Tartlets, vol-AU-vents recipes

0.8k 3.5 - 18
Wanted to cook khachapuri :) but a fantasy played out :) and stuffing the cheese went the contents of the refrigerator :):):) turned out very edible!:)
Tartlets of cod liver "Unpleasant"
0.6k 4 20м 17
Delicate and unique dish. Looks very good on the table. Taste the quality.. I can't pass.. very tasty.
Tartlets with cheese, tomatoes and herbs
314 4 10м 8
A very simple appetizer for summer get-togethers. Very fast, very easy, very tasty and no Mayo (which is very important for the summer heat).
Appetizer "Friday the 13th"
284 4.5 6м -
Friday the 13th... what?! - that's right, a bunch of evil: vampires, zombies... etc. Scary??? - Do not be afraid!... in every evil there is a justice - these little rysunki with garlic... get rid of the bad and evil forces...
Tartlets of bread with tuna
277 - - -
Simple and delicious cakes of bread for toast, perfect as a festive table and for snack. Fill can be absolutely different fillings and cooking them just a few minutes.
Tartlets Christmas
208 3 - -
Tartlets with chicken liver pate green.
Tartlets "Faberge"
198 3 - 6
It is a work of culinary art and not leave indifferent any guest at your party! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail."
Tartlet "Centipede – traffic lights"
187 5 60м 6
So this creature comes into competition "Queen of the cocktail." )) This is a dish I came up with for the birthday of my 6 nieces, but the "pilot version" with pleasure my husband dare with your friends for beer and football. Proving once again that men at any age - children. Well, niece, her friends were delighted. And most importantly, this dish replaced the entire salad table, which is not very fond of children.
Tartlets with salted fish and avocado
179 4 - -
Salad in tartlets
179 - 30м 2
Crab salad in tartlets with dobavleni Mac .
Puff pastry
177 4 - -
Purchased puff pastry... tired, and made his own.
Dessert tartlets "the snow Queen"
172 5 20м 4
How often we do not have enough time to prepare dessert, who amazed guests, we have to invent something in a hurry. Suggest to your attention a "lazy" dessert tartlets.
Potato baskets with fish ROE filling
166 - - -
It's my anniversary 300 prescription! VERY tasty snack, and very effective. Hope you will like it.
Tartlets "Tiger star"
164 4 30м -
Continue the star theme... )). Cakes for the cub. Took a vol-AU-vents in the shape of a star-filled dream. The stars turned out a bit more than intended. My giant cakes for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Snack for a picnic
161 5 30м 10
A quick and tasty snack
Tartlets "Sea" in the potato dough
156 3 - -
The dough is tested for the first time, passed the test on 5 +! Crisp, thin, flaky pastry. Stuffed shrimp with pears and salmon with cream cheese... what you need for a romantic evening or table decoration! the contest "Queen of the cocktail"
Tartlets with cheese and bacon
153 3.5 30м 10
My favorite tartaletki. Recipe from the book series "7 the cook". Ready tartlets, I didn't have, made of puff pastry. Delicious enjoyed hot or cold.
Bread tarts with mincemeat
150 4 45м 8
Of course, "the Queen of the cocktail" - tartlet and my tarts are no exception, their filling can be varied, today I chose mincemeat, and dignity of these tartlets is that they are prepared very simply and the most accessible products, try it and see for yourself.
Mushroom baskets
149 3 25м 4
Very easy to prepare and very tasty snack.
145 3 20м 10
Interesting dish suitable for Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Oh, by the way, it can take on nature. And the kids will love the taste. And how many of poleznogo...
Egg-chicken pate
143 5 15м -
Super tasty "namasivaya" on sandwiches, canapés, crackers, tarts during the holidays and weekdays. To make sweeter or spicier can add pepper, mustard and horseradish is a matter of taste. Quickly and very tasty. Try