Ice cream recipes for Lent

Soft lemon ice cream
228 - 10м 3
Today's my birthday! It almost always happens in post, so having fun - aside, small Goodies, too, but experiments I can't deprive myself! A couple of weeks had the idea of ice cream with vegetable oil and decided to take a chance!.. I represent to Your attention a soft, delicate ice cream with lemon flavor. Everybody who has tasted, evaluated positively, so feel free to share it with You. This ice cream is best eaten immediately from the fridge, does not frost, that is not harden, but simply thickens with extreme cold. I did a small portion, on trial, so to speak, out of about 250 ml, it is now possible to increase)) Try it and You ;)
Banana-strawberry eco-friendly ice cream
184 - 30м 2
All who follow the figure, but loves ice cream dedicated! Only fruits and berries! A great option for kids, because store-bought ice cream "stuffed" different srednikami! Help yourself!
Granite of cucumber and lime
137 - 15м -
Elegant, lightweight, and easy to prepare dish. It's just made for those who love desserts don't overeat, and get pleasure from them. To prepare the Granita in advance, and just before serving, loosen with a fork.
Ice-cream-sorbet baked apples
135 - 30м 2
This recipe diet ice cream-sorbet. For those who are looking for easy calorie recipes, who holds a post or for some reason can't eat ice cream and other embodiments of the present ice cream. For me it was an experiment, wasn't sure that I was going to post, so I apologize for the photo, but it turned out that quite a delicious. Let's get cooking!
Fruit ice "Strawberry night"
132 - - -
If the July spoils you with good weather, it's time to prepare delicious ice cream! Share another great recipe from frozen strawberries. It all simply and quickly)
Caramel-banana ice cream
122 - - 6
Delicious ice cream with interesting salty-sweet taste that is reminiscent of creme brulee. Coconut milk is a perfect substitute for cream, giving a soft ice cream, soy sauce "Kikkoman" makes its caramel-salty touch, and the toasted nuts add to the harmony. For fans of the original combinations.
Sorbet "Pink dream"
116 - 30м -
Delicious, refreshing sorbet. Dessert that you can afford to eat even in the evening without any concerns about the figures!
Sorbet of grapes
110 - - -
To say that it is delicious - not to say anything... It's the food of the gods! Flavored dessert is incredibly refreshing.
Lean banana-chocolate ice cream
97 - - -
Tasty treat that you can almost everyone! Without sugar, without milk and naturally without chemical additives. Silky texture, delicate. To fly – in prepared!
Beet sorbet with pineapple, brown sugar and green tea
96 - 240м -
Love the vinaigrette? and beet salad with nuts? maybe you've tried a cupcake with beets? Good? can you imagine ice-cream and beets? Bright and elegant in appearance, light with a delicate, sour-sweet and refreshingly tart taste with aromas of green tea, pineapple and lemon?? It is very tasty and does not have to wait for summer to try - help yourself!
Fruit-berry ice-cream "9 cents"
91 - - 2
I am originally from the USSR, and I passed my childhood at this time. Then the sky was blue, and the flowers smelled different, and the berries were delicious. And what kind of ice cream was then. Don't know about You, but I always loved the "Fruit". As I remember the taste and price of 9 cents. The sellers are always grumbling that we cents for delivery is not enough. I've been looking for a recipe "that" the ice cream, I think this is the one. At least, very similar. Help yourself.
Banana-cucumber ice cream
90 - - -
0% cream 0 % sugar, 0 % fat! A total of 120 calories! If I said what ice cream, I would not have believed. Thought it definitely added cream or milk. And everything is much easier... Very soft texture as real ice cream. Nice banana flavor with cucumber freshness! Be sure to try! And the kids will be in awe of such natural sweets!
Fruit ice Lolly
85 - 15м 6
So come summer, I want something tasty, refreshing, beautiful. Yes, so even the dessert was natural and did not harm the figure. Friends requests? Well, this dish meets all the requirements. Try it and see for yourself!
Vegetable ice cream rice milk
84 - 40м 4
As always, jump in a departing train. This time with the interesting texture of rice ice cream. You know, many have started hot days in the last week of lent really want something sweet. Raisins, nuts, rice... lean and delicious!
Magic soft ice cream
83 - 10м 2
Why magic? Because to prepare this delicious dessert you need, in fact, only one ingredient – bananas! Everything else you may need just for decoration, fun and added magic... to Believe how delicious it is, is impossible. A must-try! Moreover, to prepare this ice cream is very easy and fun. A recipe handy for any time of year and all occasions – to impress guests and please the kids and of course to eat ourselves.
Kiwi-ginger sorbet
82 - 10м 4
Unusually refreshing sweet and sour taste with a sharp hint of ginger. Is very easy, pleasure with benefit - weight.
Vegan ice cream
77 - 240м 4
You ate ice cream without milk, cream or butter? No? Then I invite you to try it! The taste is very similar to the creamy, so soft, light and airy! The perfect end to a holiday party! But if this ice cream served with nuts and fresh berries you will feel the real taste of the holiday!
Lemon avocado ice cream without sugar
77 - 15м 4
Interesting ice cream from avocado. When I made it, just screamed for joy! Did not expect such a combination of flavors! Sweet ice cream are a beautiful emerald green color with a vanilla-lemon flavor combined with a delicate texture! The taste of avocados at all is not felt, it gives a creamy texture ice cream, and the honey sweetness! In General, I just enjoyed it, you could say, healthy dessert!
Unusual ice cream
76 - 20м 10
Nowadays there are so many varieties of ice cream, straight eyes run, and I don't know what to choose. And still, constantly coming up with new varieties which are challenging the traditional combinations of flavors. Today we will make ice cream, vegetarian, or rather vegan - no animal products. This ice cream contains no added sugar, completely natural, nourishing and useful.
Banana ice cream
76 - 10м 2
Putting bananas in the fridge can not be spoiled. What happens if you pull them a bit lower? This idea came to me, when at night I was dying of heat, and ice cream in the house was not. Prepared quickly (of course not including freeze time) but how much fun! I love it when a dish is both useful and sweet at the same time. And then there's no harmful additives))
Sorbet red orange
74 - 30м 3
Light, refreshing sorbet of red oranges.