Layer cake recipes

Cake "Watermelon in cream"
93k 3 - -
Did this cake on September 1 for his kids. Turned out delicious and was gone in an instant. The contest "School time".
Cake "Napoleon"
91k 5 40м -
The favorite cake in our family for several generations, nowhere did not try, and here in the recipes is not found. "School time" come, my daughter went into grade 7!
Cake without baking with ricotta
3k - 20м 6
Recently my mother bought a delicious cheese cake. But it's so small and costs so much that we had to learn to do it yourself! In fact, it's so simple that the preparation of the cake You can charge even a child! Play with Your children in a fun game - "DIY"!
Cake "Josephine"
2.5k - 160м 10
A La cake "Napoleon". I love this cake, I always bought it in the store "Luciano," this time I decided to do it myself. He recalls the cake "Napoleon". Very easy to implement, and contains a minimum of ingredients. The recipe is very detailed and divided in all stages. Thank you for your attention))
Cake "Napoleon" in Odessa
2.5k - 180м 10
Cake "Napoleon" is one of the most beloved and anticipated holiday feasts for my family! Sometimes, of course, prepared a La "Napoleon" from ready-made puff pastry or buttercream, well, it is, a quick hand, but sometimes still indulge their loved ones playing style cake, and this, of course, does not compare!!! And he has already a history... a Similar recipe long ago recorded in the notebook even the grandmother of my husband and a red pencil. "a recipe for aunt Sims from Odessa, very tasty" and is a fat plus sign +!!! And my husband gave me a book Savely Libkin "My Odessa cuisine", and it is almost the same recipe... and recently I brought to life! It turned out insanely delicious!!! Highly recommend and invite!!!
Cake "Stephania"
2.4k - 180м 20
The origin of the name of the cake is unknown to me. And here is a recipe I took from the wonderful Natasha Ugrinovich. Was looking for a cake for DR husband. Stopped at this. And have not regretted. Soft, moderately sweet. Liked everything - both adults and children. Join us!
Cake "Katyusha"
2.2k - - -
Every year, on the birthday of his daughter, I bake a cake, every year is different, but the cake, its taste and appearance conveys it, my lifelong friend. This year it is snow-white, delicate cake, air, with the scent of coconut, a delicate taste of almond, finish white chocolate and light cream, solid plot. And that's all it is, my Katyusha! Invite all for a Cup of tea with a cake. Come!
Cake "snow Queen"
2.1k - 180м 20
Daughter has long been telling me to bake a cake dummy. I chose a long time, in what colour and what style the dress to consider, but then we read a book about "Snow Queen", and the decision came by itself.
2.1k - 90м 8
It all started with the recipe for the Milk cake... Yes, when I laid out povarenok Zahremar provoke me to another recipe of Mexican cuisine - Chokoflan. On Russian sites I managed to find only this option, so forgive me the Mexicans call him Chocoflan... And the beauty of it is that with little effort we get a luxury layer cake, with different textures - moist and rich chocolate layer, cream layer and top with unusual caramel Fudge - in General, I think - it's worth a try... And yet our dear Lena (Fiona001313 ) the birthday of a child is planned, so Lena and Grisha - a cake for you, my dear! A great pity that we did not get to sit with a Cup of tea with our Tomboy - but I'm sure they will grow up and succeed! In General you walk... come on seagulls!
Cake "Gossamer"
1.9k - - -
Very easy to prepare cake. For aspiring chefs and all, all, all!
Cake "Kolobok"
1.8k - - -
I gingerbread man, the gingerbread man, the bottom of the barrel screen, barn meten, On the honey involved. Fields I walked, I swam the seas, in a Hurry to congratulate the Student with three years!
Cake "Christine"
1.5k 3 - -
The cake was intended for my daughter, we turned one year old. In honor of her cake and called "Christine". (Otherwise I would hardly have started to use roses in the decoration, takes some time, in the end, the dessert is not called "fast"... but for the occasion ... cost. ) The cake turns out very tasty, not cloying (too sweet), marzipan gives a big plus to the overall impression. In General, try it yourself.
Cake "Napoleon" orange
1.5k - - -
Whether you love cake "Napoleon" like I love him??? A classic Napoleon is preparing puff pastry with cream layer. My mother prepared it for the New year. And while the puff pastry was done in the home that took a lot of time. Despite our love for cooking, we strive for recipes that were quick and tasty. Therefore, allow yourself to use ready-made puff pastry. And with the taste note you can experiment...
Cake "Napoleon" with two creams
1.5k - 120м 12
Cake "Napoleon" with two creams, raspberries and blueberries, very tasty and juicy, cooked to a family recipe.
Cake cream puff "Sasha"
1.4k - - -
Another my passion for puff pastry cakes, Oh, love – I can not ))) astropulse was a Huge cake, with lots of the finest cakes that do not contain a single gram of oil, as well as in the cream, and the result is a delicate, soft, creamy velvet cake. Tastes like soft profiteroles with ice-cream, well, very tasty, and blotches strawberries really complement the sweetness is not cloying and interspersed with pleasant acidity and aroma. This time, the cake will have to spend a lot, but the challenges will be, I promise. Their experiment was very satisfied, I will repeat more than once.
Cake "Whispers of the nuns"
1.4k - - 16
Cake is a confection, popular in Western Ukraine and Poland, is very similar to the cake but usually bake it in a rectangular shape. Very characteristic is the portion feed cake, and in this case amazing cut. It is bright, colorful and intricate, with a variety of layers, fillings and creams. In addition, it really is holiday baking. In Ukraine, bake pie for weddings, and different, with various fillings and creams. Thanks to its bright appearance and various taste cake has every right to take a place on the Christmas table!
Cake "Spartacus"
1.4k - 180м 16
hell his son.
Mango cake "Napoleon"
1.4k - 120м 12
Very tasty, tender and flavorful cake "Napoleon". It is unusual in that the cream is added to fruit, in this case mango, which gives the characteristic sour taste and aroma of the cake. Baked on the anniversary of her son, recipe taken from "Eaten at home" with my slight modifications. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!
Cake "Mikado"
1.4k - 90м 8
Layer cake with crispy, thin sand cake, caramel cream and chocolate. One of the easiest to prepare. And, perhaps, one of the most delicious.
Cake "March 8"
1.3k - 60м -
This cake is baked on March 8. Very easy to prepare, and most importantly delicious.
Cake "thing."
1.3k - - 6
Almond-chocolate cake, popular in Hungary, Austria and Germany. Named after the Hungarian diplomat PAL Antal esterházy, who served as Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary during the revolution of 1848-1849. Today in the Internet there are many variations of the recipe of this wonderful cake. Try my version!