Ice cream recipes for Christmas

Creamy rice ice cream
192 - 50м 6
The preparation of this ice cream was amazing for me! Knew about him a long time ago but the contest is remembered and prepared finally! Thanks for the idea Lisa! Me supplements in the form of marmalade and cranberries, but everyone can add his own! Try vanilla-cream-ri cial ice cream and be surprised along with me)))
Dessert of ice cream "Striped RRR"
187 - 10м 3
This is my first contest in which I participate. I hope not the last, it all depends on you ; -))). For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Dessert "Strawberry confetti"
164 - 15м -
Quick cobbler ice cream - won't leave anyone indifferent. "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Cottage cheese-cranberry ice cream
159 - 20м 6
Traditional American ice cream for all holidays. The combination of sweet cream with the tartness of cranberry, very delicious. Help yourself!
Ice cream balls coated in chocolate
136 - 60м -
Want to surprise guests? This dessert they are sure to appreciate.
Baked ice cream "Alaska"
127 - - -
Once in France one of the finest Sicilian Coltelli decided to make the French a wonderful gift - to save them from the summer heat, for that in 1672 he opened the opposite "the comédie française" in Paris, the first ice cream parlor. They say that in this cafe went to eat philosophers, writers Diderot and Voltaire... In these hot days, I suggest You to taste the most refreshing dessert - ice cream.
Semifreddo with nuts, meringue and cherry sauce
121 - - 10
Love this dessert, but I was always confused by the presence in its composition of raw eggs, and I recently found the option where the eggs are replaced by condensed milk, and of course, immediately rushed to cook it, especially in summer, it is relevant like nothing else. Amazing ice cream, soft and creamy, with a wealth of tastes and textures in preparation - could not be easier, even a child will cope. No exaggeration to say that none of those types of ice cream that now is offered to us in stores do not compare to the simple and incredibly delicious version of the famous Italian dessert.
Dessert Rabbit
116 - 15м 2
Children occupy almost all my free time, so you have to cook quick meals that don't take much time.
Chocolate marshmallow ice cream
113 - 15м 2
This ice cream - a real FEAST! It will amaze you not only with amazing taste (soft, creamy, moderately sweet, with a subtle chocolate bitterness), but the ease of preparation. It does not need to interfere in the process of freezing every hour not need to interfere at all, because the ice crystals are not formed. This ice cream can be served on dessert for any occasion, for example, to please the men in the defender of the Fatherland Day - 23 February and of women on international women's day on 8 March.
Marshmallow cherry ice cream
107 - 360м 3
I love ice cream like me? Not like a long time to Tinker in the kitchen as I am? Then this recipe is for you. A very simple ice cream. Just 3 ingredients and prepared well, Oh, very quickly, if not counting the time to freeze. Because the freezing process does not need to interfere - the ice crystals are not formed. Instead of cherries you can take any other berries. This ice cream can be served on dessert for any occasion, for example, to please the men in the defender of the Fatherland Day - 23 February and of women on international women's day on 8 March.
Chocolate marshmallow ice cream
102 - - -
A real delight for shokomanov!! The recipe is simple and easy to prepare and of a minimum number of ingredients.
Granite coffee with cognac
101 - - -
Granite (ital. Granita) is a Sicilian dessert which is a sweet crushed ice. What else is needed to freshen up at the ball after three rounds of the waltz?! Of course granite!!! Recipe from the book "the World encyclopedia of coffee" slightly modified by me
Pineapple ice-cream cake
100 5 - -
Took the recipe from a magazine GROCERY store, cooked and left but happy:) Fabulous cake turned out:) it tastes better than store-bought, but very similar:) no One can guess what this cake is cooked at home:)
Honey ice cream with cereal
100 - - -
Homemade ice cream is always delicious! This ice cream has a very thick, rich taste, thanks honey, brown sugar, prunes and brandy. And an unexpected addition in the form of oatmeal. I recommend to try.
Ice Cream "Cat Smetankin"
97 5 15м 5
Delicious ice cream without preservatives, dyes, thickeners... cooked very easily, simply and quickly from natural products, without eggs, can safely give to kids! Ice cream is a favorite of my son. I cook it for a long time, the recipe was invented. We called it that because my child loves the children's program is called "the history of the cat Smetankina" and the ice cream is made from cream.
Coffee ice cream
93 3 30м 6
Very simple and fast!
Rice ice cream "berries"
93 - 60м 7
New year is the occasion that gathers at the table the most close and native people! Beckons with its magic, mystery and flavor of your favorite dishes. Enjoy the family, that the truth of magical ice cream with vanilla and wild berries, with an incredibly creamy taste! Children will be delighted and never guess that ice cream Rice!
Banana-cucumber ice cream
91 - - -
0% cream 0 % sugar, 0 % fat! A total of 120 calories! If I said what ice cream, I would not have believed. Thought it definitely added cream or milk. And everything is much easier... Very soft texture as real ice cream. Nice banana flavor with cucumber freshness! Be sure to try! And the kids will be in awe of such natural sweets!
Strawberry ice cream
89 - 60м 6
Strawberry season is in full swing and all fans of ice cream offered to prepare tender, flavorful and very tasty strawberry ice cream from natural products.
Orange ice cream in waffle cone
88 - 120м 10
The taste of this ice cream has surpassed all my expectations. I have been looking for a recipe for orange ice cream and I wanted. Whatever it is, there was ice, and it was soft and tender with a very bright orange flavor. After analyzing a bunch of recipes orange ice cream, and moving a lot of products, I've made it! The result was wonderful! You can see for yourself.
Ice cream without ice cream and without stirring
88 - 40м -
Hello dear cooks! I want to share with you one of our family favorite recipes ice-cream! It differs from others in that it is super creamy and mega simple with a delicate aroma of strawberries and slices of caramelized berries give an unusual appearance and special taste. This ice cream you can cook with cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines, apples.