Donuts recipes

Domalak baursak
7k 3 120м -
Such baursaks baked by my grandmother. Little sunshines on your Desk.
4.5k - 45м 5
When my daughter tried them on she said,"Wow, what a great panchitos"!!! What this means - it is not explained. Well then present to your court panchitos ;-))
Ustipci in Bosnian
4.1k - - -
Ustipci in Bosnian is very similar to small doughnuts. Yeast dough, is cooked simply and quickly. Ustipci "pinch off" from the dough and fry in a large amount of vegetable oil. Ustipci neutral taste – not salty, not sweet, so they can be combined with anything. Children love to eat them with jam, honey, chocolate cream, adults – with cheese, smoked meats. Go great both warm and cooled. If you want to get more ustipci butter, add the dough 1-2 eggs, respectively, slightly increasing the amount of flour.
Sufganiot - donuts from rye flour
2.7k - 120м 34
For the contest "new year tastes of the planet." B Israel before the New year celebrating "Hanukkah" - I call it the holiday calories - because a dish this holiday flavored doughnuts with different fillings (jam, condensed milk, chocolate). Start selling them long before the holiday, and eat for 8 days, do you imagine these thousands of calories??? And here is my answer to those thousands useful ponchiki from rye flour is my experiment and it worked - try it now! Bon appetit.
Yeast donuts on serum
2.2k - 180м 5
If you don't know what to do with whey, this recipe is for you :) Replaced the whey in the yogurt. Also delicious :) Bon appetit!
1.9k - - -
In German it is called "Krebuli". Airy, very tasty.... I love both children and adults...
Kazakh baursaks
1.9k - - 16
Unthinkable without baursaks Kazakh holiday table. They -integral part of our culture. In Kazakhstan for several years has imposed a feast "Day of Baursaks," which takes place in the fall. Therefore, every self-respecting Kazakh bakes them. So I decided to share with you my "signature" recipe. They like all who have tried them, but appreciate them especially my grandchildren!
1.8k - 1м 16
Alka is a Tatar dish - Russian doughnuts, the dough goes to the heart of another dish paramac the recipe is simple: it was my one grandma from the village. The product is very soft and breathable. The layout reduced in 3 times.
Doughnuts of cream cheese
1.7k - - -
Offer to prepare delicate, airy donuts. The dough contains Philadelphia cheese. Donuts have a delicate texture, moderately sweet, airy. You can prepare for Breakfast or afternoon tea.
Japanese donuts "Cat"
1.6k - - -
These donuts are my Declaration of love to the daughter. In Kawasaki there is a Doughnut shop Animal Ikumimama where they sell donuts in the form of various animals: lions, pendock etc. my Daughter has long asked her to prepare doughnuts so I took the plunge. Do not judge strictly, love and happiness to You and Your children.
German doughnuts "Berlin"
1.5k - 120м 10
Girls lot of recipes of donuts, but my German. Didn't want to put on the main course, but She persuaded. This is the most popular and favorite muffins in the population of Germany. They are really very airy and delicious. They are called Krapfen ( translated as dumpling). But in our Düsseldorf region they are Berliner. And usually the filling is strawberry jam. I love to buy them sometimes in the store, always thought that will not be able to repeat them, and was so simple! Help yourself!
Custard doughnuts with cream of pistachio praline
1.5k - - -
This donut recipe in my opinion, is just perfect! Doughnuts choux pastry crispy on the outside, airy and tender inside, and in combination with the air cream with pistachio praline - they are simply divine. This dish can be a great start to the day and great after a meal.
Polish donuts with jam
1.5k - 180м 6
Paczki. Donuts different do a lot, but never in my life I they did not increase in volume when cooking, as these Munchkins! Just balls turned out! And in the middle, how to order, every, without exception, creates a cavity for filling with jam. Just like magic! The donuts are soft, crumbly, melt in your mouth. By all means try!
Donuts curls
1.4k - - 9
Want to offer a recipe for tender, delicious donuts and curlicues. The dough is airy, soft with an interesting twisted form. Good donuts with powdered sugar, jam, honey. The idea saw in the Internet.
1.4k 4 40м -
Delicious cheese donuts.
Shi baursak
1.4k - 90м 20
Shi baursak is a sweet miniature baursak with tea, which perfectly complements any meal!
Doughnuts vanilla
1.4k - 30м 22
A quick recipe for cooking donuts.
1.3k - 40м 5
I got the recipe friend, but since our baby's intolerance to milk protein, I slightly changed the recipe, the result was satisfied with all family members!
Donuts "Delicious"
1.3k 4 60м 8
Very soft donuts, but the taste and do not have to talk!
1.3k 3 - -
Soft, lush in General-that is necessary for tea or coffee.
Venetian fritole
1.3k 3 60м 6
Continuing his culinary archaeology, I found this recipe:beignets from choux pastry , deep fried. They have long been sold by street vendors during carnival in Venice. Frijolero, was an integral part of the urban landscape. Even 250 years ago, the famous playwright Carlo Goldoni chose the main character of his play the shop of donuts, the kind of fame enjoyed fritole the Venetians. However, with the same success I can call a donut a Spanish invention, only they will be called bunuelos. They have long been preparing in Spain during lent. Turkish chefs will call them by its name: lokma. I think that a dozen countries can challenge the right of superiority on fried doughnuts. Let's make this international masterpiece.