Candy recipes for 23rd of February

Candy "A La Pyatigorchanka"
293 - 30м 10
Pyatigorsk confectionery factory has released our favorite candy "Pyatigorchanka". In 13 years of living in Germany really missed this taste. Decided to cook themselves. The result exceeded all expectations.
Raspberry jelly agar-agar
261 - 30м -
Today is a great feast-palm Sunday. The post continues. Indulged in the holiday sweets jelly from the berries, made into agar-agar. As you know agar-agar is a vegetable substitute for gelatin. It is made from a certain type of algae. I'll do useful candy. Therefore, the berries will take all the juice will not separate. The candies are completely natural and will help our digestive tract to work correctly. Because it is fiber. Today I use agar-agar Dr. Oetker, it is 100% natural. Candy can be eaten not only in the Post, they will be suitable for a holiday and for those who are watching a figure and afraid will get better. These candies are low in calories. Berries can be any. For example: currants, strawberries, cherries.
Candy Salyut
215 5 30м -
Candy white chocolate with dried strawberries and cashews. To do simply and quickly, and it turns out very tasty and looks impressive.
Candy "pigeon milk"
199 - 60м 10
Dear cooks! Try to prepare and pamper yourself and your loved ones is probably all your favorite candy. Natural, very gentle!
Chocolate candy with filling
180 - - -
Everything else in the store do not buy! Well, you can do yourself and it doesn't take a lot of time!
Marmalade cherry pectin
163 - 40м -
This year, as mini gifts for family and friends for the New year, I decided to make boxes with delicious homemade marmalade. Preparing it is quite simple and does not require much cost.
Candied pumpkin
143 - - -
Candied pumpkin with a light citrus scent - delicious natural treat with no added colors or preservatives.
Candy "handmade truffles"
140 3 120м -
"Homemade truffles" - delicious candy made from dried fruits. They get cooked for about 2 hours, but it's worth it. I waited for holidays when mom used to make these candies - the night I got out of my cot into the kitchen and ate them! Just couldn't wait until morning:)
139 5 - -
Brittle, Yes they are not just in this recipe it's not! Chocolate balls, toffee and nuts, these candies melt in your mouth!
Candy for kids and adults
131 - 20м 6
Found this recipe in the vast LJ in the diary Ginger-blonde. I liked him tremendously by the fact that good as for children's parties and adult parties. Minimum products and time, and the result is simply stunning!
128 5 20м 50
It seems nothing special, but vkusnoteevo
Chocolates "Coconut Paradise"
127 3 - -
For those who love coconut.
126 4 20м 12
Sweets from the milk mixture. I did them in the time of perestroika, when there was candy. And now do, because delicious (though my son has grown, he loves them). A mixture buy now easy.
Candy "Raffaello"
125 5 2м -
The easiest and uncomplicated way of cooking delicious Raffaello candies at home. To cook them you'll need all-only 4 ingredients.
Candy "Temptation"
118 - 25м 40
Children do not feed bread, give something sweet! How to make the dessert was as delicious as it is useful. And if the child is allergic to sweet feed becomes a problem! Recipe of the useful and affordable products, quick enough to cook for mom this fact is one of the most important. I hope You enjoy my improvisation on the theme of chocolates "Truffle".
Candy carrot
109 - 30м -
I now collect recipes that I will prepare for your growing baby. The Internet saw a recipe for carrot candy. A good alternative to store-bought sweets. By the way, the eldest daughter liked them too.
Truffles "happiness"
109 - 60м 12
This candy is a great treat and a wonderful gift. Candy made based on a recipe from a magazine "School deli" with my additions. Cook was not difficult, the result I liked. Nice, a mouthful of sweet chocolate, to feel inside the fragrant cherry crisp caramel. Love to share the recipe. Enjoy dessert with friends and relatives, they will thank you for it.
Candy "Truffles"
106 4 30м -
I noticed that the Cook no prescription my favorite candy Truffles. With pleasure I present to you my recipe. He will remind many of childhood, because he hails from there...
Candy "Special"
106 - - -
Suggest you try a delicious nizkokalorina candy that will appeal to all members of your family. The recipe of these sweets I found in an American recipe book for weight loss system "Weight Watchers". I changed it a bit. The original recipe used flour, which I substituted ground oatmeal and I added inside the jam. These candies do not require a lot of time for cooking and are prepared with minimum ingredients. Help yourself!
Marzipan candy
105 - 50м 18
Marzipan sweets are very beautiful and tasty. You can submit them to tea in a family circle or to give to friends for any event.
Chocolate-mint Fudge with sesame seeds
104 - 20м 6
A wonderful treat with a wonderful chocolate-mint flavor! Brown sugar will add an extra caramel flavor, and sesame is an interesting finish. A piece of Fudge with a Cup of tea or coffee and life is good again, and beautiful! This dessert is very simple and very fast. These sweets I want to give her friend Marina Mary-anne and her husband Sergei!