the only thing I knew how to cook, married... Brew turns out excellent, I tell you. Refreshing, vigorous, sharp. And quench the thirst, and become the basis for a delicious hash. Preparing the brew on the yeast, which can be stored forever. From year to year I'm doing a starter in March and November (and sometimes longer!) the house smells of delicious home brew. If interested, come in.
Kvass is made from rye flour and malt.
437 - - -
Okroshka is kvass, similar in taste to the brew "sour soup". The brew is light, quite sour, a real Russian kvass. Technology of production of kvass - a modern, close to the technology of brewing beer.
Beet kvass
402 3 20м 10
If the beets as a separate product so useful that beet kvass is a healing balm! It is useful to everyone, especially high blood pressure. Beet kvass is like a good janitor – cleans the body of toxins. Kidney stones are released from the intestine from putrefactive fermentations, the blood vessels from blockage and the liver from all the junk. And why buy expensive medication if there is such a cheap way to cleanse the body?! And for this we need quite a bit.
Fruit kvass
399 5 - -
This brew can be prepared as fruit and berries. When making berry and fruit juices inevitably remain pressed. They usually immediately thrown away, although often they still contain considerable amounts is not extracted juice. However, there is a simple way to extract the remains of the juice from the pulp, and to cook, as do I, great fruit (berries) and water. We will focus on the brew from the brew of cranberries and apples.
Brew white thyme
397 - - -
Great-grandmother is a little to learn to understand herbs. Very often in the summer I come to visit her I went to the pasture and picked wild thyme, dried and drank tea. And my great-grandmother used to put it in the brew. The brew was flavorful, delicious and very fragrant.
Drink Kombucha
359 - 20м 6
All the advice Kombucha (tea kvass, sea mushroom, Japanese mushroom)! Learn how to cook it, because this drink really quenches thirst...
Ginger brew
319 - - -
Tasty brew with ginger spice and real bubbles!) Love sweeter - increase the amount of sugar you'd like it spicy - add more ginger.
Singing the brew without bread and yeast
274 - - -
A long time we have not seen terribly bored, so I treat, and treat I'm in the heat of summer - kvass. But not simple! It will be without bread and yeast. In the yeast display which was now in Vogue and now it is doing almost everything and I still could not understand. You can use whatever is available. Several similar recipes on the website, but I would venture to put his own version, especially because there are significant differences. Just a few minutes of manipulation with simple ingredients, days of waiting and the favorite of many, a refreshing and healthy drink. This is also a good recycling option for sourdough, if you know what I mean.
Bread kvass (table)
259 - - -
I present to you the recipe of kvass, which was prepared by my grandmother. Brew is mainly used for cooking other dishes. Perfect for making hash, soup and jelly. You can use it as a standalone drink, he has a nice bread taste, it is moderately acidic and sharp. I sometimes drink))).
Malt crackers for making kvass
259 - - -
The use of rye malt crackers makes it easy to prepare the brew, as close to the traditional Russian kvass.
Beet kvass
250 - 7м 10
Bright, unusual and useful. Kvass from beet or beets! Consumption of beet juice and drinks from it cleanses our body from all the harmful and unnecessary, and lent our souls.
Suritsa-the drink of the Gods
246 - 15м -
Suritsa — traditional Slavic drink, which is essentially an infusion of various herbs in the honey water. The drink has a simultaneously refreshing and restorative properties.
A traditional malty brew
236 - 1440м 10
This recipe is the closest to a vintage, traditional. Native for making kvass used malt, berries and fruit. Other sources of sugar because refined sugar in Russia appeared only in the SEVENTEENTH century, and it did not come cheap. Later, in the cities, where access to the malt was limited in the preparation of the brew began to use bread as a substitute for malt. So gradually kvass malt was replaced in the role of the traditional drink.
Kvass from rye malt crackers
231 - - -
Many know the taste of this brew. In the Soviet time cask brew prepared in this way. To make this brew, you need to get in a little crackers, but then a great dark brew is prepared exclusively easy and simple.
Bread kvass without yeast
208 - - -
Is the easiest brew, without any claim to originality and exclusiveness. I looked here recipes of kvass, and this is definitely not. Who can and it does, but most, like me before, thought to cook the brew is still troublesome. As it turns out, not troublesome! About this brew has learned from her grandmother-a neighbor, it turns out, babuska around we are doing this brew and you do not philosophize with yeast, boiling and other difficulties! Hash it is simply super delicious! You can do at least some extent. I've got a jar of 1.5 litres in winter. And 3 liters in the summer.