Waffles recipes

Waffles "Red Velvet"
2.3k 5 20м 8
Bright, delicious waffles at the yogurt. Surprise and delight your loved ones.
Cheese waffles
1.6k - - -
Found a new recipe, was interested, decided to try to cook. The result was a pleasant surprise: the product was very crispy, thin, air... Reminiscent of cracker or chips. Start there - do not stop. Perfect for beer.
Waffles electrovalency Nut-4
1.4k - 30м -
There was a waffle iron to bake interesting figures for your baby. But unfortunately, sales in our city they are not. And to order from Russia was very expensive. Found analogue in Russian Taobao, ordered at your own risk.. But so far no regrets. Bake for a month and very pleased. I've tried several recipes and found the most delicious in my opinion... Suggest to try it and you who have electrovalence.
Waffles with condensed milk
1.4k - 25м 10
Since then, I gave the waffle iron, I've tried quite a lot of waffle recipes, but none completely satisfied. It turned out tasty, but it wasn't waffles and some pancakes – too soft, no crisp, not crumbly. And here I found what I wanted! Of course, calorically, where without it, but it's finally real waffles! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, moderately sweet, with a creamy flavor... Decided to share it with those who are still in the same quest.
Belgian waffles
1.4k 3 20м 11
Lush, soft, with vanilla aroma. In Brussels are sold at every step, piping - hot, you can smell it, where they are baked.
Gently-crisp waffles "IKE"
1.3k - 30м 6
A miracle happened - gave birth on the Day of the waffle iron, but that's not the problem! Waffles I never cooked before. After experimenting with foreign recipes, by trial and error, I came to the conclusion that the perfect waffles for himself and his family, can only be prepared by myself. And here it is - another MIRACLE. Soft, creamy, delicious, fragrant, airy waffles with a crispy crust. Not cloyingly sweet, not like lineolatus, without taste and smell of eggs. Waffles that combine the scent of strawberries and vanilla... presented to Your attention the Waffles "IKE". My first own recipe.
Waffles "From childhood"
1.3k 4 - -
I think no need to advertise this delicacy. Well, who of us in childhood did not try the nuts with condensed milk or waffles?! Today I'm spoiling their Pets. So...
Waffles semolina
1.3k - - -
Waffles - a favorite with all the delicious pastries! For Breakfast or an afternoon snack they will always be handy. This waffle recipe with the addition of semolina. Waffles with semolina gives a very loose, gentle and soft. We love them with sour cream and jam.
Waffles on lard
1.3k - - -
Suggest you try the delicious waffles on the lard. They are soft, tender and very tasty.
Waffles "Tube" without eggs
1.2k - - 32
Gave my husband an electric waffle iron and oreshnitsa - so I cook the waffles, nuts in different recipes) recipe for thin waffle a lot and they are very good, but always have a lot of butter and eggs, and if you make a double batch - and even a dozen eggs from leaves (as in the recipe from my mother - have 5 eggs per serving, and she always makes double). But 10 eggs not always have in the fridge) and often make waffles with cream or condensed milk - generally a lot of ingredients, and calories))) And here I was looking for a recipe where butter and eggs is not so much a better or butter, or eggs. Found a waffle recipe without eggs - I want to share with You! The recipe will appeal primarily to children and adults who are allergic to eggs - a waffle-like) Recipe for those who love waffles a bit) the Recipe is again economical, and just for variety, you can try! I have to say - from one portion of the test, I get 32-33 waffles!
Ice cream cones with cream "ice Cream"
1.2k - - -
Offer a recipe wafer sticks yogurt. They are not a lot of oil, so their caloric value is much lower than the usual oil waffles. As I propose to use the cream "ice Cream", which has the taste of ice cream.
Wafer rolls
1.1k - 40м -
Today, I want to buy you wafer rolls from my childhood. They can be prepared not only in a specialized form, waffle iron, but in a normal pan with Teflon coating.
Wafer rolls
1.1k - - -
Hello! Today baked waffles, share with you the recipe, because this is not found on the website
Cheese PP-waffles
1.1k - 20м 6
The waffles will not hurt the figure...
Waffles Virgin
1.1k - 10м 3
Soft waffles for Breakfast.
Wafer rolls in vegetable oil
1k - 20м -
Sweet, crunchy, crumbly... mmm... so, what should be wafer rolls! Butter is quite expensive, margarine unclear of what to do, and vegetable oil is fulfilling its role, without compromising taste and quality. The waffles are made very simply and quickly, easy to fold, stay crisp the next day. This recipe I want to note my promotion to the Scullion to level 2, help yourself!
Oatmeal cinnamon waffles
1k - - -
Thick crispy waffles with a bright oat flavor and aroma of cinnamon is a great start to the day! Oat flakes Mistral added taste and benefits, enriching waffles in fiber and vitamins.
Chocolate waffles with Fudge
1k - - -
This is one of our favorite waffles... They once came to me spontaneously... And since they of the most favorite... Waffles milk with cocoa and rye flour. Delicious sweet... Like toffee... What could be tastier?!
Sicilian rolls
1k - - -
Cannoli, Сannoli - a traditional Sicilian dessert. Small wafer rolls filled with a filling of Mascarpone cheese, cottage cheese or Ricotta, with the addition of Marsala wine, vanilla or chocolate. It is a popular delicacy in Sicily and throughout southern Italy is served as usual, and on Christmas and new year's table.
1k 3.5 60м -
Delicious waffle hearts (paperback)
1k 4 - -
Reminiscent of childhood