Cakes recipes

Chocolate cakes with cherries
1.3k 4.2 30м 3
These cakes can be prepared with any not very watery berries. This recipe is well suited for a large form - proportion for shapes of 20 cm, it is not a very high chocolate cake or, as I have 3 brownies in ceramic ramekins for desserts or just straight ceramic mugs. Very tasty!
Cakes "Valentine"
1.2k 4.1 - -
Delicious sponge cake with cream and raspberries.
Chocolate cake with cottage cheese and cherry
1k - 60м 8
Chocolate cake with cottage cheese and cherries is prepared quickly and simply, and the result is always excellent. Delicious dessert which perfectly matches light sour cherries with a rich chocolate cake and delicate curd cream.
Cakes 'Mandarins' of dough mochi
0.7k - 90м 6
Dear cooks! Offer you for the New year to cook a very special, beautiful and delicious dessert))dough Recipe mochi (or urine)belongs to Japanese cuisine. The top layer is made from a rice flour, and inside you can put any thick filling. I invite you to try my version!
The Petit fours
0.6k - - -
Pituri is assorted different small cookies, or cakes that are often prepared from the same dough, but different in design and additives. Most Petit fours are preparing of biscuit and pastry, filling different fillings and decorated with cream or frosting. These mini-meals designed just for one bite. I suggest the Petit fours with apricots and poppy seeds. A recipe from a magazine Bread Salt. Of this amount, the test I got 25. But I had the middle of the form. If you take small. that's about 35 pieces.
Simple massovoe cake-Popsicle
495 - 180м 6
Very delicious recipe, mousse and original presentation)
Cakes "Striped flight"
484 3.7 90м 8
Delicious cakes, easy to make and with original combination of flavors. The contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Cake "Poleshko"
430 3.5 - -
Offer the option of quick and delicious cupcake. This recipe I always use when going to a lot of cookies, and different. To throw, not throw it away, and then that there is such a magic wand.
370 5 10м -
BIEZPIENA MAJINAS[biezpiena Maines] Cheese Houses. Latvians are very fond of cheese, and so many Latvian dishes prepared because of it. The basis of the cheese house comprises three (square or rectangular) cookies, forming a "triangle", which is filled with sweet curd mass. This dish in Latvia very much, especially the children. Very often the houses meet on the holiday table, or just for tea. The taste is so delicate that houses all quietly fade and disappear. :)
352 4 20м 8
Popular in the MAGHREB sweetness. I want to introduce another type of dough KADAYIF. In this embodiment, the pie was FRIED!! in a skillet, but you can also oven.
Cake "Kremowka Krakowski"
337 - - -
The recipe of the cupcake Kremowka Krakow is very popular in Poland since ancient times. But the history is somewhat silent one caveat - these cakes have a high enough alcohol content in the cream. So go "kremowka" meant to feel like an adult and try the "forbidden fruit".
Cake "Potato-tree" chocolate
335 - - -
Cake "Potatoes"-takes a worthy place among a wide variety of desserts! Methods of cooking beloved childhood dessert-very diverse. Ahead of the Christmas holidays-help "potatoes" in the form of fabulous Christmas trees! Cake is prepared quickly and entertainingly, form the usual dessert in the form of an "herringbone" Soglasiye chocolate, decorate with candy sprinkles! Cake "potatoes"in a herringbone pattern, will adorn the Christmas tea!!!
Cake "brownie" with salty caramel
317 - - 4
I represent to Your attention a delicious option American dessert. Rich chocolate flavor, crunchy peanuts and savory caramel. Help yourself!
315 3.5 - -
For the sweet tooth.
Brownie Horseshoe
305 4.5 60м 4
Horseshoe for luck! Who was the first to eat a horseshoe in tiger-paint, that necessarily in the coming year will be lucky, fulfilled his fondest wish... "Gorenje: Christmas song"
French cake "Petit fours"
296 - 180м 48
Hello, dear friends! "Looking forward, we have a holiday, So as a gift to receive, But much nicer to it to give!" It is time-time to attend to the menu for fire-breathing Dragon, to appease our intellectual and gourmet. Dragon finally indifferent to sweets, and maybe on dieke sitting. Therefore, in order not to tear apart, I propose to make a delicious gift - mA-a-a-ahonkaya French brownies – fours. Tiny, one ukasik, but... with pepper!
Cake "Red cat"
280 4 - -
Red Pope.. red.. red Santa became all white light!! I suggest to try this red yummy... the taste of coffee with mouth-watering ginger cottage cheese and lemon cream... because ginger oven long... and then... bake one.. have a good chunk impregnate.. smear cream... and enjoy mouth-watering flavored cakes.. which in a matter of minutes disappear with a mug of aromatic tea
270 3 60м -
Tender pastries that are loved by both adults and children.
Cake and ice cream on the motives of the "Tanzania"
265 - - 10
That came to an end, my sweet, star week. And finally, I held You for just a fantastic dessert. Took too long to cook it, and it turned out much easier than it might seem at first. Mega chocolate cake "Tanzania", written by Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. I dared to call him only based on, because this dessert requires this ingredient, like chocolate Tanzanie, which built the magical taste of the cake. I was cooking out of the ordinary, good quality chocolate, and it turned out, I think no less delicious. So I had modified the amount of ingredients. The most pleasant discovery was that the dessert may be cake and ice cream, anyone, anything. Dessert stored in the freezer. You just need to get it for a few minutes and you can enjoy.
Cake "Tiger heart"
262 3 - -
how many interesting and exciting in the competition.... as soon as we did not consider our furry guest... and majestic master of the taiga... and playful, lying on the back of the tiger... and the mischievous cubs had.. even tiger hieroglyphics, the eyes and the ear was under our scrutiny.. but most importantly - the heart of the tiger.... a real mystery.. what is it? which he is the master of the coming year? predatory... uncompromising... or?.... ... NO!... he has the most amazing... tender... soft... heart... of course, in the new year, as in the tiger's heart will be good, like vanilla cakes with orange cream... there will be disappointments ... as chocolate cakes and chocolate-coffee frosting... but let the good. after all, TIGER HEART is a MIRACLE... you have to sensitively capture the beating of it... and follow its rhythm ... ... then a whole NEW YEAR in Your heart will bloom orange flowers:) for the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Cakes "Vecriga - Old Riga"
255 5 60м 50
Cottage cheese cake.