Buns recipes for 23rd of February

181 - - 4
Kalitsounia, scalzone, skultuna (Kalitzounia) is a traditional Cretan Easter cakes. Can be of different shapes and with different fillings, both sweet and salty. My version scalzone dessert with lots of nuts and thin layer of dough. If a small amount of butter in the dough to replace the plant, the pies can be called vegetable cakes. Suggest to eat them immediately after baking while they are still hot, they're very tasty, although cold they are very good!
French rolls "For Irret"
166 - - -
To say that it's tasty would be an understatement. A big thank you to scullion Irres, it has occurred to me more rolls on a soda. The buns turned out delicious. I just changed the recipe, but the result has justified.
Eateries muffin "With the scent of pizza"
164 - 90м 10
Calls these muffins my daughter. This simple recipe will appreciate the simplicity of ingredients and the perfect ease of cooking, and the main thing - to diversify the holiday table and will be a perfect snack not only for the holidays, but will please on weekdays.
Fast envelopes with couscous and cranberries
163 - 30м -
Envelopes easy to prepare, moderately sweet.
157 - 40м 24
Gugeri - tiny buns choux pastry with cheese. The recipe hails from France, where initially (as they write) these things were served at wine tastings.
Shanezhki with ground cherries
155 - - -
Today for you shanezhki, Zabaykalsky stuffing - with ground cherries. Oh, and tasty, very I like! Aromatic sweet cherry filling and a dough. Yes, the sour cream crust. I will smear the cherry on top-that doesn't dry out in the oven, not bitter then. Take up sanico-and she brenica Taka, round, fluffy Yes fragrant. Will drink some tea, then bleached, Yes to milk something out of the package, where as with the good!
Buns "Friendship"
150 - 45м 15
Buns of puff pastry with curd and flavored with cane sugar. Give these wonderful and delicious rolls are my girlfriends: my dear compatriot Snezka, Milodora, kritikessa, veronika1910, гурман1410, korolina, JeSeKi, Nata-Tar, pokusaeva Olga Liusenka, Olga-Dancina, tomi_tn.
Cheese scones
140 - 30м 8
Cheese scones perfectly complements not only the butter but also cream cheese, cucumber herbs, just tomato. And most importantly, that they are prepared 30 minutes but it stay in the oven.
Cinnamon bun in milk glaze
137 - 120м 8
Extremely tender, delicious buns with cinnamon-sugar filling, soaked in a milk glaze.
Buns with cottage cheese-cream Manne
134 - 220м 40
When I baked these muffins-tarts, the scent spread so that my "company" excited constantly asked : "How many more? Well, when will be ready?". Thought will not have time to do is simply nothing. And when removed, "the soul" was already standing, pulling hands)))... I just threw up in different directions and managed to make a couple of shots. About the cheesecake: good soft dough, tender, flavorful cream filling. It was very tasty.
Buns with raisins
134 4 35м -
No claim to originality :) Just haven't been on the site and missed You, I want to share today-prepared meal! Very tasty with milk and tea! Help yourself!
Buns "School time"
133 - 200м 20
Today is the birthday of my teacher, homeroom teacher. These tender, flavorful, flaky biscuits I want to give her as a token of my love and deep respect.
Poppy buns
132 - 150м 16
Very easy to prepare the dough that will turn any housewife. The buns are not stale and long. Such cakes are perfect for the holiday table.
Buns "Curls"
132 - 90м 12
Buns are many different, so I decided to share... If there is something similar someone, I apologize in advance!
Cheese rolls baked in a jar
131 - 35м 6
Not only are the rolls delicious, made simply and quickly, and are baked in the Bank. But most importantly, kept it 4 weeks and not stale!
Rolls of orange dough with poppy seeds
126 - - -
What do you think? My family loved the orange pastry, which I baked a cheesecake. Requirements to repeat sounded louder. The family came together and even the dog passed the baskets with oranges, not to throw inquiring look -like - still a whole lie? What to do –I love my family, friendly and so tricky! Had the oven - with the scent of orange but a few other rolls. Based on CinemaNow –out wondrous papelbon!
Buns "Picantes"
122 - 120м 3
We have a friendly male company from former military pilots. And sometimes we going for a beer. For this reason I made scones. Tried guys appreciated. Even though they are without a delicious beer.
Pastry rings with meringue and almonds
120 - - 6
Delicious sweet yeast ring! Airy vanilla crumb, browned meringue and crunchy almonds - a wonderful combination! The cakes are not sugary, moderately sweet, and if not enough, then go ahead and generously sprinkle with powdered sugar! Serve with cold milk, strong tea, coffee or cocoa. Asking for a treat!
"Trdelnik"-twisted buns
119 - 120м 16
Trdelnik is a famous Czech buns. To be in the Czech Republic and not try these aromatic cinnamon rolls is simply impossible!
Caramel Ekanban
118 - - -
In fact, it's the same classic Cinnabon only "pumped" with caramel and toasted pecans. Well, if spontaneously, then you can do walnut, as it is the closest relative of the pecan. The buns are very tender, flavorful, soaked in caramel and cream. It is impossible to resist!
Buns-buns with custard
117 - - 5
Offer you nuuu sooo delicious muffins. Muffin is excellent, the filling is very nice, and still can not please the submission form. I want to say one thing: the urgent run cook, you won't regret it!