Hot dishes of rabbit, hare recipes

Essex fried rabbit Jamie Oliver's
2.5k - 120м 3
Gave me a book by Jamie Oliver. Been reading, watching... then on TV I saw it the author's program, he is so young Zippy, I wanted to cook something. Here on the market under the hand of the rabbit's paws turned up, so the choice fell on this recipe, especially since he's one of the most favorite. I have to say - the dish is not five minutes, sometimes you have to Tinker, but the result is divine!! And besides all other things, I finally remembered to do step by step photos!!)))
Cutlets from rabbit
1.9k - 60м 6
Very tender cutlets of dietary rabbit meat.
1.7k - - -
Having tried many of the recipes of the hare, stopped on the way, which has become our family traditional. The meat turns out very tender and soft, and the extra spices do not interrupt the already fantastic flavor of rabbit meat.
Rabbit in sour cream
1.6k - 60м -
Was looking for a recipe for cooking a hare, but found only one where you need to marinate the meat as much as 15 hours. I have never had the time, and I decided to go his own way. The hare turned out well very tasty, and most importantly, without the attitude. Do not throw me in Slippers, this is my first recipe on the Pillsbury.
Pilau of rabbit
1.6k 5 60м 8
Came to me on one occasion, a rabbit from the village and I decided to cook him risotto. Very very good.
Rabbit leg in a creamy wine sauce with grapes
1.5k 3 1м 2
Low-fat dish, appropriate and on weekdays and holidays
Rabbit in Maltese
1.4k 5 120м 6
What can I say... yum!!! ; )
Rabbit with vegetables in Malta
1.4k 5 35м -
It is believed that cooking meat a snap. Well, there is, in fact: the frying pan it – and that's it.
Rabbit "puki-puki"
1.2k 3 - -
Rabbit stew with mushrooms - delicious.
"Declaration of love"
1.2k - 60м -
Spring, a beautiful time of year. I was happy that my beloved has agreed to cook for me this dish. The spectacle can be admired for hours... But it made everything much faster... the Dish turned out extremely tasty, juicy and flavorful, but on the other, and could not be - because he added the most important ingredient - love!!!!! For the contest "Spring in the heart"
Rabbit stewed in sour cream
1.2k 3 155м 6
Very tasty dietary meat.
Nutria stew with quince and prunes
1.1k - - -
If 30 years ago among my friends only a few had the idea of nutria as a source of dietary protein, it is now more than half of them have become adherents of this valuable, useful and tasty meat. The combination of fruit not only makes a spicy touch, but also allows the dish to do without garnish.
Affectionate bastard
1k - - 4
Rabbit baked in the sleeve with creamy spicy sauce. The festive variant of the rabbit. Usually rabbit stewed in sour cream. I wanted something not quite standard. While I was cooking in my head constantly "played " song "I'm a chocolate Bunny, I affectionate bastard ". So-called. Convenience dishes that the rabbit can be marinated for a couple of days before the holiday, put in the fridge. And then just have to bake and make the sauce. Well, it turns out SOOO delicious. I would even say that it is quite a food dish with expensive taste. My husband and I live savored every bite.
Rabbit in creamy soy sauce
1k - 70м 2
Easy, tasty, hearty dish! Soy sauce contributes to the taste of this dish.
Tender cutlets of rabbit
1k - 60м 4
Hello friends! Today tender cutlets of rabbit, without the addition of cream and water. Rabbit meat is considered to be dry. It is believed that from the little that you can cook, mostly it is customary to extinguish. In fact, from rabbit can cook a lot of delicious and healthy dishes.
Braised rabbit "Hasenfeffer"
1k - 100м 4
Braised rabbit recipe the XIV century. Still simmer rabbit in sour cream? Then I go to YOU)) come to you with a very interesting recipe of German cuisine, rooted in the early Renaissance. Just imagine... the Recipe exists for more than 700 years, and still love in the world! Once upon a time, in the XIV century, in Westphalia brave German hunters brought the rabbit home, and their adorable Frau extinguished them game meat on this recipe. How many years have since fled, and the lovely modern Mrs. still stewed husbands favourite rabbit using this age-old traditional recipe in which the meat turns out very tender and flavorful. I'm preparing this time the rabbit on such an old recipe, I felt in unusually high spirits. I pictured in my head jousting tournaments, beautiful ladies in beautiful ball gowns, and gallant knights in armor, riding a spirited black stallion. Here's a vivid imagination, I was overcome, for it seemed to me that I touch some old, fragile secrets))) Accordingly, I put in a dish all their heart and effort. Pleased with the result of incredibly, delicious! If you happen to cook rabbit, do not miss this wonderful recipe. Variations on the theme of Hasenfeffer - a lot. Offer you the most traditional...
Rabbit baked in beer
0.9k - 120м 5
Rabbits-is not only a valuable fur. And on the tip of my tongue. This is the most gentle, hypoallergenic, and incredibly tasty dietary meat. For many years I cooked rabbit, and the last couple of years are served in the beer. This combination captivated everyone in the family. Share with you this simple recipe!
Rabbit in sauce "Bechamel"
0.9k - - -
Meat stewed in white sauce, different from cooked in a sauce of cream or sour cream. Any dish with this sauce acquires a different taste, like brighter sounds. The Bechamel makes the dish softer and more refined. Despite its simplicity, this sauce is simply extraordinary! Today I made rabbit with potatoes in a slow cooker. It turned out sooooo delicious! Help yourself!
Rabbit stewed with vegetables
0.9k - 60м 6
Great rabbit with mushrooms, cabbage and other vegetables. Good because the garnish is not necessary to cook, two in one, so to speak!!!
The rabbit with the sauce "Lecho"
0.8k 4 60м 8
Quite a diet dish, tender meat, for those who are tired of chicken
Rabbit with mushrooms in pots
0.8k - - -
Clay pots is the best way to cook a delicious and very nutritious meat (and any brand). Clay pots I have, there is one big crock (even with grandma's youth left). here in it today and I was cooking rabbit with potatoes and mushrooms; I decided to share with you my simple recipe.