Buns recipes for Lent

Cyprus toineeta
0.9k - - -
Offer you to get acquainted with the recipe yeast rolls with tahini, which are very common in Cyprus. It is very fragrant and sweet pastries, with a taste of sesame halva. The buns are quite large in size, hearty and healthy. You can find them in any bakery in Cyprus, without exception. Technopathy and in the post, they do not contain even butter in addition that is present in most of tahini paste.
Buns "Larks"
197 3.5 - -
Lenten buns.
Oat bread "Flowers"
184 - 75м 6
Recipe for low calorie baking for those who even at Easter not allow myself fatty foods. Of course now there is another Great post and very soon palm Sunday, in which you can afford to eat this beautiful and delicious bun.
French rolls "For Irret"
166 - - -
To say that it's tasty would be an understatement. A big thank you to scullion Irres, it has occurred to me more rolls on a soda. The buns turned out delicious. I just changed the recipe, but the result has justified.
Bun with cereals
153 - 70м 4
Biscuits with oat flakes, rye flour, wheat and cheese. Love baking with oatmeal and cheese.
Family buns-bread
151 - 120м -
My husband doesn't like yeast cakes, because we try to please him - these are simple scones-the bread will go perfectly and under salted dishes, and jam for tea. And even better with honey and milk)) In General, to each his own, but the simplicity of the recipe impresses!
Scones-scones to vegetable table
149 - - -
Muffin-cakes with a rich taste that gives the addition in the dough of rye malt, oat bran and dates. Very tasty and flavorful!
Cranberry rings
149 - 60м 15
Very simple to make cakes. You can prepare in the days of fasting, when allowed vegetable oil. Ideal for a quiet family tea. For the recipe thank Smirnova Tatiana.
Millet bread
143 - 140м 9
The loaves turn out very pleasant to the taste, and besides, they're just useful!
Buns "Larks" on hop leaven
141 - 420м 16
22 March (9 March in the old Julian calendar) day of the Forty martyrs of Sebaste Orthodox Church commemorates fallen soldiers and all the dead relatives. But in our family it is also a day of remembrance of my grandfather. He went through the war, escaped from captivity, in the difficult postwar years raised five children, raised 11 grandchildren (at the moment, already gave birth to grandchildren 20 great-grandchildren!), lived to be 90 years old and died just 22 March. Eternal memory to all deceased... Traditional pastries in this day - "Larks". This year I baked cookies from dough on hop leaven, which is not only tasty, but also useful. Try it ;)
Buns "Lean"
140 5 - -
Delicious and fragrant muffin pumpkin with raisins! Very beautiful colors, it's nice to eat when so few fun colors! Bake during lent.
Scones with buckwheat cereal
139 5 20м 22
Suggest to your court and see this recipe of vegetable rolls. They look plain and taste like ordinary bread. They go well with eggplant caviar. But you can on your taste!
Buns "Larks" on sourdough bread
137 - 720м 6
The ritual dish of lean cuisine. Rolls in the form of birds - larks bake according to Orthodox tradition on March 22, the day of the Forty martyrs of Sebaste. In honor of this holiday, to the consolation of believers, poslabljaet lent permitted oil. Because in the dough adds a little more sweetness and vegetable oil. Especially happy lark kids)
Lenten buns with poppy seeds
134 - - -
Poppy cakes. Agree, it is delicious! Try lean poppy scones oatmeal in milk. Airy, light, lush, delicate, as fragrant. Yes with orange glaze... cool! And not to say that rolls these lean.
Rolls with tofu
134 - - -
Rolls with tofu is perfect for Breakfast! The top rolls you can sprinkle sesame seeds or coarsely crushed sunflower seeds.
Buns potato test
132 - 160м 28
Many are familiar with the potato dough. Today I have a mini plachecki with aromatic additives. Convenient for a picnic or just instead of bread for dinner! For the recipe thank you Yuri!
Buns "Nodules" in the pan
131 - 60м 6
Buns "Nodules" in the pan with the fragrant oil. A simple recipe simple but so delicious and exciting cakes. Preparing nodules quickly, so for Breakfast you can have time to prepare, and to dinner, and just for a snack. With fragrance oils you can also experiment.
Fitness buns
131 - 180м 18
These muffins I promised Olya Fedjunina. By itself, a combination of the words "bun" and "fitness" may seem surprising, but the biscuits with wholegrain flour, cereals and many vegetables are quite consistent healthy eating. Very flavorful and soft, with a fluffy coarse crumb buns are very tasty and of themselves, and as a base for light burgers. With cottage cheese, yogurt, and cheese they are a great Breakfast, supplemented with fresh vegetables or salad, makes a wonderful dinner. They are universal, in one word!
Buns "Universal hamburger"
130 - - -
Do you love burgers the way he loves them my daughter... I Do them myself - like daughter. And who said that burgers don't have to be sweet? Want to share our home, a method of making sweet and savory hamburgers. A method of moulding from Richard the Bertin.
Vegetable millet muffins for Breakfast
129 - 75м 6
Lenten yeast buns with the addition in the dough of millet cereal. Rolls can be submitted not only for Breakfast. They are good in and of themselves, and as preparing all types of sandwiches. Today I made them for a sandwich of cucumber and cod liver.
Buckwheat buns "Snail" with dried apricots and nuts
127 5 120м 8
It turns out that buckwheat can be not only porridge but also a delicious accompaniment to a Cup of tea in the Post :-) Buckwheat flour is less nutritious than wheat or rye and contains large amounts of iron. So the buns are not only delicious, but also useful.