Buns recipes

30k - 60м 12
Buns " Achma" a simple recipe
3.8k - - 8
Recipes Turkish bread rolls a lot, I offer to Your attention one of the most simple recipes for muffins without the filling for tea. Achma turns fluffy, moderately sweet ( for the sweet tooth Achma seem Not sweet! ), these scones are perfect for Breakfast with jam, honey or butter.
2.7k - 210м 16
One of the traditional Bulgarian pastries. "Melinki" can be eaten warm (mostly for Breakfast) with sour milk, but they are very tasty and cold, they even can be eaten instead of bread. Remain fresh and soft. Thanks to the author of the recipe, Oksana. I made them and tried one I understood why they served at Breakfast: they have a very soft fluffy texture, soaked in milk and egg filling with a pronounced creamy taste and smell, with a crispy crust, covered with slices of white cheese (feta). You could want for Breakfast better "milinar"?
Homemade scones with cranberry stuffing
2.7k - 150м -
Homemade scones with cranberry stuffing will please both children and adults.
Cyprus toineeta
2.5k - - -
Offer you to get acquainted with the recipe yeast rolls with tahini, which are very common in Cyprus. It is very fragrant and sweet pastries, with a taste of sesame halva. The buns are quite large in size, hearty and healthy. You can find them in any bakery in Cyprus, without exception. Technopathy and in the post, they do not contain even butter in addition that is present in most of tahini paste.
Finnish cinnamon rolls "Korvapuusti"
2.3k - - 12
Of course, I was interested in the translation of this mysterious "korvapuusti". The translation was not particularly vegaslucky - "slap"! But not to shock consumers, and the recipe for those rolls are placed on the packages of flour, rolls called "Flattened ears" because of the special molding. Oh, what delicious these "ears"! Air-weightless, dizzying aroma, sweet. In the dough add the ground cardamom because cardamom is a hallmark of the Scandinavian sweet yeast baking. Not much to say about the taste of the muffins, they need to bake and eat with pleasure.
Delicious buns with poppy seeds
2k - 30м 10
If You want to bake wonderful scones with poppy seeds, then You here! Buns with poppy seeds come in different forms:bun with poppy seeds, buns from yeast dough, puff and so on. Mac you can add nuts, raisins. Offer You one recipe of rolls with poppy seeds with a very simple and interesting form.
Ukrainian pampushkas with garlic
1.8k - - -
In April, my family begins the season of donuts. There's nothing more delicious Ukrainian borscht, and even donuts. Invite...
Scones recipe Anna Olson
1.7k - - -
I have tried a few recipes of dough for scones, but only recipe from bakery chef Anna Olson became perfect for me. You can change and combine fruit and berry fillers, airy and crumbly the dough is always the same!
1.6k - - -
Before surgery, I wanted to share with you this wonderful recipe found long ago on the Internet (to be honest that is the name - I don't know) and to what to attribute this fragrant, tender pastry. It's a cross between scones and biscuits. If interested, come in to visit me.
Butter croissants with fillings
1.6k - - 14
I want to offer recipe buns bagels. I have a walnut and poppy-seed filling, but you can take any. Put the dough sponge method. The product of such dough is much tastier and remain soft and fresh for a long time. You save 20min., and the result will please you. The dough is delicate and airy.
Buns "hermit Crabs,"
1.6k - - 6
Now it's time for vacation, and I wanted to please kids fun baking. The idea I, again, found in Chinese cooking website. Was fun, funny and delicious hermit crabs!
Burger "Milk the tenderness"
1.6k 3 - -
Something I have suffered for yeast cakes, apparently aggravated the shortage of flour)))) but it was delicious and nothing can be done. Soft air. rich flavored muffin yogurt with Apple filling and pouring in the milk. Everything is so harmonious, gentle and fluffy, even despite the large amount of dough, sold my pastries quickly, the tea get-togethers of 5 persons.
Estonian Shrove bun
1.6k - - 20
Vastlakukkel. March 8 in Estonia celebrated Shrove Tuesday. If Russian is the main dish on this holiday - the pancakes with different fillings, the Estonians rolls vastlakukkel.
Buns with walnuts in a creamy caramel sauce
1.5k - 180м 1
I want to offer the recipe is very tasty, sweet, flavorful and very nutritious :) bread rolls with walnuts and cinnamon with creamy caramel sauce. The dough was tender, soaked in caramel, just melt in your mouth!!! The recipe is simple, not complicated, but very delicious!!!
Pumpkin rolls-dumplings with garlic
1.5k - - -
What could be better than a plate of hot, hearty, homemade soup? Right! Only a plate of soup with garlic! Offer to bake delicate, weightless buns-dumplings of pumpkin with aromatic dressing made of garlic and greens!
Raffini leavened with apricot jam
1.5k - - -
These amazing buns - a kind of symbiosis of croissants and muffins. Delicate, airy! Don't fall in love with them is simply impossible! Offer you the option of cooking in sourdough. The filling for griffinov you can choose to your taste — vanilla cream, pudding, caramel, marmalade...
Knish potatoes
1.5k - - -
Knysh mostly bun-bowl: mashed potatoes, surrounded by a thin layer of puff pastry. It can be baked and fried, with various fillings. Knysh has gained popularity among immigrants in new York, in fact, inexpensive product that turned into something more exciting. And nothing has changed since then. To this day, Yonah Schimmel's uses the same recipe that the Romanian Rabbi Schimmel and sells it on the street in the cart, as in 1890. Always baked, they are the perfect way to start the day, warm appetizer, to warm the hands during winter. They also have an amazing assortment of: traditional potato, with cereals, with minced meat, spinach, mushrooms, vegetables, cabbage, sweet potatoes and broccoli. You can write a lot about this amazing bun, but only after you try one, you'll understand why people are buying them for more than 100 years.
1.4k - 60м 12
"Larks arrive, studená winter bring the Warmth of spring bring: Winter we are tired of All the bread we have eaten!"
Buns with caraway seeds
1.4k - 25м 15
Delicious and cute muffins. I like all cakes with caraway seeds. Also very fond of black bread with caraway. For this recipe you can bake the buns "Waste" but, of course, no cumin. Below I'll link rolls, baked me last carnival.
Swedish bun "Shemla"
1.4k - - 10
Semla delicious Swedish pastry. One of the first Russian-Swedish dictionaries gave her the definition of "roll with almonds in boiling milk". All because I used to eat semla, filling it with warm milk. Subsequently, the milk bun was served separately. Modern semla more resembles in appearance and taste sensations cake. It has three layers: air pastry, almond filling and whipped cream. Semla traditionally eaten on the last Tuesday before lent. This day is called "fat Tuesday". On this day, in anticipation of 40 days of abstinence and repentance, also eaten all the perishables. But semla so tasty that the Swedes eventually turned "fat Tuesday" in the "fat February", a breathtaking and January with March, too. On the eve of Easter in the Lutheran confectionery also appears semla.