Cakes recipes for New Year

Cakes "Striped flight"
472 3.7 90м 8
Delicious cakes, easy to make and with original combination of flavors. The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
361 5 10м -
BIEZPIENA MAJINAS[biezpiena Maines] Cheese Houses. Latvians are very fond of cheese, and so many Latvian dishes prepared because of it. The basis of the cheese house comprises three (square or rectangular) cookies, forming a "triangle", which is filled with sweet curd mass. This dish in Latvia very much, especially the children. Very often the houses meet on the holiday table, or just for tea. The taste is so delicate that houses all quietly fade and disappear. :)
Cake "Potato-tree" chocolate
326 - - -
Cake "Potatoes"-takes a worthy place among a wide variety of desserts! Methods of cooking beloved childhood dessert-very diverse. Ahead of the Christmas holidays-help "potatoes" in the form of fabulous Christmas trees! Cake is prepared quickly and entertainingly, form the usual dessert in the form of an "herringbone" Soglasiye chocolate, decorate with candy sprinkles! Cake "potatoes"in a herringbone pattern, will adorn the Christmas tea!!!
310 3.5 - -
For the sweet tooth.
Brownie Horseshoe
293 4.5 60м 4
Horseshoe for luck! Who was the first to eat a horseshoe in tiger-paint, that necessarily in the coming year will be lucky, fulfilled his fondest wish... "Gorenje: Christmas song"
French cake "Petit fours"
285 - 180м 48
Hello, dear friends! "Looking forward, we have a holiday, So as a gift to receive, But much nicer to it to give!" It is time-time to attend to the menu for fire-breathing Dragon, to appease our intellectual and gourmet. Dragon finally indifferent to sweets, and maybe on dieke sitting. Therefore, in order not to tear apart, I propose to make a delicious gift - mA-a-a-ahonkaya French brownies – fours. Tiny, one ukasik, but... with pepper!
Cake "Tiger heart"
256 3 - -
how many interesting and exciting in the competition.... as soon as we did not consider our furry guest... and majestic master of the taiga... and playful, lying on the back of the tiger... and the mischievous cubs had.. even tiger hieroglyphics, the eyes and the ear was under our scrutiny.. but most importantly - the heart of the tiger.... a real mystery.. what is it? which he is the master of the coming year? predatory... uncompromising... or?.... ... NO!... he has the most amazing... tender... soft... heart... of course, in the new year, as in the tiger's heart will be good, like vanilla cakes with orange cream... there will be disappointments ... as chocolate cakes and chocolate-coffee frosting... but let the good. after all, TIGER HEART is a MIRACLE... you have to sensitively capture the beating of it... and follow its rhythm ... ... then a whole NEW YEAR in Your heart will bloom orange flowers:) for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Honey cakes
224 - 120м 10
All once made a honey cake. But I suggest you make cakes, not just cakes but also with stuffing! Awesome cakes. For this recipe thank you Lyudmila Ivashchenko ( Dergunova).
Pistachio tartlets with white chocolate
219 - 120м 10
A spectacular dessert with a very rich exquisite taste: the pastry dough with pistachios, the filling of white chocolate with coconut and red currants. They will certainly brighten up Your Christmas table!
Cakes "bounty"
204 - 30м 10
These cakes for those who love coconut. Very very good. Recipe did for the magazine "Homely restaurant."
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream
198 4 30м -
Dessert tarts with fruit and pistachio ice cream is always a great joy for children and their parents for the holiday table! For the competition "Queen of the cocktail"
Cakes with maple syrup
188 - 60м 4
I like the desserts Nina (Nyksja ). It intrigued me a recipe with maple syrup. I combined two recipes and this is what came of it.
Cakes Chickens
181 3 - 8
These cakes can be made from any biscuit dough, but I suggest it is this version: please try it - might work well, very gentle, fluffy and soft. In fact, as befits the Chicks until they became chickens.
Cheesecake choux pastry with pineapple
177 4 - -
My dear Powerade. Thank You very much for the kind words and congratulations!!! In such a good mood. I'm very glad that I have so many good girlfriends ))Albeit virtually, but we also hope for real meeting!!! Thanks again. For You prepared here are "vatrushki"Well, to be honest I don't know what to call these brownies ))Let it be Pineapple mood)))I Have today such
Base with white chocolate for cupcake "Black Prince"
173 - 50м 15
I have long wanted to bake muffins with white chocolate. Baked. Was very gentle and airy. It remained for the design and decoration... Wanted to make cakes very differently. But "turned up" the glaze you want to try, to test how it will look and stay. The result was cute and delicious cake. Glaze test was successful!
Dessert "El Paquito"
172 - 90м 12
This wonderful dessert from pastry chef Carla Marletti is one of the simple, but to impress family and guests, it is worth to try! In our case, the score for Cinderella is not a reason for such interesting and believe me, delicious dessert? Your efforts will exceed all expectations... begin? I, unlike Carla, offer their vision of this truly Royal dessert!
Chocolate cupcakes for Easter
166 5 90м 8
Offer several design options of cupcakes for Easter. Of course, seichim tail and carrots can be done on other holidays and events. And not necessarily have nozzles.
164 - 100м 20
Cake Pops (with eng. cake on a stick) is a round sponge cake on a stick, iced, decorated with confectionery sprinkles. Simply put, a small cake on a stick. Promote your cake POPs are obliged to talented pastry chef from Atlanta Angie Dudley. It in his blog for the first time suggested to use the rest of the cake trim to create small cakes resembling candy canes Chupa Chups. Cake POPs is a stand — alone dessert. All varieties of cake POPs are built around a classic ball, but it can do whatever your desires and fantasies: Christmas balls, hearts, figurines of cartoon characters and, of course, the bride and groom. Cake POPs can be made as for a children's party, and as a Supplement to the main dessert at the wedding. After all, such cute original treats will surely please any guest.
Cakes-meringue "Swans"
163 - 40м 12
Everyone knows cakes are meringue, but few people know that meringue can be done with the swans. To make them very simply and quickly but look impressive and bring a lot of fun, especially kids!
Cake "Chestnut chocolate"
162 3 60м -
Well, very tasty!
Cake "seaside"
159 - 90м 13
I want to share with You the recipe of cakes which are available only in Primorye. Try it, very tasty!