Sponge cake recipes

Cake "Big break"
94k 4.5 60м -
Near our house is a school.. and although I go it's late and daughter's early, but we couldn't resist and in unison with all the jovial children almost spent the whole day at a school meeting (first thing in the morning.. then a day.. )...what all beautiful.. elegant came 1 Sep.. everything was painted black and white.. the boys are simply black suits with "butterflies" and Gallucci girls in dark skirts and pinafores, and, of course, emphasized the solemnity of the event the white color: shirts and blouses, bows, socks and knee socks... And in the evening watching your favorite movie "Big break" and singing favorite actors have prepared a birthday cake: rich Dark chocolate and white coconut donuts... the taste of which emphasizes coffee cream toffee and freshens cream ice cream... Despite the two types of cakes and cream cake is prepared quickly and eaten even faster.. For the competition "School time"
Cake "Bounty"
93k 4 90м 10
Soft and moist vanilla sponge cakes, sweet butter cream and lots of coconut wrapped in chocolate chips For the competition "School time"
Fantasy summer
92k 4 - -
I love to cook, not recipes, and as she imagine and invent in your imagination here and this cake was no exception, and tender juicy peaches, as the rays of the sun-soaked summer. On the threshold of school time, classes started from the kids, and this cake will remind you of carefree summer...
Cake "frontline"
6k - - -
Dear friends, I offer you famous in Azerbaijan cake! It's on par with cakes "Baku" and "Absheron" is the hallmark of the city of Baku! Touch to the traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan is preparing this cake! PS-weight of the finished cake 2 kg.
Cake "President"
3.5k 5 60м 8
Earlier this cake in my notebook called "Negro," but now we understand that it is not politically correct. So I decided to rename it and call in honor of President Barack Obama, who, of course, deserves admiration, not least for the fact that he did it. The cake rises well, it turns porous, very dark, with jam in the composition, with chocolate icing.
Triply "Tiramisu"
3.4k - 60м 4
Tiramisu is an Italian dessert. It's so popular that variations on its recipe dozens. Classic Tiramisu consists of: 1. cookie "Savoiardi" as the basis 2. impregnation of coffee (usually espresso), you can add Marsala wine 3. cream based on Mascarpone cheese, beaten raw eggs and sugar. 4. sprinkle them with cocoa powder. At home to repeat exactly this recipe is problematic. Yes, and raw eggs cause issues... I am personally a little afraid of eating them. Therefore, I suggest you do here is such trifle. They are easy to repeat at home. As for the taste - you will tell me, thank you. It is beyond words. It is necessary to try!
Cake "Crown Princess"
3.3k - 360м 10
Cake decorate birthday little Princess and will bring a lot of joy.
Cake "Momofuku"
3.2k - - -
MOMOFUKU BIRTHDAY CAKE. As he said Christina Tossi, the author of this recipe and co-owner of pastry shop "Momofuku milk bar" in new York, this cake is associated with her childhood memories about "delrodarcon" cake: soft cupcake cakes (from a ready mix), lots of sprinkles, aroma vanillin. Cakes "Momofuku Milk Bar" have their own characteristics: 1 Cakes are baked in a baking sheet 29*20cm, then cut out and assembled into a 16cm form. 2. The outside of the cake is coated with cream 3. Streusel between the 4 cakes. Impregnation of cakes. This cake has a specific sweet and salty taste with a slight acidity.
Cake from the milk mixture "baby"
3.1k 5 60м 8
Easy cake can be prepared using baby dry blend "baby".
Cake "Roses in the snow"
3k - 180м 15
My final recipe in the competition with products from Dr. Oetker and 70th on the website. This cake I made for Christmas, mom's birthday. Delicate sponge cake with nut note soaked sour cream and slight acidity of the compote... it melted in your mouth. I recommend this to fans of delicate cake, cakes - very tasty.
Orange cake "Lambada"
3k - - -
Offer to make Polish cake containing natural orange juice. The juice is not only preparing the pudding, but they still soaked sponge cake. There is this cake in different ways, I liked this.
Cake "desert rose"1 from Pierre Herme
2.8k - 720м 16
Every season has its specialities. Winter, spring, summer, autumn... Each time of year comply with its products, their combinations. Now outside of November. I live in Moscow, and the weather kept us from mid-October until March. But I recall my childhood... So it was only in November: the snow, or wet snow, it gets dark early, late dawns... And want something warm, soft, comfortable... In November my dad and grandparents OTHERS (the grandmother is 91!), and it just so happened that I bake something exclusive for them. This cake recipe is French pastry chef Pierre Herme is the best complement for tea in this cold season. The recipe is taken from Nina of Nixie, for which many thanks to her!
Italian sponge cake 12 tablespoons
2.8k - 35м 12
ITALIAN Pie is a gentle, light as a cloud, with lemon flavor. The biscuit, which has no equal!!! The most interesting and unusual recipe of all. The cake turns out high and airy. It just melts in your mouth.
Cake "Snickers" improvised
2.7k - - -
Decided to bake a cake "Snickers", many recipes, cooking techniques are also different, some easier, some harder. Then I decided to improvise, something easier, something to add. The result was, in my opinion not a complicated recipe and very tasty cake.
Cake "tango Mango"
2.7k - - 8
Air weightless sweet biscuit with a delicate aroma of orange and delicate layers of ripe mango, framed by a thin layer of bitter chocolate glaze. Very easy to prepare but tasty and sincere.
Homemade cake "Roko"
2.6k - 130м 6
For many years the cake "Poco" is firmly in second place for the number of sales in Latvia. In my family it is also one of the most favorite cakes. Long ago, I was going to try to cook it at home, and now my dream has come true! Adapted recipe from the local cooking website.
Cottage cheese-yogurt cake "Little Prince"
2.6k 3 - -
This cake I made for the birthday of his beloved little son, three years old. The cake turned out great. Very easy and gentle. The idea of this cake I took one culinary website. Here, however, I can't remember what since it was long ago...
Cake "Slav"
2.6k - - -
Not long ago I posted a report which was the cake "Prague"... And in the comments I wrote thanks for the recollections of the Soviet time, where they came up with many recipes of delicious cakes!! Specifically talking about the cake "Slav". A nostalgic note in the comments pushed me to that, to find this cake and cook it! As they say give a moment of happiness, a wonderful, kind and sincere person - Helen (Cat aid). Since at home we have this cake is not ready, the recipe had to look! Reviewing a bunch of videos in the Internet, I read a million reviews and comments, leafed through all the cookbooks in the house... I have come to a common denominator! And also have a reason to bake it right away (a neighbor ordered a cake for sister's Birthday)! Cake "Slav" or, according to some people, the cake "Slavic" is in Your court! P. S. Helen, the cake is for you!
Cake "Ruta"
2.4k - 90м 20
Going out of town, I decided to bake at home any delicious pie for tea, and suddenly remembered this cake, which I have long wanted to try. And, as to steep it for a long time have not stopped this. I would like to say that the author of this delicious cake is a wonderful cook and pastry chef Lika Torzewska whose recipes of sweets I often use at home and never they did not disappoint.
Cake "Eskimo"
2.4k - 60м -
For this cake now is the time when heat begins. Want something cool and tasty. The taste of the cream like ice cream and delicate sponge cake and frosting is even better. Bake the cake long ago and want to share with you. I looked in the recipes, there is a cake of the same name, but my cake other. Try, enjoy and cooled!!!
Cake "Black Prince"
2.4k - - -
Offer to make home-made chocolate cake "Black Prince" yogurt with delicious sour cream and boiled condensed milk. Surprise your loved ones with delicious cakes. Preparing the cake easily!