Frost recipes

Chicken raw frozen
1.3k - - -
The taste of summer.
1k - 30м 6
Delicious and a great catch of a fresh shellfish from the Black sea.
Cottage cheese glazed curd
0.6k - - -
I think there are not many people who do not like curd cheese! This is not just a delicious treat, but also very useful! The truth about the benefits of the purchase of the bars you can talk with the big stretch... So I suggest to cook them with your hands, and just two options with different fillings!
Eggplant caviar VINATA "smoky"
0.6k - 50м -
My husband is originally from Romania. He taught me how to cook this dish, as taught him by his mother who is preparing this caviar is the best in Bucharest, because he knows a few secrets that will soon find out and you... In Romania, this caviar is called "Veneta" (actually, in translation into Russian it means eggplant), and in the Runet I analogs did not find. Despite the unattractive appearance, delicious is incredible! BUT! I warn you once - this recipe is for the brave, the faint of heart please do not repeat what he saw... :)
Frozen milk
0.6k - 30м 3
The frozen milk was the only salvation. Briefly about the incident: breast milk was not enough and the baby is allergic to cow's milk protein, selection of the mixtures were unsuccessful, the Yield was one - a mixture based on goat milk, but the cost is very shocked (nanny). After seeing an article online about the possibility of freezing breast milk, came to the idea: "why not to buy goat's milk and freeze it? " (especially in winter). All this helped freezer. Milk does not lose its properties, is stored up to 6 months at -20*C.
Frozen tomatoes
492 4.5 - -
We love stuffed tomatoes in the fall and try to freeze them, not to spend money on expensive winter vegetables.
Cheese pie "Duet"
488 - - -
Have you tried to freeze the cheese? I prefer to freeze it straight in ......pie. Pie out of the freezer and immediately put it in the oven and 40 minutes later we get that gorgeous cheesecake. It is very convenient, especially when you have guests at the door or someone from the family event, for example, her husband's birthday, and I want to treat him to a celebratory Breakfast. Where can I take in the morning, weekdays, time cooking? Comes to the aid of my cheesecake from the freezer. By the way, thanks to her husband, there was this pie, he (my husband) loves savoury cheese, I even cheesecakes to make it with salt and spices and children, of course, give sweet. So one pie goes sweet half with dried fruit and chocolate and salty with paprika and nutmeg.
Mix for stew
487 4 - -
I'm not discovering America with this recipe, but perhaps someone this information will be very useful. This mixture will help you out in the winter when you can prepare a flavorful vegetable stew. Special attention should pay those who are fasting, because of the expensive vegetables in the winter and this freezing variety to your table. Also invited to discuss the topic of frost on the forum... Link below.
Cake "amber"
486 - - 12
The cake baked a husband for her daughter (she lives with us) on OTHERS. The task was not simple: to make the cake was a surprise consisted of her favorite - pistachio, chocolate and citrus, were airy and delicious, beautiful and without flour! And yet, the birthday girl just loves amber, hence the name of the cake, especially because its color scheme and he looks like this warm and Sunny piece of beautiful stone. If you are interested, welcome aboard! I will share with you how to cook decoys cakes, chocolate mousse without eggs and creamy lemon curd-Kurd, and how easily and quickly you can decorate a birthday cake.
Sauce "Universal"
479 - 25м 4
Having this cooked sauce in the freezer, you can easily make a second or appetizer in minutes
Morning crisps
478 - - -
It is a preparation for those who are watching their figure, but still loves to have a delicious Breakfast or snack. Wonderful crispy crisps, consisting only of healthy ingredients, prepared without fat or eggs. A template for such krespov you can (and should! about in the recipe) and store in the freezer, taking out and using as much as you are ready to eat. Also on hand will be delicious and extremely healthy Breakfast or snack for you and your children.
Pie "apples"
475 - - -
I love Apple pies! Tried probably hundreds of recipes. The taste of this pie was a pleasant discovery! Similar to a honey gingerbread, delicate sweetness of the dough is balanced with a pleasant acidity tender Apple filling. The trick of the recipe is that the dough can be frozen, allowing you to cook this cake pretty quickly, when the need arises.
Stuffed peppers for the winter
471 - 60м -
You know, I went through all the recipes about frozen and found this... I think someone will write that stuffed peppers freeze not... But for me, sometimes their presence is true salvation!!! Talked to friends, most of them only freeze the pepper... so I decided to share... Until pepper is worth a penny... So don't judge strictly!!! )))
Frozen dill
467 5 15м -
Dill I'm doing for the winter flavored ice cubes. America will not open, but maybe someone such preform useful for dill now is the season.
Vodka "coat"
450 - - -
No festive meal is complete without alcohol. Always want it to be cold. Offer you - as a regular bottle of liquor to make holiday and cold.
Frozen strawberry "Merry berries"
432 - - -
I use these berries for decorating a variety of summer desserts, maybe someone will find them and other applications.
Semi-meatless stuffed cabbage
422 - 40м -
Stuffed cabbage without meat, with vegetables (semi). Very convenient to freeze for future use and then as needed to cook. Since I decided to start to eat right, or rather with a proper diet to lose weight begin to try to cook my own not so nutritious meals. Nevertheless, fasting is impossible, so I try to eat as many vegetables and fruits.
Chocolate eggs
422 - - -
Want to make an elegant and delicious gift for your loved ones? I'm happy to share with you my recipe! These fanciful little desserts will delight both adults and children!
The jellied beef
421 - 3600м 15
Jelly. In anticipation of the New year, as always, there are many concerns, and often not enough time. Cooking in advance and freezing the Jelly eases the already busy preparing for the New year. And I wish that my beloved family will taste for the festive table, such a wonderful, gentle, rich jelly.
Spicy carrot cake with herbs
409 - 60м 12
If the theater begins with a hanger, then preparing for a dinner party begins with the freezer. Freeze everything: vegetables, fruits, meat, dough, semi-finished products, finished products... When the freezer is Packed full of different products, I feel prepared for anything, whether it's uninvited guests or a lunch scheduled in the day - freezer allows you to prepare in advance. In addition, the maximum use of the freezer saves time and money. I want to introduce you to a festive pie that you can make beforehand and freeze.
Spicy ice hash
408 - 5м -
Each hostess their secrets! I have in the summer always, in the freezer, prepared several forms, with green ice. These little Popsicles are a great addition to the hash, when I want colder. And the secret is that my men - father, husband and eldest son love witty and such a freeze helps me make a single hash for the whole family, and when applying papercity strong half. By the way, the green ice is great preparation for the winter, perfect for borscht, and potatoes.