Canapés recipes

Canapés assorted
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Canapés are prepared quickly, is a recipe in a hurry, the option from the "guests on the threshold". The basis for them can be prepared in advance and finish just before serving. It is convenient for cherished parties. For a nice chat on the sofa or playing Board games in the warm company of canapés disappear unnoticed, as they do not put. So put twice, can't go wrong. The combination of flavors canapés familiar, understandable, they can easily offer to strangers, they hardly anyone will not like.
Canapes with goat cheese and canapés with salmon
433 - 20м 8
Everyone knows what a canapé (canapé) is this little French appetizer has gained popularity in many countries. Weighing not more than 80 g based on dried bread or on a substrate of solid vegetables with various fillings, mostly preparing for the holiday table and buffet. Later they began to use the skewers, but not for beauty, but not to get your hands dirty while eating. Today I offer you 2 types of canapés: "canap& #233;s au fromage de chèvre" - with goat cheese and "canap& #233;s au saumon" canape with red fish, I got this smoked salmon! No complicated preparation and decoration of any table!
"Herringbone" for appetizer
331 - 90м 16
This Christmas fantasy - what you need for holiday or corporate event. This "Christmas tree" you can catch (not kill!!) several birds with one stone: a large number of different knaperek is served in a very compact form, beautiful and comfortable for eating. I have on a platter with a diameter of 20 cm fit 48 canapés three types! Canapés can be done any - to your taste or like me.
Snack Martini "Under the hood"
323 - - -
10 years ago I started Dating a young man who later became my husband and the most reliable and faithful friend and protector. Then I had no idea what to eat wine or a Martini can not only mayonnaise salad, or a juicy piece of "meat by-francuzski". In one of the romantic evening, the husband decided to treat me that made it all himself. Poured into a Martini or two, threw a handful of ice. And prepared sandwiches: a slice of cheese, a cube of pineapple and a slice of chocolate. My gastronomic ideas about the combination of cheese and chocolate were such that, when the husband said, "Try it. Need it all together to eat". I obeyed of course. Put it in his mouth conapesca, chewed, tears rolled down the face.. and suddenly at some point my inner I stopped fighting him and said, "Dasha, it's very tasty!" Since then I have under the hood of the snacks and appetizer was under the hood of the glass..
Sandwiches fluffy
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As well, in the fridge is mayonnaise and ketchup. They can be banal sandwiches make a delicious and interesting dish for home meals and for holiday gatherings for work, for party, for the youth party and picnic.
Canapés "Kunapuli"
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We all know about the canapés and that they can be made out of anything! But I want to share with you my idea, just as, not what they do) Can someone come in handy))
Canapés "In Russian"
243 - 30м -
This is a dish I was making but the New year, it is very simple and insanely delicious!!! Appetizer what you need!!!
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Canapés are small sandwiches (from the French "canape" – "tiny"). Usually canapes are miniature sandwiches, impaled on skewers. In Northern Italy, France and Spain, tapas can be found in any bar. And the range of canapés in some places, is rich in choice. It can be pieces of toast with sturgeon, cheese and anchovies, jamon and grated Parmesan, blue cheese and caviar. Less canapés cooked beef, cooked pork or tuna. The meaning of use in canapés spicy, spicy and very aromatic ingredients is explained very simply: you need to make a tiny taste of the sandwich was felt, and guests would not have to use several canapés. We have a canapé is a festive appetizer for cocktails and receptions. Canapés decided to take with your hands or a skewer (if any). There are a great many different varieties of canapés. Recipes canapés can be different even within the same city or quarter; as a rule, every cook has in its Arsenal a few dozen recipes canapés. Also a lot of variety of shapes and recipes canapés can be found in any cookbook. But my "crumbs". Look:)
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A convenient snack for the reception.
Appetizer "Canapés vodka"
233 - 20м 3
A delicious and hearty appetizer perfect vodka for a festive table. The combination of potatoes with the anchovy oil and fish - a win-win!
Canapés with quinoa and cheese
231 - 20м 6
Quinoa is a very interesting product, in finished form resembles caviar. Preparing these sandwiches, it's easy to surprise the guests as they taste very reminiscent of all your favorite sandwiches with red caviar. Simple ingredients, beautiful and delicious result.
Canapés with bacon and dates
228 5 15м 30
Dedicated to lovers of dates. First tried it with canapés on the wedding table, and I liked them so much.. so much that doing it at every opportunity. I think this recipe might come in handy on the Christmas table ... Great in combination with champagne.
With sprats canapes one bite
226 3 40м -
Every meal taken to diversify snacks) I want to share with You dear povaryata simple but very tasty sandwiches with fish, men generally look at them first!
Croquettes Greek
222 - 20м 1
A great Supplement to a glass of champagne
Zakuani "brain"
216 3 15м 2
When a friend Elina told me the recipe for this simple zakubanie, I said that there is not going:) She was reassured that her reaction was the same, but this starter was most popular for teeming with all sorts of delights of the table:) I took a chance and you all highly recommend! At least try it, because it's really tasty and interesting:)
Croissant with ham
213 - - -
This croissant is perfect for Breakfast, snack or midnight feast. And is suitable for children and nature. The combination of toasted croissant, ham and cheese strata should you like.
Appetizer "shrimp Crackers"
207 - 10м 3
Spectacular and tasty snack instant food. For a wonderful, talented and heart of Masuli /cook Manusha/ Birthday!
Schwein Klein
198 5 10м 3
Usually, I make for Breakfast this dish only in the country, but at home you can cook. All the versatility in the speed of preparation
197 3 20м 12
Very interesting combination of crab meat and melted cheese sausage.
Canape with vodka
197 3 - -
This canapé is perfect for a snack spirits. :)
Canapés "Domino"
190 3.5 - -
Again unexpected guests. In the fridge there was a jar of black caviar started. To be enough for all calves, the husband offered to make canapés "Domino". It turned out very funny. Guests even wanted to play dominoes:)))