Wine recipes

Wine from black chokeberry
234 3 40м -
Soon the summer is here when can we use this recipe.
Sweet hot red wine with spices
219 3 - 4
Sweet hot red wine with spices
The wine of the gods
214 - - -
The name of this drink was given by the author, Francois Vatel, a legendary figure in the history of French cuisine and the art of the meal. The basis of this very simple but elegant recipe - a light Burgundy Pinot Noir. The contest "One day in France".
209 4 - -
The first month of winter is sometimes associated with champagne. This is on until December 31. And all other days should belong Pegu. At least so say our Scandinavian neighbours. The main ingredients usually include wine (usually red), spices, e.g., cinnamon and cloves, and sometimes made with vodka, akvavit or brandy. The mixture is heated but not brought to a boil so that the alcohol does not evaporate. The competition "new year tastes of the planet".
Wine of red roses
194 3.5 7м -
If your garden (or gave you) there are roses - don't throw away. Make this drink and you just enjoy the fun (and delicious) from your eyes ROSE.
Blueberry wine and laughing with pies "drunk" stuffing
173 - - -
A storehouse of vitamins or drunk berry?! A little effort and patience - this vitamin wine and a filling for cakes... the Recipe is rooted in the distant past of the first settlers of the Far East. True in our day. If you had to dig a deep well and cellars, nowadays, freezers are a bit easier! You can use frozen berries and fresh. It's very simple! Go! Help yourself!
Rose wine
159 - 20м -
Fans home light, sweet wine dedicated! Delicate light wine from the petals of a tea rose! Unforgettable taste and aroma!
Strong homemade cider
150 - 120м -
Don't like wine, but this drink struck me:) Today put it in storage and made a SIP and, despite the fact that the flavor is light and pleasant, I was shaken, and the face suffused with blood:) Waiting for the weekend to destroy this divine nectar:)
Liquor "Cherry leaf" Wine "health"
143 - - -
These wonderful drinks I tried to cook the first time a year ago. The result is very pleased. Step-by-step photos unfortunately no (because did in that year, a large volume was a large harvest chernoplodku, therefore, liquor, and wine are enough of us for another year...). Here and decided to share with You these retseptiki.
Wine "Black Rowan"
143 5 - -
Wine made from berries of black ash.
Rice wine
140 - - -
In recipes Chinese cuisine often found rice wine. Since we have it not so easy to buy, it is usually replaced by a dry white or sherry. But let's not replace, and do it yourself.
Drink "Forest story"
126 5 - -
Very delicious and healthy drink!
Wine grape
125 - - -
My grandmother every year makes the wine. Because grapes had been grown sea, I decided to try it. Turned out delicious and flavorful, and most importantly, homemade wine.
Infusion of plum-sloe and orange
125 - - -
The turn is the wild plum, it has a tart taste. We've always made sloe compote (my favorite), and this year I was thinking, not whether to make sloe brandy? And it turned out delicious zalivochka:)
Tasty wine
123 - - -
Easy to make, try it, you will not be disappointed.
Homemade Vermouth, Vermouth Bianco
123 - - -
Vermouth has a pronounced spicy herbal flavor in the aftertaste there is the bitterness, is good to use with juice to eat olives.
Infusion of plums
122 - - -
Original and tasty drink. If there is a plum, a little time and a drop of patience, I recommend to try.
The wine ladies home
121 5 30м -
Very tasty lady wine, it tastes like brandy
The wine from red currants
119 3.5 - -
Red currants are always buckets, jam out of it and don't like for several years, doing wine. Very tasty it turns out, and not wasted, and not stagnant like jam.
Wine grape sweet
114 - - -
The wine is made from grapes, "Isabella" - the most common and the most hardy varieties of grapes grown practically in all territory of Eurasia.
Cherry-strawberry wine
109 - - -
In anticipation of the new harvest from the garden was a question about using frozen cherries from the freezer, and the bowl of strawberries in the fridge threatens to deteriorate completely. Decided to experiment and make homemade wine. Meet results!