Cake recipes

Cake "Pani Walewska"
1.1k - 240м 12
Offer you your videorecipe of cooking is very popular in Poland cake (cake) "Pani Walewska". Cooking is not easy, but it is worth it!
Cake "Monastyrskaya izba"
0.8k - 180м 5
Cake transfer "All Bodo relish!" Hello, dear Cooks! Of course, the site already has recipes of this well-known and many favorite cake, and, before I post, I certainly viewed them. But, since the same recipes were only two pages, I decided to post another :) the cake Recipe was inspired by me yesterday in the transfer "everything will be All right," today and decided, so to speak, to embody the idea into life :) All the steps are completely recorded from transmission :) This is my first recipe on your favorite website ("graze" on "the Cook" in the summer, brazenly stealing Your recipes, but registered only yesterday))) )
Cake "Ant" in a new way
0.7k - - -
Offer to make the cake cake a La Ant. Prepare it according to the technology known for all of the cake, but the cream will be quite different, and the forming is different from the classic. However, it turns out very tasty, tender, chocolate flavor. And cook it is not difficult.
Cake "honey" from Pokusavam
450 - 80м 12
"honey" is a super cake. The recipe for the honey cake is very simple and to repeat it everyone can. My recipe for honey cake is extremely beautiful and delicious. Cream cake will be on the basis of sour cream and milk type custard cream with condensed milk. It really is the best cream for the cake. My step-by-step recipe is simply obliged to get to my favorites of the audience. Video recipe compared to the photo recipes will make it easier to understand what the consistency is supposed to be cream, etc. Homemade honey cake is perhaps my favorite cake along with sour cream.
Cake "hen"
439 - 120м 10
This is a cake from my childhood!!! Mom baked it special for me every year for my birthday. Today, I invite you to tea with the taste of a fairy tale. PS this recipe I site is not found, if repeated please forgive!!!
Cake "Ideal"
424 3 50м 8
Quick and easy cake
Cake "Slice of watermelon"
379 4 120м 10
August on the nose - ripe watermelons-beetles :-)
Cake "Leopold the cat"
359 4 - 15
Very very tasty cake! Especially like kids...!Try it!
Cake "nostalgia"
337 - - 6
Cake of my childhood - "Leningrad", one of the most popular, not because it is the most delicious, it brings me back to my childhood and naveivaet delightful memories of the city on the Neva river, where he lived for several years. The taste of the cake nostalgia carries me to that time and very similar to the taste Leningrad, in any case, this is a very tasty cake!
Armenian cake "Mikado"
326 - 120м 8
To prepare this cake, you need the most simple ingredients. But the result is stunning!
295 5 150м 12
Made for 1 year daughter. Very impressive looks by design
Cake with peaches
284 5 120м 10
Sand cake with peach flavor
Granny's cake
274 - 60м 1
Very tasty, easy to manufacture. Little products goes into making it. Cakes turn out crumbly, but after soaking them in cream, they become supple and delicious. It is necessary that this cake has rested at least 4 -5 hours. If it is immediately cut, it will crumble.
Cake " Mikado"
261 - 120м 8
Something we have a lot of salads lately. The spring ready?! Well, we've got snow again yesterday with the rain. And I wanted to warm something sweet with tea. Come, let us bask and carry on intelligent conversations.
Berry tart
260 - 80м 8
A simple and delicious dessert from the available ingredients. Dessert season: equally good with fresh and frozen berries.
Cake sand "Stirlitz"
247 3 120м 8
Interesting cake, very unusual and tasty
Cake "Rēzekne"
245 4 - 8
This cake baked by my mother for children's birthdays. Now I bake it on to their children. I think that you also like it :)
Cake "Henrietta"
244 5 - -
My mamulki birthday, I wanted to please her homemade cakes, which she loves. The name of the cake in honor of my mother. Cake based on almond biscuit homemade (you can buy Italian biscuits "Amaretti"), with Apple custard, very smooth and soft. Rich taste of almond and heady aroma of apples stimulates the appetite and want more, more and more. The cake is simple, but it turned out very tasty, though not decorated with festive crative, but he was the first to disappear from the dessert table, even men are not indifferent, who in the feast more bitter than sweet, hit )))
Cake "Fantasy"
233 3 - -
Delicious, beautiful cake for the occasion.
Slave cake
233 - - -
This recipe lies in my chest of prizes for five years, a link to it was sent to me by a friend from St. Petersburg is a great master of cooking. And all these years, I mentally prepared to bake. Long story. I opened it and opened and each time said to myself: "No, impossible! I won't be able to do this! How? How to make it, from what side? How to cut how to make those ruffles?!!" I guess I would not have dared, if not two circumstances. First, the jubilee recipe. We had to pick up something very attractive, unusual and original. And secondly... the ass-kicking I got yesterday morning from my virtual granddaughter Masha (Eva Grimm), requiring anniversary meals. With this kick, I resignedly trudged to the kitchen, but... turns out, not so devil as he is painted, and the process is so captured me that to stop I could not. The result is I surrender to your judgment, dear cooks. So, Slave the cake (in Croatian it sounds - Rabska torta) - my strong prescription. Don't worry, the slaves nothing to do with it. This cake is not cooked and especially never tried. This cake is prepared on the island of RAB in Croatia. It looks very unusual and certainly worth a taste. Perhaps it will have to go to his homeland. On the island of RAB this cake just to try and even buy as a souvenir. And if the meeting does not take place, then who bothers to cook a cake at home, and at the same time to surprise friends with unusual presentation?
Cake "Ant"
231 4 120м 6
very easy to prepare