Cakes recipes

Easter cake "Cinnabon"
0.5k - 300м 8
Our family is indifferent to the rolls "Cinnabon" and in preparation for the next Easter holiday was invented to bake their cake recipe. What "magic" the aroma spread throughout the apartment when it was baking, mmm... fantastic! It is very difficult to wait for the holiday, and then another, and be limited to one piece, despite a rich stuffing, and even does not stop the fact of approaching beach season ;). Join us!
Easter cake
455 - 120м 2
Easter all our favorite holiday! And how I want to cook a cake with his hands, but it seems that it is too difficult? I offer you a quick recipe for Easter cake!
Easter Cake
282 - 115м 2
We start preparing for Easter and save your favorite recipes of cakes. Today I propose a very quick cheese cake. This recipe is for those who have no time for a long time to stand at the stove to prepare this cake is very simple, you will spend a little more than 1 hour to prepare a wonderful Easter cakes.
Cake from mom max
263 3 - -
Max's mom is the cook from the website "COOK" borrowed the recipe Ira :) the cake is very tasty!!! Liked it and my family and guests :)
Holguin cake
246 - - -
Offer to make rich, sweet, slightly moist cake from a wonderful seamstress and her young assistant, which inspired me to bake this recipe!
English Easter cake Russian lad
245 - - -
Is in the UK Easter cake "Simnel", a close relative of our cakes, this cake recipes - cake a great many, but unlike our near and dear ones of the Cake he baked with baking powder. I suggest You make a kind of hybrid of these two sister cities. From cakes take yeast pastry, and from the English fellow spicy and fruity aroma. On top of our cake, cover with marzipan and icing of white chocolate. Decorated with traditional English cake's eleven marzipan balls according to the number of the faithful apostles. The cake is insanely fragrant and moderately sweet.
Cake "Vienna"
242 4 - -
Very tasty, moist inside, not long certousy, does not crumble, under the force of a novice cook.
Kulich Easter
236 3 - -
All the ingredients are designed for 2 cakes. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Babka with chocolate
233 - - -
Rich yeast dough with bitter chocolate and a slight addition of halva
232 4 - -
For the holiday.
Cake cheese "Interesting"
215 - 190м 8
This time, let's bake cakes with cottage cheese, ricotta and condensed milk. Air! Soft! Amazing aroma and taste! Start!
Baba "Autumn"
213 - 120м 10
Baba all familiar from childhood. My Grandmother autumn, she will be beautiful and the full skirt in sborochku and berry crown. This elegant Grandmother will appeal to both adults and children. Children to file, without adding rum. Apples-Ranetki, will give a special aroma to the syrup and take an active part in decorating this dessert. This Baba looks graceful and festive. Accept us graciously into your family recipes Rum women with cane sugar Mistral.
Zukaty cake
212 4 - -
The cake "Saffron"
209 5 - -
For the holiday.
209 5 - -
Soon Easter. Try this cake, delicious, fluffy, interspersed with candied fruit.
Easter cake
209 4 60м -
Little Kulichikah, children in joy!
Chocolate cake "Mega-chocolate"
208 - 90м 4
The site has recipes for chocolate cakes, but they are all different and unique in their own way. So I want to offer you a recipe mega chocolate cake! The dough is put on a chocolate milkshake in the dough adds a large amount of cocoa, and as a Supplement are the pieces of dark chocolate and chocolate dragee in the glaze. The taste of the cake turns out rich chocolate, with hints of bitter chocolate. If you are lovers of dark chocolate, replace it with milk, and reduce the amount of cocoa in half, replacing part of the flour.
207 4 250м 8
Soon Easter. I want to share another simple recipe of cake baking in the breadmaker. Recipe for breadmaker.
Italian Easter cake
205 - - -
Colomba Pasquale (Colomba Pasquale - a literal translation of the Italian Easter dove, Easter dove). This Italian cake in the form of a dove - you just listen to his name - Colomba Pasquale! This is the real music!!! - it has become a tradition during the Easter period and without him the Italians did. It turned out that to make a real colomby need almost 24 hours, but the work it requires almost no. Girls, let's start with God's help.
Grandma's cake "Easter"
193 - 200м 12
Offer the recipe is flavorful, moist juicy cake! It is heavy, but porous, with a memorable aftertaste, long stored for this long does not get stale and crumbly!
Cake cheese "Muslim"
191 - - -
Despite the fact that I was a Muslim, every year I bake cakes. For friends, for loved ones and for the big family (very much we love this sweet baking)! There are many different, but they are "empty" some, and I want delicious... so I took the case myself! This recipe is the first in which I started to bake cakes. He got me more than a dozen years ago from a neighbor! Then I did experiments and cooked for other recipes, including the famous "Alexandria". For this year I chose the recipe here on the website, but You want to buy one of their favorite recipes! Similar here I have not seen and so happy to publish it! The cake turns out sweet and moist, with a good amount of raisins, just the kind we love at home. Help yourself!