Compote recipes

Compote "sunlight"
0.8k 3 30м 3
The sun is the main source of energy for the Earth... For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Watermelon compote
303 3 20м 12
Flavored fruit drink.
Compote with citrus notes
222 - 20м -
Somehow, the Boy is not honored recipes compatico. But my life runs under the slogan "a day without compote!!!" the Compote is a dish that I make through the day because my Vanya was very thirsty! ))) That accounts for the mother to be did in order to avoid drinking any soda. Today I made kompotik, but decided to diversify slightly..
Apple-orange compote
161 3 - -
After the holidays in the refrigerator had accumulated not one kg of oranges, which look, no one can. What to do?To prepare juice?Outside is such a cold weather, I wanted something warm and flavorful. So there was this kompotik with Apple-citrus taste.
Cranberry-grape compote "Taste"
137 - - -
Now the summer heat, you want something to drink, this compote is just right for you and your children. What could be better than a home-made compote! Berry touch will love your baby. The theme of the 7th round of the competition: "Berry abundance."
Very vitamin drink
137 4 60м 12
Soon will the vegetables from the beds, Yes the fruit from the trees. In anticipation of the vitamins drinking a delicious compote from dried apples with a citrus aroma.
The compote without cooking orange-peach
136 - 30м 10
Summer is always thirsty. I offer you the recipe for a quick fruit compote which does not require cooking. It is very simple and quick way of cooking delicious, aromatic fruit compote.
Compote in Hungarian "Child"
135 - 15м 3
This compote also from kindergarten, in continuation of my "child" noodles are simply divine... Such a... well, just can't describe...
Compote of apples and plums "August"
126 - 18м 20
Stay in the kitchen in the midst of a hot summer for many the real test... I Suggest a quick recipe of compote, which minimizes the cooking time and, hence, the extra heat in the kitchen! The compote is ready for use immediately, without a long Asturiana. And yet, at the same time retain the useful properties of fruits and their taste!
Drink "Cherry orchard"
123 - 60м 4
I want to Express my gratitude to our beloved website, through which I became the owner of this miracle of technology, as multivarka. When the street 36, flat 26, with our coastal humidity feel like in the steam room. To be at the stove, in the kitchen there is no power. And then comes to the aid of the slow cooker. It is possible to prepare even a drink (compote). Just warning you to avoid attacks, of course, this drink can be prepared in a conventional way in a pot on the stove.
Compote "Ryabinovie busy"
122 - 20м 1
Delicious compote of ash. For the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Stewed prunes with oranges and pine nuts
120 3 - -
Stewed prunes with oranges and pine nuts.
118 5 15м -
Very tasty, and most importantly not too sweet.
Morse cottage, very useful
116 3 25м 10
Country, because the main ingredients of this drink are the country the leaves of plants. Very refreshing on a hot summer day! The idea of my mother-in-law.
114 3 20м -
The compote is very tasty and rich.
The ideal formula compote
113 - - -
For your beloved kids: strawberry+strawberry+cranberry+mint. After the introduction of complementary feeding my baby was an extraordinary appetite, ate everything and always. Even when peeling potatoes, shouting "Day!". As we rejoiced, but not for long... The whims is not willing, then I will not. And if his eating habits, we've determined that, the drink was more difficult. He drank only water and yogurt. And I went in the experiments: raspberry compote, blueberry jelly... the perfect formula compote for synuli has been found!!! This compote, it is ready to drink from morning to evening. In General, won health and a mother's love! :)
Drink rhubarb "Freshness"
109 - 15м -
Great refreshing drink, delicious and healthy! Cooked very quickly, and is simply indispensable in the heat. And as I used to without it?! And my husband, who hates rhubarb, genuinely took him for their favorite "chemical" cold lemon tea under the famous brand:))) And lemon in the composition is no, I don't like citrus, and children without them will be more useful. I highly recommend to try! Not found this recipe, was surprised.
Compote from rhubarb
108 3 15м 8
The weather is hot and want something cold and refreshing. Fresh fruits and berries, not yet ripe, but full of useful rhubarb.
Juice "Apple and honey spas"
108 - 30м 10
In the summer the curtain happened to me so unusual the usual kompotik. Summer Apple flavor with hints of autumn berries. As for the window - it's still summer, and the smell of fall. for the contest "Burnt by the sun"
Stewed pears
106 5 15м -
Pear compote is useful in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, obesity, diabetes, prostatitis. I cooked from fresh pear, dried fruit compote even more useful, but we don't.
Compote of dried fruits according to GOST
105 - - -
Probably, many remember my Star week, where I showed the recipes according to GOST. I like old Soviet and tested recipes. Recently I wanted to juice, but this, to have much useful in it. Found a recipe for stewed fruit from my Soviet childhood. Exactly the taste!