Cakes recipes for Lent

Beet brownies
122 - - -
Suggest you try a very tasty and healthy, brawny, which are suitable for vegetarian menus or for fast days. Help yourself!
Tart with lemon almond stuffing without baking
121 - 60м 5
"About" tarts no-bake, flour, dairy or hassle of cooking. Ideal for those who are not indifferent to their health, keeping fit and who simply unbearable to be in the heat of summer in a hot kitchen. I think many of you know or heard about the amazing vegetarian cheesecake with cashews and used as the basis of the almonds combined with lemon and honey makes the taste of cakes exquisite and unique.
Cake "Tower Rapunzel"
116 - 40м 2
Delicious and adorable dessert - cake with a delicate taste of vanilla and chocolate, citrus and blueberry. Black and white. Sour and sweet. Unusual cream of rice cereal - no one will know. Tasty and healthy. For the holidays in the Post - I recommend! Try it!
Brownie lean with red beans
103 - 50м 6
These brownies I just love it! I want to add to the Treasury of Lenten recipe of your favorite dessert. It has no flour, and as the basis for the test used mashed red beans. The recipe is perfect not only for a meatless table, but also for vegetarians, because the role of eggs in it performs quite unexpected for me product.
Fruit and carrot brownie "brown"
102 - 60м -
We all know, brownies, recipes, lean, and no, there is a huge number. It, as opposed to have a cake Blondie, unlike the brownie, the white chocolate vklyuchayuschii. Offer for a change to make something average, namely, red, brown, or dark brown. Interested? Then prepare!
Cookies no-bake "hornet's nest"
101 - - -
Very tasty, soft and delicate nutty cakes with a sweet filling of figs without sugar. Interested? Come and help yourself!
Lean Apple cakes with dates
101 - 40м 6
During lent I really want something sweet and delicious! These brownies just are) Try it with a Cup of tea, you will not regret!
Brownie a La pasta without eggs
100 - 60м 10
If your loved one adheres to Vedic food, or fasting, or God forbid, allergic to eggs, cook him a Valentine's Day French macarons without eggs. Men love almond cakes, and the protein we will replace the one secret ingredient ;)
Exotic brownie
99 - 30м -
Can sweet be? Yes! Today I want to share with You a brownie recipe on the basis of dates and nuts. Very tasty!
Toast with sweet petals of a tea rose and mint
99 - 10м -
How many have lived, and never knew that tea rose is simply crushed with sugar is such a heavenly delight!!! M-m-m-m!!! And the aroma... incredible! The jam was eaten, and "raw" roses with sugar tried for the first time and... it was love at first spoonful!
Small vegetable cakes
97 - - -
This is a vegetable cake with a rich nutty flavor, moderately sweet, will not leave anyone indifferent. Looks very nice on the table.
Vegetable cake-pop "piña colada"
96 - 120м 12
Unusual and easy to make dessert that will delight family and guests in the post. Fragrant pineapple crumb goes well with light cream, and all this is complemented by a thin layer of dark chocolate and coconut. Help yourself!
Zephyr lean with raspberry jam
91 - - -
Dear friends, I want to share with you the recipe of a very tasty homemade marshmallows! Lean version will appeal to many, especially to those who keep the Christian post and vegetarians! Go get it! PS just about the taste - I use polka dots summer conservation company "kubanochka" (the name is not to advertise)... Marshmallows taste different from the usual marshmallow on proteins, but pronounced taste of peas none of those who were treated, felt.
Bread cakes
90 - 20м 4
The magical transformation of an ordinary black bread into delicious cakes.
Carrot-fruit cakes
87 - 35м 8
Small round cakes, in shape and texture reminiscent of our "Potatoes". Very sweet but without a gram of white or brown sugar – only sweetness of dried fruit. All products contained in these cakes is very good for the heart.
Oat cakes with Apple and yoghurt
87 - 60м 4
Excellent cakes for those watching their figure, who doesn't need extra cholesterol, calories and the creases on the sides and not only;) But it takes a lot of energy, vivacity and good mood! Wonderful aroma of cinnamon and lemon, delicate yogurt cream, Apple sour and crunchy crust of these pastries will delight you and your family.
85 - 50м 8
The recipe for these delicate cakes I saw in a culinary magazine, and as the ingredients from which they are allowed to post, then I wanted to be sure to cook them. The composition of the cakes comes kvass and carrots, which makes these products very soft, moderately humid, and believe me, well, very tasty. The cooking process is simple, all mixed up, nothing to beat is not necessary, and put in oven. Try these nut brownies, you will want to cook them again and not only in the post.
Cakes with persimmon
84 - - -
A very simple recipe for a healthier cake without sugar!
Lenten cake with lentils and dates
82 - 60м 12
Lenten cake with lentils, dates and sunflower seeds. If we remember childhood, it is the most favorite desserts at this time, we had meringues, cake "potatoes", rolls with custard. In some families, fasting and so on, to the delight of the little kiddies cook a cake "potatoes" - very hearty and satisfying. It consists of sunflower seeds and dates.
Vegetable cake "potatoes" with dates
82 - 40м 5
You love cake "potatoes"? In my opinion, this is the simplest treat that you can prepare at home. In the post you too can make the "potatoes" of approved products and it will be no less tasty. Come in, look at, help yourself!
Cake "Roses" from lean sponge cake without eggs
81 - - -
My friends, I want to treat you to a delicious cake from unusual Vegetable biscuit... biscuit without eggs on soda water, very tender, moist, but very airy. Besides this cake you can bake in the slow cooker.