Waffles recipes for Lent

Lean waffles with apples
105 - - -
In the post do not have to deny yourself in sweet baked goods. These waffles are very tasty, healthy and unusual. And they diet because do not contain flour. Treat yourself and your loved ones a delicious dessert, even if you don't observe lent.
Walnut-poppy seed waffles "Lean"
105 - 45м 15
Meatless nut-poppy seed waffles turn out very flavorful, crispy and crumbly. Optionally, these waffles can be filled with fruit or berry filling. And it's my anniversary 600th recipe! Drinks on me!
Soft waffles on the brine with chocolate
104 - 60м 4
Reviewed all the recipes with brine and with such variations not found. Decided to share with You another budget dish frugal housewife, which uses all the leftovers "in". The fact that my family is very fond of cakes on the basis of the brine (I still don't know)). Therefore, constantly experimenting with different combinations of flavors that would brine did not feel it was harmonious. The most-loved cakes in the pickle we are sweet waffles with sour jam, and bitter chocolate. The combination is amazing! The batter turns fluffy and soft waffles are ready. Sour berries accentuates the sweetness of the waffles, and the bitterness of the chocolate adds a touch of taste. I recommend to do it in such a combination, then all the components will complement each other. Products for wafers are used the budget that is always true. There are some subtleties of cooking, so you are welcome :)
Waffles vegan
90 - 60м 12
Crunchy wafers from a minimum set of products with excellent taste. Great fit in the post, and for vegans. Help yourself!
Diet wafer cakes for the cake
86 - 10м 8
Lean, crispy, budget, delicious, hearty, wholesome waffles that you can eat with tea, entertain guests, which you can make a sandwich or even cake!!! You can also roll them in a tube or a cone, for ice cream. They are easy to prepare and not boring. To take only one kind of flour or more flour. Flour can be prepared from different cereals, grinding the groats in a coffee grinder. You can cook in a waffle iron and in the pan. Only the batter should spread to the waffles were thin. The waffle iron can be used and misused. It is possible to prepare not only a dessert but a main dish to him. Here I will share this wonderful discovery with you!
Vegan waffles "Low calorie"
74 - 30м 4
So decided to finally post my first recipe on this website. It was a spontaneous decision and I didn't have time to photograph the whole process. But the recipe is so simple, and photograph in General, not what)
Apple waffles
72 - - -
Despite the fact that the recipe has no eggs and butter, waffles turn out great! Very often they cooked Breakfast, tasty and healthy! Help yourself.
Waffles low calorie
71 - 60м 4
Low calories and lots of crunch! Our wafers are porous, thin and fragile. And for the sweet tooth and gourmands wafer sheets from this test can be used as the basis for waffle cakes.