Frost recipes for New Year

The jellied beef
176 - 3600м 15
Jelly. In anticipation of the New year, as always, there are many concerns, and often not enough time. Cooking in advance and freezing the Jelly eases the already busy preparing for the New year. And I wish that my beloved family will taste for the festive table, such a wonderful, gentle, rich jelly.
Lemon granite
110 - 480м 4
Granita is a traditional Sicilian dish. There are disputes that it is the drink or dessert. Granite resembles a snowcone, but, of course, because of its texture, is more related to the drinks.
Vodka "coat"
107 - - -
No festive meal is complete without alcohol. Always want it to be cold. Offer you - as a regular bottle of liquor to make holiday and cold.
Stuffed peppers Greek
99 - - -
I often see what's popular in supermarkets use frozen stuffed peppers. But they are easy to make at home. Today I would like to offer the option of harvesting for the future: stuffed bell pepper Greek.
Salted salmon
92 - 20м -
As you know, fresh fish contains a large amount of useful vitamins and elements, which are destroyed during heat treatment. Properly salted fish allows you to save these substances, it is very useful and completely harmless. Pink salmon is the most inexpensive product of the salmon family, it is very easy to prepare at home.
Homemade kunafa dough and Kadayif
85 - - -
Let's start with Arabic sweets Kunafa. Kunafa is different: with honey and nuts, with Manne and butter cream, and finally cheese. To prepare Kunafa requires special Kadayif dough. In large cities it is sold frozen in supermarkets. For those who (like me) are deprived of the opportunity to acquire Kadayif, share information, and how to cook it at home! The notion is not mine, peeked in the blog Lena (Leena cook).
The salting of red fish in the freezer
83 - 1460м -
Coming new year holidays: feasts and gatherings, meetings and tea parties. On the table must be red fish is a tradition. And pickle it for 2-3 days it is not always possible, a lot of other worries. I propose to draw attention to this recipe, it could be used for a week or two, and the result - on the Christmas table a beautiful salted fish, if just salted. Very convenient to pickle in the container pieces of the desired weight.
Eggplant languages freeze
82 - 60м 8
Frost is my favorite view of the workpiece, so the eggplant also did not escape this fate. Offer you a recipe freezing roasted eggplant reeds - the universal workpiece, which can be consumed cold or hot. In the winter make it my favorite dish - rolls with walnut sauce - just defrost and add sauce, leave the table first! Can be done options hot appetizers.
Frozen tomatoes
80 - - -
On the website there is an option of freezing the tomatoes for stuffing. I freeze differently, for cooking
Welsh cakes with whipped cream
79 - - -
They're Welsh cakes or Welsh cakes. A great option for Breakfast. This spicy shortbread cookies (or biscuits), not only preparing cakes in the oven and roast on a dry pan. Very tasty! And complexities – only knead dough, to cope with this task, even novice cooks. You can not stuffing cream cakes and just sprinkled with powdered sugar and serve warm.
Dumplings with potato and liver
76 - 90м 6
My dad taught my mom this dish. And he, in turn, learned about it during a trip to Nigeria (taught by his colleague). Whatever the number we did, eaten for 1-2 days. So in the freezer they do not have time to linger.
Frozen beets
76 - - -
And I for the winter, and beets are frozen. I use it salads, and soup.
Preparation for the winter mushrooms
72 - 45м 2
Simple and very comfortable way of preparations for the winter mushroom, which allows to fully preserve their amazing taste!