Buns recipes

Cyprus toineeta
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Offer you to get acquainted with the recipe yeast rolls with tahini, which are very common in Cyprus. It is very fragrant and sweet pastries, with a taste of sesame halva. The buns are quite large in size, hearty and healthy. You can find them in any bakery in Cyprus, without exception. Technopathy and in the post, they do not contain even butter in addition that is present in most of tahini paste.
Ukrainian pampushkas with garlic
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In April, my family begins the season of donuts. There's nothing more delicious Ukrainian borscht, and even donuts. Invite...
Curly buns-2
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Miracle muffins
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Very tasty buns with an extremely-amazing filling covered with sugar-milk caramel.
Buns Kalinka
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Such rolls, produce our local bakery and they is like my family. Empirically with small additions were played these rolls. Unfortunately, due to technical problems in the oven, rosy they did not work, as was reflected in the taste. I offer you my fifties recipe. Air buns with cheese.
Rolls with poppy from yeast dough
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This is the best and a good recipe for sweet rolls with poppy from yeast dough I've tried. The rolls have a delicate, airy and soft even the next day. Although it is unlikely they will remain in my family, they disperse for a few hours.
Butter croissants with fillings
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I want to offer recipe buns bagels. I have a walnut and poppy-seed filling, but you can take any. Put the dough sponge method. The product of such dough is much tastier and remain soft and fresh for a long time. You save 20min., and the result will please you. The dough is delicate and airy.
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And we're only playing... After another watching a favorite cartoon with my daughter, we decided to follow the example of your favorite character))). There are many recipes for buns, but unfortunately I can't seem to "add your recipe to the dish"... Hope I can do it for me older friends)) So the buns my mom makes, and she taught her mother, in General, time-tested))) recipe no eggs and margarine, the dough is actually kneaded with milk. And yet, two of the three proposed variants forming little known.
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Ekanban is a version of the famous Cinnamon buns with caramel topping and pecans. Very tasty, sweet, for true lovers sweet.
Buns "Snail" with matcha
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Snail pastries - the perfect treat for any holiday or just every day. I suggest to try the recipe for sweet and sweet rolls, which contain poppy seeds, cinnamon and a little subtle taste of matcha tea and fragrant lavender. These snails get very soft and tender. A bright, airy and light cranberry-lavender sauce only accentuate the taste of freshly baked bread rolls. Indulge your family with fragrant pastries!
Cheese buns with ketchup
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Scones are perfect for tea and broth. Very reminiscent of the taste of pizza.
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"Larks arrive, studená winter bring the Warmth of spring bring: Winter we are tired of All the bread we have eaten!"
Burger "Milk the tenderness"
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Something I have suffered for yeast cakes, apparently aggravated the shortage of flour)))) but it was delicious and nothing can be done. Soft air. rich flavored muffin yogurt with Apple filling and pouring in the milk. Everything is so harmonious, gentle and fluffy, even despite the large amount of dough, sold my pastries quickly, the tea get-togethers of 5 persons.
Loaf "features of stale-proof"
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Very interesting dough of this bread, with the addition of semolina. Thanks to this test, the bread does not get stale and stays fresh as "furnace" a few days.
Puff filled with peach and chocolate
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Delicious muffins with juicy peaches and spicy chocolate on the inside.
Raffini leavened with apricot jam
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These amazing buns - a kind of symbiosis of croissants and muffins. Delicate, airy! Don't fall in love with them is simply impossible! Offer you the option of cooking in sourdough. The filling for griffinov you can choose to your taste — vanilla cream, pudding, caramel, marmalade...
Buns "Caterpillar"
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Original name of Caterpillar (caterpillar). Homemade sausage rolls in an unusual design.
Buns "Christmas Trees" with marshmallows
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The open buns in the shape of Christmas trees. New year's feast we have, however!!! Stuff according to your taste, I've been wanting to dump the marshmallows, and I did. I suggest you to occasion to cook such a fun decoration for a dessert! These Christmas trees you CAN HIDE LITTLE get lucky fortunes or quotes!!!
Mini scones with jam
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Want to offer a simple recipe of butter mini-muffins with jam. Molding in the form of a rose. The dough is delicate, airy, moderately sweet. Homemade scones tastier than store-purchased, bake and delight your loved ones. The idea took on a German website, many thanks to the author
Buns "Cuts" in sour cream
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Soft, airy, fragrant, sweet and tender scones in cream filling... it's delicious!
Cheese buns without yeast
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I love these cheese biscuits to cook for Breakfast. All mixed and ready. They get a lush, airy, light and moderately sweet. You should try them, make sure to prepare!