Sweet sauce recipes

Sauce "AMBA"
1.7k 5 15м -
Sauce "AMBA" is a legend of Lebanese food, at least once it is worth it to try, take a chance and you will not regret. Blends wonderfully with chicken, harmonizes perfectly with fish, is added to many national meals. In General, AMBA.
Sweet sauce paste
0.8k - 15м -
A delicious, simple sauce for pancakes and fritters will please those with a sweet tooth and especially fans of halva. Try it!
Liquid iris
0.8k - 15м 1
Want to offer a very simple and quick recipe for making homemade caramel. He will need all 3 ingredients and 15 minutes of time. Can be used as a standalone dessert, and topping for ice cream or pancakes. Even for layer cakes, for example, everyone's favorite the cake "Snickers", or prepare caramel cream, or freeze desserts. In General, a very versatile dessert!!!
The creamy sauce and honey to the pancakes
0.6k - 10м 2
Traditionally pancakes are served with honey and sour cream, and I combined those two ingredients and it turned out sweet and creamy flavor with a slight honey aroma.
Cooley (peach-black currant) and berry sauce
472 - - -
Dessert sauce - pour them ice cream, pastries or just freeze and decorate them with drinks, fruit salads.
Flambe sauce
459 - 15м 6
Sweet and sour sauce for meat, poultry, dessert.
Ketchup, red currant
424 - 55м 20
Since my ketchup CHERRY for many appreciated, I was inspired by your comments on the location of their recipe №2. Now just season the steak. So, do everything as in the Recipe №1
370 4 - -
To ice cream, to pancakes, to cheese. In General, I can say that this sauce-the caramel does not spoil Your dessert, and will only improve.
Amla chutney
367 5 50м -
The Indian gooseberry sauce is suitable for cereals. In my opinion, very tasty. This sauce will bring a variety of taste sensations.
Lemon-sour cream sauce for pancakes
351 - - -
I wanted the sauce sweet, but not cloying. Lemon-sour cream was exactly that!
Pancakes "tete-a-tete"
351 - 40м 6
On the eve of Valentine's Day I want to treat You to a nice crepes with raspberry sauce and chocolate. Very tasty. Great flow, spectacular colors. Definitely serve them a La carte, but on the same plate as a sign of unity with Your spouse. Let this treat makes a wonderful dessert, finishing Your dinner. Love, understanding and great happiness to Your families!
Mint caramel syrup
333 - - -
I love mint and I decided to cook a delicious syrup. The color is much different from store-bought counterparts, and taste sweeter, but it's all natural. Cane sugar adds caramel notes and enhances the dark color. You can add not only in tea, but in coffee, ice cream, desserts.
Pancakes with sauce of dried apricots
317 - 60м 6
Ruddy pancakes with delicious sauce that has a very intense spicy flavor and a beautiful structure.
Pistachio-mint sauce for pancakes
310 - 30м -
Frankly - I do my head is spinning the idea to create a pistachio sauce. On the Internet I have come across only butter-pistachio or pistachio custard cream. So I decided - was-not was, will make that experience a little bit. Turned out very tender, the sauce is light green in color with an elegant hint of mint and the unique flavor of these southern nuts!
Thyme jam to pancakes
307 - 60м 4
When I saw this recipe, I thought that might give a combination of water, thyme and lemon? But when I made it... Guys, this is the bomb! Very sorry I made such a small portion. The freshness of citrus and light spice thyme perfectly invigorates and refreshes. In my opinion, great for morning toast with butter or pancakes (pancakes). The idea I saw of Yulia Vysotskaya, but the proportions have set up for yourself.
The black currant syrup
301 - 50м 100
In the harvest season of black currant which I'm the only one she didn't cook. I found one not very troublesome recipe syrup of currants. Such are no recipes here and decided to post, pushed to it and published the recipe for the salad "tete-a-tete" where I have used this syrup.
Sauce wild rose
298 - - -
This sauce from rose hips. Saw in a magazine a recipe from the dry fruit of this shrub. In the description it was written: "Sauce for cereals and pasta". Dry but the fruit was not gathered some fresh. It is an interesting combination.
Pancake with vegan ice cream
292 - 30м 4
A vegetarian diet is often used with peanut butter (oil). This is not surprising, because this pasta is a great source of protein, fiber and antioxidants. I propose to make a vegetarian version of soft ice cream that can be used as a separate dish or as an addition to toast or pancakes. And since peanut butter is a product characterized, above all, for American cuisine, and to serve him we will be with American pancakes - pancake.
Orange-chocolate sauce
278 - 10м -
Well, I love sometimes in the morning when nowhere to hurry and the child has already eaten, enjoy a delicious strong tea with toast or with pancakes.. And if they submit such a delicious sauce - the morning will be just fabulous!!!
Syrup pineapple-ginger "Disposal"
274 - - -
When you peel the pineapple, then more than half of the obtained waste. I want to offer you a mega tasty syrup from pineapple peels. They can also be sprinkled on ice cream, cottage cheese or pancakes. The syrup is obtained with a rich pineapple flavor and a slight slight kick from the ginger.
Lenten chocolate topping
274 - - -
Vegetable cakes are not always completed. Sometimes you want to pour the chocolate so it was delicious. This desire led me to search online recipe for chocolate chip topping. Very tasty and without any Eshek!!!, as in-store counterpart. If freezing the sauce hardens, but you can heat them up and serve with fruit. Very tasty. SORRY for the quality pictures. Basically cook after work, you know what kind of lighting. Photo is mine, the words of the author, thanks to him that delivered me from the scribbling )))