Fruit and berry soup recipes

Fruit soup "Etude in Sunny colours"
302 - 25м 6
Winter. Like many in this word to my heart entwined... namely: heat, cold, dampness and dullness. In short, I do not like winter! How I want summer and warmth again! In this regard, ... on the table a variety of fruit - compotes, kissels, fresh fruit, frozen berries. And fruit soup. And to lose weight helps :)
Fruit and yogurt soup
234 - - -
Very, very tasty))) Fresh, spring-like, vitamin! Sorry if this is already a recipe!
Berry temptation
212 - 5м -
Real strawberry treat! Ingredients - 100% natural, tastes divine, and how much fun! A business somehow, for five minutes.
Banana soup
190 - 40м 5
Thick milk-banana soup with the aroma of orange peel. Good as a dessert for a little sweet tooth, and adult palates. This recipe was posted by user Fox in 2008 under the name "Banana soup" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring".
Fruit soup with carmelitani bananas
188 - 15м 2
Simple, tasty and healthy.
Dessert soup "Chocolate joy"
177 - - -
And again the recipe is from the leaf of the calendar. This time, 1993.
Pear soup with cheese sticks.
175 - - 2
Delicate, velvety texture of the soup deliberately emphasized the sharp cheese flavor crispy sticks
Quick soup for 5 minutes
171 - 5м 4
The summer is hot! Time for berries, when, if not now, them to eat. Here is a very quick recipe for a cold soup or dessert, call it what you like. We have strawberries already moved away, now it is the turn of sweet cherry and cherry and many others.
Cherry soup
170 - - 2
I'm in that life period when you often wonder how to feed the younger son, who is a second year. Cherry soup - this was my experiment in children's menu which was received with enthusiasm. Sorry only one that made just 2 servings, which we both immediately and ate it.
Cold lemon soup
167 - - -
Something closer to the evening I was hungry and I wanted to eat something unusual, easy... all the same to sleep soon, what night to eat. Just made myself this soup. There was a very nice dessert, light, not cloying: slightly sour, slightly sweet and very aromatic. Ingredients low, prepared quickly.
Fruit soup "Abanka"
158 - 40м -
Abanka is a cold, pureed (relatively thick) sweet Apple soup, seasoned with semolina.
Strawberry soup from the restaurant "cherry mio"
156 - 15м 5
Honestly, this restaurant was! Shared a recipe a friend from LJ: Olya (wowcook). This year has been my first experience of a combination of strawberries in savory dishes, it is very much positive. So I could not pass up! Overall, the soup was okay and the tan I tried for the first time. Refreshing, with light acidity. However, I could not resist and added his salt and black pepper, and sister - sugar. Here such different tastes!
Soup with mango and rice
132 - 45м 4
Bright and festive soup for the sweet tooth.
Cold strawberry soup
130 - - -
Cold, refreshing, aromatic, bright berry soup dessert saving in the summer heat.
Fruit soup "fairy Tale"
128 3 - -
Very tasty and healthy dish may not be the soup but not the salad...
Strawberry soup
126 - 30м -
This dish will delight adults and children.
Fruit soup "Hideg of dumelo laves"
119 - 40м -
Cold fruit-milk soup in Hungarian. A delicious cold dish.
Fruit soup
119 5 20м 6
A light soup, almost like in kindergarten. Good option when you are tired of cereals and omelettes for Breakfast, cooked very quickly.
Strawberry summer soup
114 - 15м 4
Of strawberries you can make cakes, jams and mousses, jelly and jelly... And I suggest to try this berry as a wonderful refreshing summer dessert, a cold strawberry soup. It will surprise you with delicate taste and will be a real lifesaver in the country, in the strawberry season. Especially this soup will appeal to kids. It is possible to prepare the afternoon tea and as a snack. A big plus of this soup - it has almost no sugar, and use very much. Prepare and see for yourself!
Apple-berry soup with rice
113 - 20м 3
Sometimes in summer it gets very hot and hot food don't want to eat. And child in the heat to feed and does problematic. This soup will satisfy not only children but also adults. And in the season of fresh berries (and any) this soup is fabulous. Good for Breakfast and for snack, and for lunch hot or cold. We love the cold. Taste?
Soup of strawberries
108 4 30м 2
For of pregnant.