Closed sandwich recipes

295 - 30м 4
Sharma, Sharma, shaverma, Shawarma, etc. How many names one dish... Let me as part of my series "Popular Israeli kitchen" show you how to prepare and serve it in our home. And although this is street food, the cook is quite capable to everyone. You are welcome for me.
209 - 15м 3
These hot sandwiches is good for a hearty Breakfast or if you're suddenly attacked by uninvited guests. The recipe is simple to indecency, perhaps, has no great originality, but is quick and inexpensive. And most importantly - products "Piccardo" can be found in most refrigerators our country :)
Burger with brie and cherry-orange sauce
208 - 50м 2
My family love homemade burgers, so I am often experimenting with them. This time I wanted to prepare delicious and unusual sandwich that will satisfy not only the male half, but will please the girls. The highlight of this Burger is the sauce. It turns out very tasty and perfect for a "noble" cheese and juicy beef. It has a light sweetness and sourness. This sauce can also be used for cheese plates and meat cooked on the grill.
199 4.5 - -
This recipe was born of itself on the eve of Passover, when we brought a pack of this wonderful Jewish bread - MATZAH. I'll tell you my mazuki sucked down without looking. Stand on your court))
Sandwich "for the road"
198 - 30м -
My husband went on a business trip, here in the road made him these sandwiches!
House Burger or chicken burgers
177 - 120м -
Of course make homemade chicken juicy burgers, well, then the Burger. In the recipe I want to share with you how I make it. Try.
Toast with raspberries and Camembert
168 - - -
Quick, original and very tasty Breakfast. Well, very tasty!!!
Club sandwich
157 - 10м 2
Hearty and tasty sandwich that will satisfy Your hunger:)
Sandwiches with tuna
156 - - 8
These sandwiches will replace you a light dinner, and the kid will be Breakfast.
Burger with halloumi
155 - 120м 4
Burgers have become a favorite dish of modern man. Children asking us to buy a hamburger constantly. And let today you will cook a delicious homemade Burger on the grill with halloumi cheese.
A quick Breakfast in 2 minutes
153 - - -
Easier hot Breakfast faster and have nowhere to go, except that the scrambled eggs.
151 - 60м -
Now post, but sometimes you want something harmful. Especially when you walk past smelling in the street bistro. So was born the idea how to calm her "want"))) And it turned out very tasty! For not fasting is also of course the option is there.
Sandwiches Dutch
147 4 - -
Quick and tasty!
A tuna sandwich
142 4 - -
A sandwich with various fillings.
Mozzarella in a carriage
135 - 10м 3
Another recipe borrowed from German cuisine from Italy and a little modified! Original - la mozzarella in carrozza - 2 toast with slices of mozzarella in the middle, dipped in egg-milk mass, then in the flour, breadcrumbs and fry in a pan or deep-fried in a decent amount of oil. The German magazine "Lecker" offers you their version of this dish.
Cowboy "Burgers"
130 - 45м 4
Today's menu at cowboy Burgers!
Spicy beef in pita bread
125 - - -
Picnic at home you can cook a great tasty and filling snack. It can take as main course, warm up on the coals, and you can use as a snack, if someone wants to start a holiday very very urgently))).
Croissant-sandwich with salmon
121 - 20м 2
Want to offer an interesting option for a quick Breakfast or snack during the day! We need a ready-made croissants, and for the filling will suit light-salted salmon surrounded by lush greenery! A great addition will be cream cheese!
Bread sandwiches rolls
121 - 10м 4
Regular sandwiches are already tired? I suggest you try this version of the sandwiches. Crunchy crust and the warm sweet filling. mmm...
Mini pizza or Burger
120 3 20м 6
When there is no time, and want to eat, so that you can prepare...
Hot sandwiches
119 - 15м 2
Hot sandwiches is a delicious and simple recipe for a quick Breakfast. Hot sandwiches with cheese and egg is a favorite snack in many families. I want to show you how to prepare this Breakfast for my family and time to cook it is not much.