Waffles recipes

Waffles "Red Velvet"
472 5 20м 8
Bright, delicious waffles at the yogurt. Surprise and delight your loved ones.
Cheese waffles
365 - - -
Found a new recipe, was interested, decided to try to cook. The result was a pleasant surprise: the product was very crispy, thin, air... Reminiscent of cracker or chips. Start there - do not stop. Perfect for beer.
Waffles "From childhood"
298 4 - -
I think no need to advertise this delicacy. Well, who of us in childhood did not try the nuts with condensed milk or waffles?! Today I'm spoiling their Pets. So...
Ice cream cones with cream "ice Cream"
246 - - -
Offer a recipe wafer sticks yogurt. They are not a lot of oil, so their caloric value is much lower than the usual oil waffles. As I propose to use the cream "ice Cream", which has the taste of ice cream.
Wafer rolls
196 - - -
Hello! Today baked waffles, share with you the recipe, because this is not found on the website
189 4 - -
Crispy (for the shape of the waffle iron).
Waffles Virgin
181 - 10м 3
Soft waffles for Breakfast.
Lemon curd waffles
178 - 45м 10
Cheese waffles I love. Often added lemon zest, but it turns out you can add and juice. The waffles turn out very tender, soft and porous. And serve to the table with fresh berries, for example, with red currants. Optionally, the surface of the wafers can brush with your favorite cream.
Waffles electrovalency Nut-4
172 - 30м -
There was a waffle iron to bake interesting figures for your baby. But unfortunately, sales in our city they are not. And to order from Russia was very expensive. Found analogue in Russian Taobao, ordered at your own risk.. But so far no regrets. Bake for a month and very pleased. I've tried several recipes and found the most delicious in my opinion... Suggest to try it and you who have electrovalence.
Waffles "Raspberry tenderness"
164 5 40м 8
This isn't your typical waffles, which then harden! These wafers remain soft and then crazy are impregnated with gentle cream and melt in your mouth)) Believe me, it's something!!
Cheese PP-waffles
162 - 20м 6
The waffles will not hurt the figure...
Chocolate waffles with Fudge
160 - - -
This is one of our favorite waffles... They once came to me spontaneously... And since they of the most favorite... Waffles milk with cocoa and rye flour. Delicious sweet... Like toffee... What could be tastier?!
Belgian waffles without eggs and yeast
156 - 30м 4
Belgian waffles without eggs and yeast with whole wheat flour. I want to share with You the recipe for Belgian waffles. The process of cooking waffles in the waffle iron really simple, fast and affordable. Children delighted with Belgian waffles. Yes there are children - even grandparents love this recipe for waffles in electrovalence )))
Oatmeal cinnamon waffles
155 - - -
Thick crispy waffles with a bright oat flavor and aroma of cinnamon is a great start to the day! Oat flakes Mistral added taste and benefits, enriching waffles in fiber and vitamins.
Vanilla wafers
152 4 - -
152 4 - -
Reminiscent of childhood
Oats, wheat thin wafers
149 - - -
Today we have for dessert oats-wheat waffles. As thin as we like. Delicious and very useful. Come and You help yourself! Enough for all.
Waffle cones for ice cream
149 - - -
This recipe I have found in LJ and tried again. The dough is done in a few minutes. Ice cream cones crunchy and remain so when stored properly. I have not tried to store them with filler, but do more pieces and keep in an airtight container. Fill with ice cream or cream just before serving. For the recipe a huge thank you to Tatyana Bondarets (tania_bondarets)!
Buckwheat waffles with pears and honey
148 - 20м 4
This autumn pear has pleased us with a great harvest. Stocking up on vitamins and prepare a "best family Breakfast". This Breakfast option can be safely attributed to this category! Offer to cook a very soft, delicious and flavorful waffles with buckwheat flakes of TM "Mistral". Serve these waffles are best with homemade pear, honey and cinnamon. Try it!)
Waffles-the tube "Lakomka"
147 - - -
Tasty-crispy treats is a great dessert (waffle form).
Coconut rolls
142 - 20м -
Delicious rolls, simply and quickly.