Open sandwich recipes for 8th of March

Sandwiches "Konopasky"
234 - 15м 8
This dish I always cook on any holidays! This amazingly delicious snack that is easy to prepare with minimal cost and time!!! Konopaske madly loves all of our family.
Sandwiches "Mimosa"
233 - 30м 8
A beautiful Breakfast for your favorite women on March 8. Hopefully, men will make us happy! And if not, then please yourself!
The avocado sauce with mussels
196 - 15м 2
From the "healthy food". The spread on sandwiches of avocado, cream cheese with garlic and parsley, supplemented by marinated mussels on the traditional rolls. Breakfast.
Sandwich "Sharp little thing"
176 4 - -
Awesome sandwiches!!! Spicy, delicious. Very simple and always fly!!! I have used for the holidays, and as an ordinary option. Be sure to try!!!
Sandwiches "Scarlet"
175 5 45м 10
Prepared a festive sandwiches on the anniversary of the wedding and the name of course stuck, maybe because this caviar-sumguy flower something like a fairy tale?
French toast "Student"
162 4 - -
These toasts we prepared as students at all gatherings. Crispy, with garlic, flew instantly.
Sandwiches "Vacation"
145 - 30м -
Very delicious sandwiches. Two days is not enough! Crisp and tomatoes yum! Recipe found in an old book.
French sandwiches "warm goat cheese"
137 4 15м -
These delicious sandwiches are usually served in France as an aperitif or a snack. The combination of salty goat cheese and sweet Fig (Fig) jam, very tasty.
Grilled sandwiches with smoked salmon
130 - 30м 5
Delicious sandwich with smoked salmon, marinated with seasoning from FORESTER to fish. Served on baguette, dried and grilled with Dijon mustard sauce+dining mustard+honey.
Mini-sandwiches "Easy temptation"
121 - - -
Creamy-cheesy flavour, sweetness and juiciness of pineapple, juicy acidity berries... Perfect as an appetizer with champagne or a white wine.
Sandwiches "waiting-man"
118 - 20м -
To prepare these sandwiches was taught to me by my mother. That's why I chose them to debut. And the name of the husband, because this dish is very like the male half of our family. It is cooked very simply and quickly.
Mini-appetizer with mushrooms
117 - 15м -
Sandwiches with fresh mushrooms and vegetables
Bruschetta al Pomodoro
115 - 10м 4
This dish of Italian cuisine is quite firmly entrenched in the menu of many restaurants around the World. And this popularity is justly deserved! Aromatic tomato blend with notes of garlic and Basil, on crispy French baguette... try it ;)
114 - 90м 6
If you believe the Internet these kind of sandwiches are attributed to Italian cuisine, there began to prepare pizzey...
Crispy aromatic bread
113 4 - -
Wonderful bread, fragrant and delicious. Very well suited to Julien. In General, you can eat what you wish. Try!
Creamy mushroom toast
107 - 30м 5
Perfect Breakfast. Creamy mushroom toast with poached egg.
Sandwich "Spring mood"
104 - - -
Saw on TV to some cooking program, preparing a Greek salad and a similarly adorned, so decided to repeat on the sandwich and yum. Turned out great, tasty and hearty sandwich.
Baked sandwiches
102 - - 8
Dear cooks, I propose to vary the Christmas table a beautiful and tasty sandwiches. Are prepared quickly, and eaten even faster. Help yourself!
Cake sandwich with mackerel and vegetables
101 - 30м 1
A great appetizer with mackerel, pickled beets and pickled cucumbers.
Sandwiches eateries "Tenderness"
101 - 25м 6
For the first time these sandwiches I tried, when many years ago, a great and friendly company, we went on nature. Liked it! Since then, I prepare and during the week, and as an appetizer for the holiday table. Delicious, fresh, fragrant, juicy and tender. Help yourself, dear cooks!
Hot sandwiches in the pan
99 - 10м 2
Simple and quick Breakfast! Hot sandwiches in the pan prepared very quickly, and turn out rich and delicious. To make these hot sandwiches in the pan can be for Breakfast or lunch and for a snack. I recommend the hot sandwiches with sausage, melted cheese and onions. Offer two options for toppings.