Candy recipes

3.2k - - -
Candy from my childhood))
Candy a La "Mozartkugel"
1.6k - - 40
Who does not know candy Mozartkugel? These stunning chocolates with marzipan??? I suggest you make these chocolates at home. The more that they can be eaten fasting, vegans and vegetarians. They will not leave anyone indifferent! If you want to pamper your family, this recipe is for You!
Chocolate sweets with pistachio paste and dried fruits
1.4k - 90м 15
I represent to your attention the sweets that love in our family. A variety of toppings fresh and tasty. The recipe for the pistachio paste borrowed from French pastry chef Pierre Herme.
Sweet from milk powder "Khare pen"
1.4k - 10м -
Amazingly delicious candy! Tender, melt in your mouth. Simple and affordable products, amazing ease of cooking - even a child will cope. The famous Indian sweet, its the easiest option. Recipe from the book "Favorite dishes of Indian vegetarian cooking" a little processed for my taste.
Candy "Kalinka-Malinka"
1.4k - 10м -
Dear cooks, again propose variants of chocolates this time waffles. Very easy to prepare and most importantly entertaining.
Raspberry jelly agar-agar
1.4k - 30м -
Today is a great feast-palm Sunday. The post continues. Indulged in the holiday sweets jelly from the berries, made into agar-agar. As you know agar-agar is a vegetable substitute for gelatin. It is made from a certain type of algae. I'll do useful candy. Therefore, the berries will take all the juice will not separate. The candies are completely natural and will help our digestive tract to work correctly. Because it is fiber. Today I use agar-agar Dr. Oetker, it is 100% natural. Candy can be eaten not only in the Post, they will be suitable for a holiday and for those who are watching a figure and afraid will get better. These candies are low in calories. Berries can be any. For example: currants, strawberries, cherries.
Candy "A La Pyatigorchanka"
1.4k - 30м 10
Pyatigorsk confectionery factory has released our favorite candy "Pyatigorchanka". In 13 years of living in Germany really missed this taste. Decided to cook themselves. The result exceeded all expectations.
Candy "pigeon milk"
1.3k - 60м 10
Dear cooks! Try to prepare and pamper yourself and your loved ones is probably all your favorite candy. Natural, very gentle!
Mastic candy
1.3k - 20м -
I did zagotovochki of postmark by September 1 for the cake, and I still have the mastic, Nalepa I'm out of it here is just such poseritz for their kids, and even in the garden to carry enough. Recipe of mastic here, like, there's this, but candy I haven't seen, so I share idea: a treat for the kids is great, my cheers pilfered. Next time I'll do more. If someone made a similar candy before me, I apologize.
Candy "Nipples of Venus"
1.3k - - -
Let me offer you a treat, which you cannot pass indifferently. A unique and exquisite taste of chocolates. For darling, beloved or favourite - just for a gift. Сapezzoli di Venere - treat yourself, friends, health.
Bonbon from dried apricots and coconut
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A wonderful recipe for those who love to make sweet gifts, but have no time to waste. Delicious, festive and very fast!
Chocolates handmade
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Of course, buy a ready chocolate a lot easier, but the delicious home-made chocolate, prepared with love, will not allow anyone to remain indifferent. Handmade chocolates are very tasty, soulful and very easy. And this fun activities for adults and children and unique gift I want to give all of you congratulations happy new year, all the favorite holidays and wishes all the very bright and the fulfillment of all your dreams!
1.3k - - -
The name of this dessert comes from the Arabic word "jazar," which means "carrot". Yeah, I made carrot candy and you want them to buy. Very interesting candy turned, carrot, Madam. Not truffles, of course, but very enjoyable. In the post definitely going to cook dinner.
Candy with yogurt filling
1.2k - - -
It's simple and very tasty! Chocolate sweets with yoghurt cream inside.
Candy "Lollipops for a school fair,"
1.2k - 10м -
Don't know about you, but every year I'm troubled by pangs of creation, as soon as the time comes for the school fair. I want to do something original, simple and entertaining. The main thing that was interesting to the child and quickly sold out. These recipes and want to share with you. Hope you like it. Show on the example of a Lollipop, you can take as much as necessary.
Candy "Nipples of Venus"
1.1k - 120м 12
Friends, could not leave without attention a movie masterpiece that is equally appreciated by lovers of good cinema and those who just like sweets. "Chocolate" is a tender movie, revealing different aspects of the human soul, brilliant acting, I hope, will not leave anyone indifferent, and these delightful candies.
Candy nuts
1.1k 4 - 30
I continue the theme of candy. And maybe someone will be useful this recipe.
Khara Pera"simple miracle"
1.1k - 10м 30
Indian sweetness. The taste is unforgettable. Easy to prepare.
Truffles "Drunken Nut"
1k - - -
These truffles with coffee flavor not only conquer any sweet tooth, but will be a complete surprise for those who do not know that they are created on the basis of the chickpeas. Gram truffle is able to compete with the classic dessert!
Candy of dogwood and beans
0.9k - - -
Candy of dogwood, dried apricots and beans are delicious, fragrant, very useful. White beans according to the amount of vitamins and minerals exceeds many other vegetables. The protein contained in the product is quickly absorbed by the body. And bright red ripe fruits of dogwood have many useful properties and is very useful for health. The high content of vitamin C gives the dogwood for its ability to increase immunity to protect the body from penetration of pathogenic microbes.
Chocolate Fudge
0.9k - 15м -
This favorite dessert of my children. Cook every year for the New year and the birthday of the senior Danika. He is not your DR without this yummy. And every year I increase the portion of that happiness of Course, it's insanely nutritious, but how delicious!!! If you never eat, you don't know the buzz when a piece of Fudge goes in the mouth)) Is a national American cuisine