Waffles recipes for Christmas

Waffles electrovalency Nut-4
162 - 30м -
There was a waffle iron to bake interesting figures for your baby. But unfortunately, sales in our city they are not. And to order from Russia was very expensive. Found analogue in Russian Taobao, ordered at your own risk.. But so far no regrets. Bake for a month and very pleased. I've tried several recipes and found the most delicious in my opinion... Suggest to try it and you who have electrovalence.
Waffle cones for ice cream
140 - - -
This recipe I have found in LJ and tried again. The dough is done in a few minutes. Ice cream cones crunchy and remain so when stored properly. I have not tried to store them with filler, but do more pieces and keep in an airtight container. Fill with ice cream or cream just before serving. For the recipe a huge thank you to Tatyana Bondarets (tania_bondarets)!
Sicilian rolls
127 - - -
Cannoli, Сannoli - a traditional Sicilian dessert. Small wafer rolls filled with a filling of Mascarpone cheese, cottage cheese or Ricotta, with the addition of Marsala wine, vanilla or chocolate. It is a popular delicacy in Sicily and throughout southern Italy is served as usual, and on Christmas and new year's table.
Waffles "Marseille" with cocoa cream
118 - - 21
I've recently won a contest on the Scullion, and finally came in the mail a long - awaited prize is a waffle iron!!! Hurray!!! I dreamed of it! Thank You Scullion! Reviewed all the recipes for waffles and cream not found any recipe!!! I had to experiment!!! Turned out tender waffles with non fat cream, a great option to surprise kids both young and older!
Homemade waffles "Lemon"
112 3.5 60м 18
Potryasayushee a treat for children and adults. With a delicate citrus flavor.
Blueberry waffles with sauce
103 - - -
Classic Belgian waffles recipe will sparkle with new colors with the addition of blueberries! And sauce "Blueberry condensed milk" complement the taste. This chic Sunday brunch. Surprise your loved ones!
Gently-crisp waffles "IKE"
100 - 30м 6
A miracle happened - gave birth on the Day of the waffle iron, but that's not the problem! Waffles I never cooked before. After experimenting with foreign recipes, by trial and error, I came to the conclusion that the perfect waffles for himself and his family, can only be prepared by myself. And here it is - another MIRACLE. Soft, creamy, delicious, fragrant, airy waffles with a crispy crust. Not cloyingly sweet, not like lineolatus, without taste and smell of eggs. Waffles that combine the scent of strawberries and vanilla... presented to Your attention the Waffles "IKE". My first own recipe.
Wafers "Home"
97 - 60м 7
Tender and crispy wafers.
Viennese waffles with banana cream
97 - - -
Viennese waffles! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they are loved throughout the world. These wafers with crumb of the chocolate and banana cream pudding HAAS is my new take on the classic recipe.
Waffles "sweetheart"
95 - 20м 4
Delicious sweet waffles for tea.
Waffles "Tube" without eggs
90 - - 32
Gave my husband an electric waffle iron and oreshnitsa - so I cook the waffles, nuts in different recipes) recipe for thin waffle a lot and they are very good, but always have a lot of butter and eggs, and if you make a double batch - and even a dozen eggs from leaves (as in the recipe from my mother - have 5 eggs per serving, and she always makes double). But 10 eggs not always have in the fridge) and often make waffles with cream or condensed milk - generally a lot of ingredients, and calories))) And here I was looking for a recipe where butter and eggs is not so much a better or butter, or eggs. Found a waffle recipe without eggs - I want to share with You! The recipe will appeal primarily to children and adults who are allergic to eggs - a waffle-like) Recipe for those who love waffles a bit) the Recipe is again economical, and just for variety, you can try! I have to say - from one portion of the test, I get 32-33 waffles!
Wafer rolls with strawberry custard
86 - 50м 6
Offer a recipe of familiar waffles with amazing toppings. Berries, of course, you can use any. Especially love waffles kids.
Waffles vanilla almond
81 - 60м -
Waffles - one of the most loved desserts by both adults and children. And homemade, almond and vanilla is definitely the occasion. Help yourself.
Waffles in the Soviet waffle iron
81 - 40м 15
Remember how mom used bring the dough, and you're so responsible near the waffle iron and they do! slowly stealing the milk))) this recipe told my mom. Now my daughter just like 20 years ago I was with my mom
Wafer rolls "Lakomka"
76 - 60м 15
Incredibly delicious dessert! I won't lie, this recipe is not classified as "fast-simple-delicious", but I propose it is not for everyday tea drinking, and on the holiday table. Believe me, guests will appreciate Your efforts! Come on in, help yourself!
The simplest waffles in the world
73 4 10м -
Very simple and tasty dish!!! will appeal to all. most importantly, this dish can prigotovil even a beginner cook!!!
Semolina waffles with blueberries
70 - - -
Hello everybody. Today we will prepare a delicious semolina waffles with blueberries. They are soft, and when you lie down and dries crisp.
Waffles "Christmas"
69 - - -
Waffles baked to me. Decorated them two sisters, a neighbor's granddaughter. Eldest's birthday today, 10 years. Waffles made and carried the girls. And they wanted to decorate them. Part of the waffles girls decorated them with icing and sprinkles Dr. Oetker. Another part of the pairs they'd put boiled condensed milk and Nutella.
Spicy banana waffles
58 - 30м 6
During the winter holidays treat children and the whole family including flavored wafers. The spices go perfectly with the banana cakes. I gave honey and wild raspberry. Give 5.5 large waffles that can be cut into hearts. I like to waffle, because in parallel you can do other kitchen chores.
Belgian chocolate waffles
31 - 20м 6
Today I want to share a recipe for chocolate wafers in the oven. Cook them very simply, you will need a form for waffles and literally 20 minutes of free time.