Salads of fish and seafood recipes for Lent

Salad "Storm"
378 - 30м 4
... during a storm on the coast makes a large number of mollusks and marine reptiles. And in this moment to merge land and sea! This salad combines both elements: the earth and the sea and created a delicious tandem. Observe here the proportions!!! And fast health!
Salad with marinated seafood "Seaside"
332 - 20м 2
Offer You delicious and effective salad of marinated seafood and vegetables. Seafood salads - light meals, due to its molecularity. In addition, these salads are very useful in the period of spring avitaminosis. These salads are very effective and popular also for a romantic dinner, thanks to its lightness. In addition, seafood is a known aphrodisiac.
Salad with seafood "the Voice of the sea"
319 - - -
For seafood lovers: incredibly tasty, spicy... and a light salad. Sea of vitamins and oceans of fun!
Salad "Snapped"
263 - - -
Tasty, fresh and at the same time satisfying salad is a perfect fit with a vegetarian menu. Can replace dinner.
Salad with avocado and tuna
188 4 10м 2
Another salad with the basic cooking. Delicious, easy, satisfying! The recipe is from the book of the deli "Salad"
Salad "Red sea"
167 4 - 2
Salad with squid and seaweed, well, sooo useful. For those who are during the holidays, keeping fit or fasting. And for the contest "Scarlett March 8"
Salad "Kiev"
158 3 30м -
My girlfriend is from Kiev gave me this unusual recipe. She brought it from Austria, the salad is unusual and very tasty. I want you to also tried this unusual salad.
Salad "Lean calimari"
139 - 40м 4
Lightweight and at the same time satisfying salad variety to your table during lent.
Vegetable salad with squid
139 5 - -
For those who are fasting.
Super light and fresh salad with shrimp
136 - 15м 7
This is my favorite salad. Came up with it on the principle of "take all my favorite ingredients and stir". Very simple in execution. I always cook it when you need to build a festive and bountiful table for guests.
Vegetable salad with shrimp
131 - 10м 6
Light vegetable salad with prawns is prepared quickly and just as quickly "flies away"! This recipe was posted on the website in the 2009 user ANYHOW under the name "Salad with my name "ON the FLY" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring"
"The wolves are fed and the hare a"
127 - 20м 6
Who knows the tale of the hungry wolf and cunning of a hare? So in our tale, the wise zaychiha made a hungry wolf salad with your main meal (cabbage). And so the wolf couldn't smell the trick, added to a salad fish "he". For those who can withstand the Christmas post or just love spicy, this dish will be a great boon, especially in the coming (according to the Chinese horoscope) year of the stowaway. The uniqueness of this salad is in the sauce that gives it a more distinct taste.
Warm shrimp salad with butter beans
124 - 30м 4
Very tasty salad! With success can replace the main (hot) meal. Attracted to this recipe method prepare the sauce: in it the crushed shrimp shells (without the head). It turns out almost waste-free production.
Vegetable salad with sprats
123 - - -
Very tasty salad with spicy dressing, simple and tasty ingredients, a variety of Lenten table!
Salad with grilled salmon under a Thai marinade
123 - 30м 2
The idea of the recipe peeped in one pan-Asian restaurant. Juicy, tasty, spicy. Lettuce may well go for a separate dish in the summer heat. Very good recipe for a picnic.
Vegetable salad with salmon
121 - - 2
A light and tasty salad I whipped up. A great option for warm days!
Tuna salad and fresh vegetables
121 - 10м 1
The recipe for this salad was written by me during the diet. It is very tasty and, despite the low calorie, nutritious. Can perfectly replace a complete lunch.
Salad "post"
121 - 15м 2
This light salad is perfect for lent. Squid is neither a fish nor meat, so it can be consumed during lent. An unusual way of cooking squid in combination with sauce TM Kikkoman will add piquancy to this dish
Salad with rice "Aqua"
120 - 40м 4
This salad in various forms is very common in the far East. The dish is hearty, tasty and bright, can replace dinner. I also recommend to Post in the fish days.
Salad with bulgur and cheese
120 - 25м -
When is a real man's holiday, under hard liquor is the way the herring, which, combined with such an amazing product as bulgur, are combined in a wonderful, hearty and nutritious salad, which in addition to decorating the holiday table everyday table variety.
Salad with beans
118 - 15м 3
Salad with beans and crab sticks in the days of Fasting, when you eat fish. A simple and delicious salad dressed with sunflower oil Oleyna with parsley. perfect for dinner.