Buns recipes for Easter

Miracle muffins
327 - 120м -
Very tasty buns with an extremely-amazing filling covered with sugar-milk caramel.
316 - 60м 12
"Larks arrive, studená winter bring the Warmth of spring bring: Winter we are tired of All the bread we have eaten!"
Rolls with poppy from yeast dough
292 - - -
This is the best and a good recipe for sweet rolls with poppy from yeast dough I've tried. The rolls have a delicate, airy and soft even the next day. Although it is unlikely they will remain in my family, they disperse for a few hours.
Swedish bun "Shemla"
227 - - 10
Semla delicious Swedish pastry. One of the first Russian-Swedish dictionaries gave her the definition of "roll with almonds in boiling milk". All because I used to eat semla, filling it with warm milk. Subsequently, the milk bun was served separately. Modern semla more resembles in appearance and taste sensations cake. It has three layers: air pastry, almond filling and whipped cream. Semla traditionally eaten on the last Tuesday before lent. This day is called "fat Tuesday". On this day, in anticipation of 40 days of abstinence and repentance, also eaten all the perishables. But semla so tasty that the Swedes eventually turned "fat Tuesday" in the "fat February", a breathtaking and January with March, too. On the eve of Easter in the Lutheran confectionery also appears semla.
Buns with walnuts in a creamy caramel sauce
215 - 180м 1
I want to offer the recipe is very tasty, sweet, flavorful and very nutritious :) bread rolls with walnuts and cinnamon with creamy caramel sauce. The dough was tender, soaked in caramel, just melt in your mouth!!! The recipe is simple, not complicated, but very delicious!!!
Network with poppy seeds
187 - 40м -
Pletenetsky for tea.
Oat bread "Flowers"
185 - 75м 6
Recipe for low calorie baking for those who even at Easter not allow myself fatty foods. Of course now there is another Great post and very soon palm Sunday, in which you can afford to eat this beautiful and delicious bun.
182 - - 4
Kalitsounia, scalzone, skultuna (Kalitzounia) is a traditional Cretan Easter cakes. Can be of different shapes and with different fillings, both sweet and salty. My version scalzone dessert with lots of nuts and thin layer of dough. If a small amount of butter in the dough to replace the plant, the pies can be called vegetable cakes. Suggest to eat them immediately after baking while they are still hot, they're very tasty, although cold they are very good!
Vanilla muffins-on serum
168 - - -
Fluffy scones for morning tea. The texture of the dough is nearly weightless due to the addition of ground rice cereal.
French rolls "For Irret"
167 - - -
To say that it's tasty would be an understatement. A big thank you to scullion Irres, it has occurred to me more rolls on a soda. The buns turned out delicious. I just changed the recipe, but the result has justified.
Crescent rolls with apples from the Mexican test
163 - - -
Unusual and fancy cakes on the basis of Mexican test. The original recipe from the book Diana Kennedy "The Art of Mexican Cooking" was presented by Irina Khlebnikova in her blog with a few changes. I also made changes and got bagels with Apple filling, which I suggest you treat yourself!
Two-tone pumpkin muffins
157 - 150м 12
These buns with the addition of pumpkin puree is a wonderful complement to the Easter table. Air, soft, with chocolate chips inside. Try them and you! Bright Easter days!
Rolls Alvernia
156 - - -
It was a miracle, not buns! Soft, fluffy, with a glossy surface. And the secret is that before baking them need to scald in boiling water!!!
Shanezhki with ground cherries
155 - - -
Today for you shanezhki, Zabaykalsky stuffing - with ground cherries. Oh, and tasty, very I like! Aromatic sweet cherry filling and a dough. Yes, the sour cream crust. I will smear the cherry on top-that doesn't dry out in the oven, not bitter then. Take up sanico-and she brenica Taka, round, fluffy Yes fragrant. Will drink some tea, then bleached, Yes to milk something out of the package, where as with the good!
Homemade scones with cranberry stuffing
150 - 150м -
Homemade scones with cranberry stuffing will please both children and adults.
Buns with sugar and cinnamon
149 - - -
Buns with cinnamon sugar. Delicious, fragrant, airy, beautiful. Great holiday cakes for the Easter table. Try it!
Coconut "Wreaths"
147 - 240м 9
To lavish on the treats the Easter table you want to offer a very delicious buns!!! As I quickly replenished my wonderful recipes that use yeast. Every time I think: "Here! All! This is the best!" the Only way to think how to find another recipe that I like even more! Now do not promise, but THIS recipe is highly recommended. Well suited for treats on the holiday table! The dough was prepared with the help of HP.
Scones with cream and strategem
140 - 120м 12
Delicious and easy to prepare buns with custard cream inside and a crispy top strasheim will delight at the feast and in the evening with hot tea or milk
Easter flower
139 - - -
Beautiful and delicate pastries with the aroma of the holiday.
Cinnamon bun in milk glaze
138 - 120м 8
Extremely tender, delicious buns with cinnamon-sugar filling, soaked in a milk glaze.
Scones with Apple roses
136 - 150м -
Very gentle, soft, fluffy crumb buns.