Salads of beans recipes

Salad "compound"
0.6k - 20м 6
My signature salad is a favorite in my family. Once I made it to the jubilee of the Pope. Guests liked it very much, and someone asked: "what is this salad? So delicious!" Well, I can't leave the dish without a name, took and blurted out: "Mimino". And stuck it a wonderful name to my author's dish! By the way, even men-picky, it hit the spot! And most importantly - this salad I never put in the fridge for impregnation, and serve immediately. And so it turns out juicy, crispy, fresh!
Salad of sprouted Masha "Tergum-Cha"
392 - - -
Tergum-Cha - Korean salad from sprouted Masha. Needless to say, he is insanely useful. There's a huge number of vitamins and minerals, and, moreover, it is very tasty. How to sprout beans and cook this salad and not only that, I will tell you today.
Salad "light"
391 - 40м 3
Very tasty and hearty salad. Personally, I couldn't stop and ate almost more than half of what I prepared :) In this case, the salad is not only lightweight, but also light, and therefore, such a double name:)
Salad "Dream girl"
370 3 5м 5
Very simple, easy and quick to prepare salad. It is quite beautiful, original and SATISFYING dish.
353 - - -
Piyaz. Another dish is the Turkish home cooking. Mainly serves the cutlets - as a side dish, as a salad.
Lobio Abkhazian "Araliacea"
346 - 30м -
Abkhaz traditional dish prepared from green beans with walnuts, onions, garlic, adzhika, pomegranate juice and seasonings. Juicy, spicy and very tasty.
Vegetable salad with beans
296 - - -
Delicious and healthy, easy and affordable meatless vegetable salad with beans. Crispy, slightly spicy, hearty. Salad, garnish or separate dish. Ready in minutes, if you pre-cook the beans and potatoes. Come on in, help yourself.
Appetizer beans and roasted peppers
295 - 90м -
The recipe of this snack shared with me by a colleague at work is Bulgarian, said eat this in hot weather, a delicious appetizer or salad, but for me it is self-sufficient, hearty dish.
Mash with spinach and sweet peppers
284 4 - 4
The idea of this dish was borrowed from Yulia Vysotskaya, and then she began to cook this delicious and healthy salad with your additions. The salad can be eaten both hot and cold.
Beet salad and beans "Amateur"
270 - 30м 4
Very interesting salad, with a rather unusual combination of vegetables, beans or even berries! Anyone interested is invited!
Appetizer "Beans classic"
262 4 25м -
Sharp taste, quick preparation.
Lentil salad and vegetables
255 - 30м 3
This salad is great for those people who sit on a diet or fasting. It is prepared quickly and eaten even faster. Lentils goes well with juicy vegetables and fragrant seasoning.
Salad with chickpeas and vegetables
253 - 600м 4
Look how beautiful, healthy and tasty salad. It's a complete dish. Like it? I really. Try it!
Salad "Poem"
249 - 20м 10
Incredibly tender, juicy and very tasty salad from the "Guests at the door". Prepared easily and quickly available products. Good for everyday and festive table occupies a worthy place!
Salad with tofu and salted eggs
248 - 5м 1
This traditional Chinese salad. It well demonstrates the characteristics of Chinese cuisine. The ingredients of this dish, separately, by themselves, not very tasty. But their combination is just the bomb!
Bean salad and pickled cucumbers
244 - - -
Very tasty salad. Simply and quickly prepared, hearty and perfect for a meatless meal.
Bean salad with bacon
241 - 20м -
Very tasty, hearty and spicy salad.
Three-bean salad "from chef"
240 3 30м -
This salad is my favorite, learned from a great chef, because they called it so. Highly recommend
Bean salad "Spicy"
222 - 15м 4
Spicy salad. Suitable to feed in the post.
Salad with grilled sausages
221 3.5 - -
Very original salad.
Salad "Albina"
205 - 10м 4
Three years ago I tried this salad at a friend, since then he has become a favorite. Simple to prepare and very tasty! However, without a photo.