Hot dishes of legumes recipes

Dinner "Laziness"
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Today I was too lazy to go in store. And children to feed - is sacred. Took what was left and made this dinner.
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Indian cuisine Breakfast of rice cereal
Dal McNee
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Continue the theme of "Indian gathering" No Indian meal is complete without beans. Since most Indians are vegetarians, for many it is one of the main, along with milk, protein sources. We, the inhabitants of the middle band, even can't imagine how many varieties of peas available in India. I once decided to count: it's over 10. I'm not going to list them all. Today we will have lentils, because in our conditions it is most available. "Dal McNee" is a liquid gruel, which is served with rice and fresh tortillas. Cooked very easily and quickly. The result is stunning.
Beans with smoked ribs in Macedonian
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Juicy flavorful beans (grace on tasche). Full lunch or dinner. Recipe taken from the Internet.
Pea porridge with onions and bacon
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This is my favorite recipe from childhood: my grandma always made us this hearty, fragrant and delicious porridge. However, it greaves were made of fat, I like to cook the bacon. Come to me, who is not afraid of extra calories.
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Lobiani is a popular dish in Georgian cuisine. The filling is made from beans, this time I did with wave. Mash contains up to 24 % protein, so it is simply irreplaceable for vegetarians and people who keep post. A good dish that can be served hot and cold to take to work. With the filling also you can experiment, add to the beans grated cheese or minced meat.
0.5k - 45м 3
Simple and stunning in its taste Oriental cuisine. It is called meat for the poor. But the taste of this dish is very rich, I assure you!!! In addition, the dish lean. I'm sure will appeal to many. Prescription last year I heard in the transmission "morning on the 5". Thank you Cyril for pishchalnikova told recipe. Cook with great pleasure and invite everyone!!!
473 - - -
Khichri, Khichdi, Khichdi, vegetarian spicy porridge from a mixture of rice and beans, usually Masha, often with vegetables. One of the main dishes of Vedic cuisine. In India, is made from time immemorial. In Egypt, a similar name Kosari, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan mung Khichdi (Mastichari), and in England, kedgeree. According to supporters of Ayurveda, Khichdi is an excellent digestibility and balance of nutrients. It is believed that this food is easily digested, gives strength and vitality, nourishes all body tissues, helps in cleansing and rejuvenation of the cells. Khichdi is used by yogis during cleansing programs.
Green lobio with tomatoes and nuts
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Lobio is one of the most popular Georgian dishes. There are dozens of ways of cooking this dish. I think that will appeal to all who love the combination of beans, cilantro, nuts. I recommend to try and those who are not fasting, it turned out very tasty and juicy. Yup, still in its juice, and not an ounce of any oil. The recipe for participation in the contest "Fast from Moulinex".
Beans Mexican "Chelita"
426 - - 6
"Well, who in our region Chelito not know? She is so smart and wonderful, And so irascible, and overbearing, That her mind is dangerous. Ay, ay, I-ay! What a girl! All immediately will find the answer, Always laughing loudly!" Many probably remembered the playful refrain of this song that came to mind when the name of this stew. Beans in Mexican a great dish of Mexican cuisine. Prepared quickly, it turns out delicious. Beans for the Mexicans, as well as maize (corn), basic product. Corn tortillas with beans they dish each day, and tellingly, it is a complete food, rich in minerals and vitamins. And to prepare effortlessly.
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Hearty dish with pita, pasta and peas homos. Perfectly for Breakfast , as an appetizer on the holiday table, often going on Friday around the afternoon.
405 3 25м 4
Classic Israeli dish, those who tried it asked for additions, of course continue to "Fast from Moulinex".
Lentil and bean patties
364 - 45м 14
A very interesting and tasty cakes turn out!!! Just tired of the mess... but a mess with a bean touch - very unusual happened!!! Meat not distinguish!!!
363 4.3 100м 12
Nagut - so we have in Moldova is called chickpeas. I offer you another way of making it... Well, truth is, we are always ready husband. I that had tried to take a picture and share with you.
Lobio with pomegranate, walnuts and coriander
323 - 120м 6
Well, do you like beans as residents of Sunny Georgia? And you know how delicious and can be spicy meals out of it - both hot and cold?! If both answers are "no" then... "we go to You"))) Culinary fantasy on the theme of Georgian cuisine, which our family loved, even the Pope, who from childhood could not bear beans.
"Arakas fabulous" with artichoke and chicken
307 - 45м 4
Long ago, when the King of Peas went on a diplomatic mission to Greece, met a beautiful frog. Although many people believe that the frog is ugly, but that the King and especially Peas. And the frog was a Greek woman of Royal blood))) So that he could see the beauty of the frogs, which treated him different overseas dishes. And they lived happily ever after! Secret one dish she handed me. But I'm not 300 years as Tortile...
Beans in tomato sauce
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Taste the beans. I just love beans and peas are so so good just for me. Tomato can be replaced by sour cream and will also be gently and very tasty.
299 4 180м 5
For fans of beans.
Chickpeas are a snack to beer
269 - - -
For beer lovers :) enjoy!!!
Beans Mexican "Frijoles the Charros"
252 - 50м -
With the onset of autumn always want to enjoy a hearty hot dish. Offer you to travel a bit and to try the spicy Mexican soup with beans.
The feature
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Another tasty and healthy vegetable dish! Try! Tzimmes - Jewish national dish. In the old days, tzimmes was served as a dessert at holiday dinners, later, the recipes have changed a bit, adding new components. A dish of carrots and other vegetables with various spices. To prepare the feature is best in a pan with a thick bottom, so that in the finished dish all the components have reached a sufficient stage of readiness at the same time.