Open sandwich recipes for Valentine's Day

Sandwiches "Konopasky"
234 - 15м 8
This dish I always cook on any holidays! This amazingly delicious snack that is easy to prepare with minimal cost and time!!! Konopaske madly loves all of our family.
The avocado sauce with mussels
196 - 15м 2
From the "healthy food". The spread on sandwiches of avocado, cream cheese with garlic and parsley, supplemented by marinated mussels on the traditional rolls. Breakfast.
Sandwiches "Tanks of a dirt are not afraid"
179 - 40м -
Preparing for February 23. It is a pity that in the "holidays" there is no Day tank. Dedicated to my beloved cousin Sergey, the husband of my sister. He is a former tanker, although tankers were not there (they will understand me) is in the blood. Invented them when he was still in the rank of the groom came to see us. That's remembered about them. Maybe someone else wants to amuse their men.
Sandwich "Sharp little thing"
176 4 - -
Awesome sandwiches!!! Spicy, delicious. Very simple and always fly!!! I have used for the holidays, and as an ordinary option. Be sure to try!!!
Sandwiches "Scarlet"
175 5 45м 10
Prepared a festive sandwiches on the anniversary of the wedding and the name of course stuck, maybe because this caviar-sumguy flower something like a fairy tale?
French sandwiches "warm goat cheese"
137 4 15м -
These delicious sandwiches are usually served in France as an aperitif or a snack. The combination of salty goat cheese and sweet Fig (Fig) jam, very tasty.
Grilled sandwiches with smoked salmon
130 - 30м 5
Delicious sandwich with smoked salmon, marinated with seasoning from FORESTER to fish. Served on baguette, dried and grilled with Dijon mustard sauce+dining mustard+honey.
Mini-appetizer with mushrooms
117 - 15м -
Sandwiches with fresh mushrooms and vegetables
Bruschetta al Pomodoro
115 - 10м 4
This dish of Italian cuisine is quite firmly entrenched in the menu of many restaurants around the World. And this popularity is justly deserved! Aromatic tomato blend with notes of garlic and Basil, on crispy French baguette... try it ;)
Romantic sandwiches
114 - 30м 3
Edible Valentines!))) Here such here the toast I have prepared for your beloved on Valentine's Day!
114 - 90м 6
If you believe the Internet these kind of sandwiches are attributed to Italian cuisine, there began to prepare pizzey...
Crispy aromatic bread
113 4 - -
Wonderful bread, fragrant and delicious. Very well suited to Julien. In General, you can eat what you wish. Try!
Creamy mushroom toast
107 - 30м 5
Perfect Breakfast. Creamy mushroom toast with poached egg.
Hot sandwiches in the pan
99 - 10м 2
Simple and quick Breakfast! Hot sandwiches in the pan prepared very quickly, and turn out rich and delicious. To make these hot sandwiches in the pan can be for Breakfast or lunch and for a snack. I recommend the hot sandwiches with sausage, melted cheese and onions. Offer two options for toppings.
Pate of cod liver
98 4 10м 8
A quick, delicious appetizer of cod liver. Particularly good sandwiches with the pate, if you came to unexpected guests.
Sandwiches with sprats
98 - 15м 15
Sandwiches with sprats. Elegant appetizer for guests, prepared quickly and easily.
Festive sandwiches with sprats
97 - 30м 6
On our holidays these sandwiches fly in the first place! Earlier than all of the salads, rolls and other snacks. They are spectacular, tasty and simple to prepare! Let's get cooking!
Stuffed a loaf of "Fragrant"
97 - - -
What can you make from the extra loaf? So delicious, and beautiful, and the table guests was not ashamed? Of course his stuff! The filling can be anything, just combined with the bread, and I offer you a very flavorful and hearty stuffing loaf, no less fragrant and super crispy! Just to prepare, the ingredients are the best available, the result is a delicious snack for the holiday and not only!
Sandwiches of sausage and cheese with garlic
95 - 15м 2
Want a quick and tasty snack?! Prepare sandwiches of sausage and cheese with garlic)
Crostini with mushrooms and chicken
94 - 20м 2
Crispy hot sandwiches - great Breakfast and wonderful snack.
Sandwiches "Sunny meadow"
92 3 20м 2
Incredibly simple, but incredibly tasty sandwiches! Eggs, bread, mayonnaise, garlic and herbs - it would seem that what is special about them? And special about them, what of these products you can prepare delicious sandwiches with an unforgettable taste! But that's not all. If You feed them to your lover, then after a few hours he will give you an unforgettable night! You ask why? Protein, garlic and pepper "Chile" will answer your question.