Ice cream recipes

Italian cold dessert "Meringata"
2.4k - 15м 6
MERINGATA This delicious, sweet and refreshing cold Italian dessert based on ice cream and meringues, or meringue. If you have not tried yet, is a cross between ice cream sundae and cake "Flying"! ))) Well, what? Intrigued?... Then try to cook! It's very simple, and the result will please not only you but also your guests! Very convenient that the dessert for this case can be prepared in advance!
Senegalese banana dessert
2.2k - - -
The original name of the dessert - Banana Glace. This is the simplest banana ice cream, which is just a couple of minutes (not counting freezing time). It definitely served with fresh bananas and nuts, candied fruit, raisins.
Dessert of ice cream "Tartuffe"
1.8k - - -
Offer you to prepare delicious frozen dessert. This Italian dessert of ice cream on a plate looks elegant, and is preparing incredibly simple. Externally the bulb looks like a large chocolate truffle, for which he received the name "Tartuffe" (ital. the truffle). That dessert looked spectacular, the ball is served sliced. Before serving dessert freeze well.
Smoked ice cream
1.6k - 40м 4
Our family really love ice cream. And if I come across some unusual recipe, I always try to cook. So this time after seeing the recipe Peter Nilsson (bistro La Gazzetta (France)), I decided to cook this unusual ice-cream because it is made of hay! This dessert Nilsson cooks more often than any other dish. Must say that pleased with the result: soft, creamy, with the spring in such a light herbal flavor.
Cheese ice cream with raspberries
1.5k - 150м 6
Most favorite treat in the summer heat ))) Pamper your family with delicious, natural ice cream with fresh berries.
Cottage cheese-cranberry ice cream
1.5k - 20м 6
Traditional American ice cream for all holidays. The combination of sweet cream with the tartness of cranberry, very delicious. Help yourself!
Dessert "Monamur"
1.4k 3 25м 2
Mouth-watering treat!
Ice cream cake "A La Venice"
1.3k - 180м 8
Creamy ice cream, layer of dark chocolate, an unusual supply of ice cream and a definite advantage over the purchase of the eponymous fellow, as ice cream made with your own hands!!!
Creamy rice ice cream
1.2k - 50м 6
The preparation of this ice cream was amazing for me! Knew about him a long time ago but the contest is remembered and prepared finally! Thanks for the idea Lisa! Me supplements in the form of marmalade and cranberries, but everyone can add his own! Try vanilla-cream-ri cial ice cream and be surprised along with me)))
Persian ice cream "Faludi"
1.2k - 15м -
Faluda is almost the first cold dessert in the world – it was made in Persia for at least 400 years before our era. Interested to try? Come...
Sorbet avocado"Mojito"
1.2k - 75м -
The history of ice cream sorbet began in the old days, when this delicacy was first prepared Oriental cooks. And the progenitor of ice cream, sorbet is a sorbet drink. The sorbet is made on the basis of infusion of rose hips, flowers, or rose petals, as well as dogwood and licorice. Drink always added herbs and spices, but where without them in the East. Europeans first tasted the drink sherbet from the Arabic word sharbat in the XVI century, when sherbet was brought by Turkish sailors. It is believed that the Italians were able to appreciate a pleasant fruity taste ice cream sorbet. Then the delicacy came to France thanks to the Royal personage. There are many varieties of ice cream sorbet. By the way, to make ice-cream sorbet at home is not so difficult. Therefore, if you have never made homemade ice cream, it's time to try. And for whom, dear cooks - this is the recipe, which are enormous on the Cook don't judge very strictly, I the recipe I want to show not the essence of cooking, and what kind of fruit can still be used to make a sorbet. Your court, I made some homemade sorbet, mint and avocado. It turned out very tasty and very refreshing in the summer heat.
1.2k - - -
Summer is in full swing and you want something cooling and delicious! I suggest you make ice cream, which Muscovites bought a quarter of a century ago, the usual ice cream in the Cup. By the way, no ice cream maker is not exempt from cooking ice cream:) If interested, you are welcome! Recipe Irina - chadeyka.
Soft lemon ice cream
1.1k - 10м 3
Today's my birthday! It almost always happens in post, so having fun - aside, small Goodies, too, but experiments I can't deprive myself! A couple of weeks had the idea of ice cream with vegetable oil and decided to take a chance!.. I represent to Your attention a soft, delicate ice cream with lemon flavor. Everybody who has tasted, evaluated positively, so feel free to share it with You. This ice cream is best eaten immediately from the fridge, does not frost, that is not harden, but simply thickens with extreme cold. I did a small portion, on trial, so to speak, out of about 250 ml, it is now possible to increase)) Try it and You ;)
Millefeuille "Croccante Semifreddo with coffee and chocolate"
1.1k - - -
This insanely delicious dessert is a creation of the Italian virtuoso (in other word) Luke Montersino. More I will not say anything, for words are powerless...
Dessert of ice cream "Striped RRR"
1.1k - 10м 3
This is my first contest in which I participate. I hope not the last, it all depends on you ; -))). For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Cottage cheese-banana ice cream
1.1k - - -
Ice cream, with curd-banana flavor can be prepared very easily and quickly! On the website is not found! I will have to do more!
Fruit and berry ice cream agar-agar
1.1k - - -
Bright, flavorful, delicate, silky texture of ice cream. Instead of agar-agar can be used, or gelatin, or starch. Instead of cranberries your favorite berries or a mixture thereof. Experiment, choose what you will be closer in taste.
Granite strawberry
1.1k 5 500м 5
I came with "stay" :) with the kids! Bought on the way a bucket of strawberries, part cooked, a bit frozen for contiki, left a pound for some dessert. What can you cook quickly? Fruit ice! Just not the one in the store, consisting of improvers, hardeners and dyes, and this homemade treat! Mostly granite do using berry juice, and the flesh is not taken, but it is better to make a rich Granita with berry puree.
Ice cream "Mint grapes"
1.1k - - -
Very tasty homemade ice cream flavored with mint and grapes. Try it ;)
Plum-nectarine sorbet with raspberries
1.1k - - -
Summer is not summer without this icy dessert! We have now is so hot that no sorbet cannot do. Tasty, easy, useful and... cool. Try it ;)
Dessert-ice cream "orange"
1.1k - - -
This delicious creamy treat with a delicate sorbet made from the pulp of peach and passion fruit, coconut and pistachio layer, enclosed in a chocolate embrace. The idea of the recipe thank Iraida, the recipe was adapted to existing products, and slightly simplified the cooking process.