Ice cream recipes for Easter

Cheese cake ice cream "chord"
198 - 120м 6
Dessert of cottage cheese in the form of ice cream with three different flavors, caramel nut, berry and vanilla - will have to taste not only the children but also for adults! Very nice! This cake is the perfect end to an Easter meal!
Citrus ice cream with lavender
116 - - -
Recently discovered the lavender and love to experiment with it in various combinations. This ice cream has an amazing taste transition from creamy to soft citrus and then lavender unusual aftertaste.
Chocolate marshmallow ice cream
113 - 15м 2
This ice cream - a real FEAST! It will amaze you not only with amazing taste (soft, creamy, moderately sweet, with a subtle chocolate bitterness), but the ease of preparation. It does not need to interfere in the process of freezing every hour not need to interfere at all, because the ice crystals are not formed. This ice cream can be served on dessert for any occasion, for example, to please the men in the defender of the Fatherland Day - 23 February and of women on international women's day on 8 March.
Marshmallow cherry ice cream
106 - 360м 3
I love ice cream like me? Not like a long time to Tinker in the kitchen as I am? Then this recipe is for you. A very simple ice cream. Just 3 ingredients and prepared well, Oh, very quickly, if not counting the time to freeze. Because the freezing process does not need to interfere - the ice crystals are not formed. Instead of cherries you can take any other berries. This ice cream can be served on dessert for any occasion, for example, to please the men in the defender of the Fatherland Day - 23 February and of women on international women's day on 8 March.
Granite coffee with cognac
101 - - -
Granite (ital. Granita) is a Sicilian dessert which is a sweet crushed ice. What else is needed to freshen up at the ball after three rounds of the waltz?! Of course granite!!! Recipe from the book "the World encyclopedia of coffee" slightly modified by me
Pineapple ice-cream cake
100 5 - -
Took the recipe from a magazine GROCERY store, cooked and left but happy:) Fabulous cake turned out:) it tastes better than store-bought, but very similar:) no One can guess what this cake is cooked at home:)
Honey ice cream with cereal
100 - - -
Homemade ice cream is always delicious! This ice cream has a very thick, rich taste, thanks honey, brown sugar, prunes and brandy. And an unexpected addition in the form of oatmeal. I recommend to try.
Beet sorbet with pineapple, brown sugar and green tea
96 - 240м -
Love the vinaigrette? and beet salad with nuts? maybe you've tried a cupcake with beets? Good? can you imagine ice-cream and beets? Bright and elegant in appearance, light with a delicate, sour-sweet and refreshingly tart taste with aromas of green tea, pineapple and lemon?? It is very tasty and does not have to wait for summer to try - help yourself!
Coffee ice cream
93 3 30м 6
Very simple and fast!
Strawberry ice cream
89 - 60м 6
Strawberry season is in full swing and all fans of ice cream offered to prepare tender, flavorful and very tasty strawberry ice cream from natural products.
Peach Melba
86 - - 4
This dessert is one of the ten best desserts in the world. It was invented by French chef Auguste Escafe in 1892 or 1893. Somehow the greatest singer Nellie Melba decided to consult with the cook about what to submit for dessert, friends, peaches or ice cream. Doubts of a charming woman, sir Escaffi dispelled his skill and imagination. Gallant Frenchman invented one of the best desserts, which was given the name of the singer: vanilla ice cream with slices of white peaches and raspberries. In this dessert is the perfect mix of rich textures and bright flavors. Try it, you will love it!
Ice cream "Creme brulee"
84 - - 4
"Crisp, cool, taste the incredible ice cream Creme brulee!" Ice cream with the taste of childhood.
Plum sorbet "Taste"
83 - 30м 4
Light, airy and delicious. To cook very simply and quickly, it remains to wait how it will harden the mass. When you eat it, you immediately think of childhood. 20 years ago they sold in the store, fruit ice, sorbet, this plum resembles the taste of a forgotten fruit ice.
Ice cream green tea
80 - 90м 6
Very popular in Japan, green tea ice cream. The color and taste is suitable. I initially did not like, and then entered into the taste. I even decided to cook at home. It was not difficult. I suggest you to see this.
Ice cream on champagne
79 - 30м 8
This ice cream is the perfect dessert for adults. Children champagne can be replaced by soda water-type Sprite in the same proportion.
Indian ice cream on white bread "Kulfi"
78 3 30м 4
What can I say? Saw the adjective "Indian"? Duck here, this says it all! There is nothing so perfect, original and unusual Indian cuisine, as well as there is nothing better than her. Sorry if someone do not like it, I'm expressing only my own point of view. Offer you a wonderful recipe for Indian ice cream that will surprise you not only by its composition and method of preparation, but the taste. Forget everything you knew about ice cream before, and for a moment touch the magical cuisine of India!
Ice cream according to GOST
77 - 180м -
Very long searched for a good recipe, here it is the taste of childhood, remember how for 20 cents were sold))) gentle, smooth!
Ice-Cream "Tropicana"
77 5 240м 10
Summer... Beach... You lie on a sun lounger under the scorching sun and listening to the sound of the surf... Not about you? No time or opportunity? Try this sundae. Its delicate vanilla taste combined with fragrant juicy fruits will take You to the ocean shore on one of the tropical Islands...
Banana ice cream
76 - 10м 2
Putting bananas in the fridge can not be spoiled. What happens if you pull them a bit lower? This idea came to me, when at night I was dying of heat, and ice cream in the house was not. Prepared quickly (of course not including freeze time) but how much fun! I love it when a dish is both useful and sweet at the same time. And then there's no harmful additives))
Ice cream "Tangerine slices"
74 - - -
Presents dessert will fit in the new year and Christmas menu, and in the summer heat refresh its acidity. This ice cream will delight both children on any occasion, and parents can be confident in the safety of all ingredients. And the ice cream is prepared without much hassle and from the simplest of ingredients.
Homemade ice cream c surprise
73 - 60м -
What should be the dessert for your baby? Of course, useful, tell mom. Delicious – will add grandmother. And yet it must be beautiful and interesting, otherwise good and taste may remain on the plate not rasprobovali... This dessert will surprise not only children but also adult!